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Bold & Beautiful - Brigette
Hi, I have been watching this one for years. Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Brigette seems to be the doctor that is everywhere??
3 messages
05-17-08 06:53 PM
CBS Soaps
I've been catching glances at the gym lately. I'm continually amazed at how things never change. Y&R: Brad is still a pompass ara
2 messages
04-29-08 08:49 AM
Who else hates the New Greenlee??
I've TRIED to like her, really I have...but now she is suing for custody of Spike!?!? WTF! It's not bad enough that the actress chan
8 messages
12-26-07 10:39 PM
Super Soaps Weekend
Has anyone gone before and/or is going this year? I really want to go and entered a contest to win a trip there, but hopefully even if I don'
uglier than sarah w
0 messages
10-19-07 03:32 PM
Passions on Direct TV Arggg!
This really stinks! There is no way that I will switch to Direct TV for one show, besides I donít even think I can get Direct TV in my bui
1 messages
09-20-07 01:08 PM
anyone from the US watch hollyoaks?? If so what do you think?? which storylines have you been watching lately??%
0 messages
09-14-07 11:37 AM
Yesterday's episode showed Marty remembering Spencer knocking her up against the wall and her dropping the scissors. Who do you all think really ki
1 messages
08-25-07 09:51 AM
Any InTurn Watchers?
You know, it's that show where the 20 somethings try out to be a character on ATWT. They're in their second season, it's great!! It'
uglier than sarah w
1 messages
08-01-07 02:52 PM
Tragic Accident on Y&R - "is Phyllis to blame" ?
Wow, todays Y&R was truly gut-wrenching! Was all this Phyllis fault? When she brought the hotel cart to the shoot it rea
6 messages
06-16-07 05:19 PM
passions cancelled
due to the today show expanding their show for another hour, passions is going to be cancelled, the show is going to end in july of 07, i have b
5 messages
06-01-07 01:02 PM
Samantha Gene Brady Reed Walker Reed?
She looked SO beautiful in her wedding dress. I can't see her not going through with the wedding, but I guess that's what the previews are allu
2 messages
03-30-07 09:43 AM
The Murder Mystery is about to come out !!! On Young and the Restless
And it will blow your mind !! I never expected it to be who I thought it was. So all Young and the Restless Fans you won't want to mi
14 messages
03-26-07 08:17 PM
Buh Bye Dixie
I don't see too many posts about All My Children here. But I suppose some of you used to watch it or still watch it now. Dixie died today. It
8 messages
02-24-07 08:11 PM
daytime soaps OVERACTING
soaps so much drama and no point litlle things happen for no reason and it just bores me daytime soaps liiikkkkeee are just full of bad actors soorrrr
5 messages
01-23-07 01:54 PM
Y and R
Ok, who here is a Y&R fan? I visited my mom for about a week and got caught up in the Brad storyline of is he a murderer or not and just who th
12 messages
12-12-06 11:13 PM
DOL: New Shawn Brady??
I am an occasional watcher of Days at best. What is with the new Shawn? I liked the old one. Then again he had been Shawn forever. Mourni
4 messages
12-01-06 12:55 PM
Erica and Brooke Rivalry
Can someone who has been watching All My Children for a long time explain to me the roots of the rivalry between Brooke and Erica on All My Children.
2 messages
11-29-06 10:48 AM
OK, I am a dork...I actually cried
I cried when Jack and Jen left Days this week. I have been known to cry real tears at other times too, namely when Jen was mourning Jack's death.
4 messages
11-03-06 12:21 PM
Days of our Lives [View All]
Is getting pretty good. Some random thoughts: 1) Sami should make her own spin-off, "My Name is Sami" now that she's into the
32 messages
11-01-06 10:24 PM
As a loyal viewer, I stick with Passions despite some misgivings. 1) The "Passions Vendetta" plotline. IMO, it is creepy. But
16 messages
09-12-06 12:42 PM
A new Forum!!
Thank you for setting this up! Looks and feels great :-) ds/User_files/44207c564
6 messages
09-12-06 01:33 AM
Paging Noah Drake, Dr. Noah Drake
Oh Tissshhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy: Guess who I saw in concert tonight? ds%2
2 messages
07-27-06 01:48 PM
August '05 Soap Discussion Fix! [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-01-05 AT 12:04 PM (EST)[/font] Boy, it's August already and those summer storylines are de
63 messages
09-03-05 01:04 PM
Hot Soap Hunks! [View All]
Who do you think are the hottest soap hunks? Let's call this an informal poll! My top three: 1. Doug Davidson ~ (Pau
23 messages
08-05-05 03:05 PM
July '05 Soap Discussion Fix [View All]
Well here we are right in the middle of summer, gearing up for August Sweeps. It looks like it's about to get hot, hot, hotter!!
68 messages
07-28-05 09:26 PM
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