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Conferences Laguna Beach / The Hills Forum (Protected)
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Has anyone seen this?
My friend told me about this site. I totally think Taylor is gay too! 0/05/queervil
0 messages
10-12-06 10:25 PM
The Hills 2
I read in Us Weekly this week (there was a nice centerfold pic of Lauren) that MTV has renewed The Hills for one more season. But I've also read
2 messages
10-01-06 01:17 PM
Jason arrested
I saw on E online that Jason was arrested for among other things, three counts of bribery, possession of a controlled substance and resisting arre
2 messages
09-15-06 04:17 PM
Season 3 looks really FAKE
Im sorry i dont know about you but i think season 3 looks really fake. and personally nobody on that is really pretty or hott for that matter. Dont ge
6 messages
09-13-06 10:44 AM
is laguna beach for real
i m watching LB for the 1st time .. missed the 1st 2 seasons .. did c hills though ... are these shows for real ?? i mean how does so much drama h
1 messages
08-31-06 02:52 AM
Laguna Beach History lesson needed
I didn't watch the first two seasons and I just started watching the third. Question on the girl Jessica who is dating Cameron. I think s
5 messages
08-31-06 02:50 AM
fan art
post your fan art here!! ds/User_files/44ed944b7870b0f6.jpg LC
0 messages
08-24-06 09:58 AM
season 3 1st show-need song title
it was towards the end of the show, and its a guy singing "oh oh ohhhhhhh" i need the band name and song title.....pleaseeeee!!!!
1 messages
08-23-06 03:19 PM
laguna 2 vs the hills - wealth rankings
laguna 2: casey lc moderately wealthy: jason (his family that is) maybe preacher's daughter christina%0
0 messages
08-21-06 10:29 PM
Uth TV's Let's Go Jessica Show
Hey Uth TV gave Jessica a video camera when she went to Europe so she could document everything. They made it into a show, and all th e footage is s
1 messages
08-20-06 00:26 AM
confused and correct?
what the heck i starting a topic but it locked? anyways topic was that lauren got a tatto of her boyfriend jasons face planted right on her arm. the
1 messages
08-18-06 06:38 AM
ok, i never ever watched the hills before but after tonight i might. but i was extremely upset when i saw that lauren picked that dude over her care
7 messages
08-17-06 10:43 PM
Breaking News
On Wednesday, it was posted that Lauren and Jason broke up!!!!
1 messages
08-15-06 09:18 PM
The hills is completely fake just like laguna beach was
Omg, I cant believe there are people out there that think the hills and laguna beach are real!! HELLO!!! Real life doesnt play out like a
1 messages
08-15-06 09:16 PM
Laurens new tattoo
did anyone hear that Lauren got a tatto of jasons face on her arm??? pretty risky and dumb if you ask me, because lauren and jason are now SPL
0 messages
08-15-06 08:36 AM
Please Help
Okay, there was one show where Heidi was in her room, and she had this poster that said that something like "kiss me at night" or kiss the pri
0 messages
08-12-06 02:08 AM
song on the finale
what is the name of the song thats played when lauren is driving to jason's new beach condo thingy? some of the lyrics are... "i dont know
0 messages
08-11-06 01:01 AM
Watch The Hills Online for FREE
Hi guys. I am from Europe and here MTV doesn't air The Hills yet so my only hope was the internet. I am posting this because it took me a long time
0 messages
08-07-06 04:14 AM
Newsflash, Jason is NOT worth it!!!!!!
Lauren is an IDIOT for choosing DUMBASS Jason over Paris. Not to mention what a spoiled brat for turning down a position that most professional women
0 messages
08-05-06 03:45 AM
Laguna Beach
Ok, yes I am from California and should therefore see this show as a lame characterization of my surroundings, but for whatever reason, I am hoo
2 messages
07-29-06 10:46 AM
She just seems kinda dumb and very spoiled. And y does her boyfriend keep encouraging her to quit everything? Jason is dot that good looking either
1 messages
07-28-06 11:23 PM
I hate seeing Boys cry! How about that episode of the hills?
How about that Episode of the hills last night? That was one emotional show. I must say even though i dont like heidi very well..she had to have som
2 messages
07-28-06 11:21 AM
The Hills/Laguna Beach
Well I know what show I will be watching this summer. I saw The Hills and I loved it. It is like crack, much like Laguna Beach. A guilty addictio
10 messages
07-27-06 09:18 AM
does anyone know..
where I can get a good picture of the Chanel bag Lauren got for Christmas? Thanks!
2 messages
07-25-06 11:50 PM
Finally this show is beginning to get some more life into it. I can't wait to see Jason back on. The show seems to be concentrating way to much on
12 messages
07-25-06 09:21 PM
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