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Sisters and Justin and Weddings....OH MY!
Sisters: Ok so... Spencer's dumb-a$$ "She-Pratt" sister is just trying to get her 15 minutes of fame by trying to start something she know
10 messages
11-29-07 05:33 PM
What was the song playing while Audrina and Justin were at the car?????????
Does anyone know the name of the song that was playing when Audrina and JustinBobby were standing outside of the car? She was crying he was being hi
1 messages
11-29-07 04:28 PM
the last song from the hills episode 16???
what's the title of the song after at the end of the episode when Audrina broke up with Justin Bobby...goes like... "I hate the way I f
0 messages
11-28-07 05:27 PM
The Hills: Time to Kick Rocks
Here are all my thoughts on last night's episode and Spencer's sister. Feel free to make comments and I'll write back. http://
2 messages
11-28-07 04:28 PM
the name of the last song on 11/26/07 episode 16
does anybody know the name of the song that came on RIGHT before the show went off was um when audrina finally broke it off with justin
2 messages
11-27-07 09:24 PM
I'm starting to switch to Heidi's Team
Lauren is becoming a really big you-know-what. She seems to think she's too good for everyone...its really annoying. Anyways, there's also reall
1 messages
11-27-07 01:01 PM
Spencer..Spencer...Spencer. What are we going to do with you?
I guess good ol' Spenc didn't think when he "proposed" to Heidiho that there actually would be a WEDDING when you get ENGAGED to someone! Go
9 messages
11-25-07 06:22 PM
Where did Brody Go?
Did anyone else notice that Lauren and Brody were getting really close for a number of episodes and then all of a sudden he disappeared and hasn't b
2 messages
11-21-07 00:10 AM
Da Hills
Here are all my thoughts on last night's episode. Feel free to make comments and I will write you back.
0 messages
11-20-07 00:18 AM
Lauren can you not stand up and shake Marc Jacobs Hand ?
[b]Supposidly Marc Jacobs is your favourite designer, in the whole wide world, and frankly you couldn't of looked more un-inter
10 messages
11-19-07 04:41 PM
Justin Bobby: World's Biggest Jerk?
So, Justin Bobby doesn't feel comfortable 'defining' his and Audrina's 'relationship'. He doesn't want to be called her 'boyfriend%
6 messages
11-17-07 11:58 AM
11/12/07 Episode
Wow the show was kind of interesting this week and so are the previews for next week. I don't do play by plays but First off I never real
Reality TV Junkie
6 messages
11-15-07 10:25 PM
Forget You
Here are all my thoughts on tonight’s episode. Feel free to make comments. ves/251
0 messages
11-12-07 11:42 PM
Does anyone else find the Heidi & Spencer segments as boring as I do. Honestly, they bring nothing to the show. Even her birthday was pull-the-hai
2 messages
11-12-07 03:49 PM
How can one person be so stupid
You would think after last season was over Heidi wouldn't still be with Spencer..If this was her last boyfriend she would not still be with him...He
0 messages
11-09-07 03:01 PM
The Hills are a lie
[ re-a-lie/|The Hills are a lie] Way to go TMZ.....LMAO.....check out the link to T
8 messages
11-02-07 03:04 PM
I really dislike Lo!
Lo really annoys me, and I dont think she's such a great friend. I've said before, Lo was the instigator that caused the drama in Vegas. From
8 messages
10-29-07 08:10 PM
what did Lauren mean by there's no "spark" ?
I guess she meant that this guy paid attention to her, didn't ditch her at dinner to use drugs (Jason), didn't leave with another girl (
1 messages
10-27-07 01:13 AM
What about that other thing Heidi did??
There is one thing that has been bothering me-nobody (on the after show, on the message boards)has mentioned, that I saw anyway, that Heidi
2 messages
10-24-07 02:04 AM
How did Heidi end up in California, (not from such a rich family)
Ok... Here is my question... How did Heidi ever get to be in the in-crowd with L.C. and the others. Her family lives in a very small town and looks to
4 messages
10-23-07 12:55 PM
Season 2
I got season 2 of the Hills on DVD, and I realized how annoying Lauren was back then compared to now. REALLY needy and a big cry baby. I like her
uglier than sarah w
2 messages
10-21-07 01:13 PM
Spencer's Quotes in next months Radar Magazine
What does this "Pathetic Looser" do for a living is the real mystery.. No one seems to know for sure. He plans on be
9 messages
10-21-07 01:10 PM
Sex Tape News - Heidi was Hacked
The Hills are alive with the sound of false confessions. Reality star Heidi Montag and her near-universally despised other half, Spencer
3 messages
10-19-07 06:38 PM
Laguna Beach filming in Chicago
Laguna Beach is filming the next season in Chicago(Season 5) over the winter. The production started filming 10 different cast members last week.
1 messages
10-19-07 12:19 PM
Your Opinon on Justin Bobby - please do tell
I am still trying to figure this guy out. I really want to like the guy but: 1. Do you think he is just an ignorant-jerk-looser%0
16 messages
10-17-07 08:53 PM
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