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Now I have to watch
This is so depressing. I barely watched last season and had no plans to watch this season. But Kevin McKidd has been a major crush since [i]Rome%5
15 messages
10-14-08 07:45 AM
Finale Episode--May 22
Thoughts about tonight's ep? I like that GA shows that people aren't perfect. They may even be broken at times. Any s
9 messages
06-06-08 08:28 AM
May 15 Episode
GA seems to have jumped the shark here at RTVW, so I'm basically posting to up my post count. Nothing surprising happened last night,
3 messages
05-22-08 02:16 PM
5-8-08 Episode
I liked Miranda's speech to the nurses. That was classic! Poor Mark is just a whore, although I think Derek was right that he was more of a whor
1 messages
05-09-08 10:18 AM
5-1-08 Episode
This episode was more like it. Despite the fugly hair color, Addison's character adds something that has been missing from the show. Iz
7 messages
05-06-08 02:08 PM
Don't forget...New episode tonight!!
Is it [b]I <3 McDreamy[/b] or [/b]I <3 McSteamy[/b]?? They were handing out t-shirts on the street here (To
10 messages
04-28-08 05:06 PM
Mild Spoiler for remainder of season
Someone is guesting on the show. I am trying to place filler so that if you don't want to read it, you don't have to. Is this enough filler?
2 messages
03-08-08 01:35 PM
1-10-08 episode
As much as I was looking forward to a new episode of just about anything on TV, I cant help but ask...Wow did anyone else feel that last night’s
6 messages
01-14-08 03:56 PM
New Episode???
I missed Grey's last night on tv, so I had to watch it online. However, online does not tell when or if there will be a new episode. Anyone know
1 messages
01-11-08 02:43 PM
12/6/07 Episode
Wow, that was an awkward kiss between McDreamy and Rose. Can they force the star-crossed lovers angle any harder? I'm glad George and Izzy FIN
5 messages
12-26-07 10:55 PM
What do you think of Lexie??
Mer's half sister just rubs me the wrong way. i mean, she seems almost sickeningly sweet but pushy at the same time. she won't respe
9 messages
11-24-07 03:01 PM
episode 11/15/07
Mostly a lurker here but I have to say that I HATE Derek."McDreamy" my arse! I know Meredith can be uh taxing on ones nerves but she deserevs be
5 messages
11-24-07 01:28 PM
11/8 Episode
I've really enjoyed the last two episodes. I am glad that Gizzie are uncomfortable with one another; it's been obvious from the start that they
5 messages
11-14-07 06:24 PM
October 25th episode
Wow, it's been a while since I enjoyed GA as much as I did last night. First of all, I could not stop laughing when Bailey was cleani
4 messages
10-31-07 02:33 PM
Oct. 18the Episode
This is the first GA episode in a long time that I actually loved. As always, one must ignore the Mer-Der nonsense, but otherwise, it was classi
3 messages
10-22-07 05:39 AM
I guess I'll be the first to jump!
NO discussions? That is a BAD sign for Grey's........ My quick thoughts on last night's episode: I can not believe Alex
9 messages
10-15-07 12:20 PM
Episode 2-October 4th ds/User_files/455fb9c0264471f6.jpg
4 messages
10-11-07 12:35 PM
Season Premiere
Okay, I expected a thread to be already started! Wake up people :) Was not impressed with this first episode. I had no symp
12 messages
10-04-07 11:28 AM
Private Practice?
Has anybody else seen it so far? what did you think? I thought it was pretty dull...and i cant quite put my finger on why. I used to lo
2 messages
10-04-07 11:03 AM
New Season Question
Hey everyone, I'm new to this board and was just wondering if anyone knows when the new season of Greys show starts? Any info greatl
2 messages
08-20-07 07:56 AM
Burke's words to Christina....Help me.....
I am trying to find the words that Burke said to Christina about marrying her...In the OR.... The vows he had planned to say..He said them in the
8 messages
08-16-07 08:08 PM
Just when Grey's gets good they lose the best main people. TR Knight is such a cutie !...I do get a little tired of Meredith being between all the
0 messages
07-12-07 04:20 PM
Characters Leaving
Thought I posted this already...but.... I heard on the radio this morning that both Isaiah Washington and TR Knight are leaving the show at the end of
20 messages
06-18-07 03:12 PM
May 17 - Season Finally.... [View All]
Ok....that just sucked and could it get any more suckier? Burke, George, and Addison leaving is the worst thing that will ever happen
24 messages
05-29-07 08:43 PM
McDreamy & Izzy in the movies
Both McDreamy (Patrick Demsey) and Izzy (Katherine Heigel) have movies coming out, I hope they both do well in them.
0 messages
05-29-07 11:39 AM
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