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OMG.. Did you know
That Spencer's Dad is a dentist!!??? God, i'd fire that man if he were my dentist and gave me teeth that looked like that! Eww.. I h
3 messages
10-17-07 08:48 PM
This may have been asked before but...
What ever happened to Laurens' good friend Stephen? Seems as though when she moved to LA she lost touch with him. I'd like to see him on a Hills
3 messages
10-17-07 01:53 PM
10/15/07 Episode
I love this show! My first question is what is Jen Bunney doing? She is running back and forth between Lauren and He
Reality TV Junkie
5 messages
10-17-07 11:02 AM
Lauren and Heidi
How did lauren and heidi actually meet? I remember the 1st episode when lc moved to LA. and they lived together. what did I miss?
1 messages
10-16-07 03:45 PM
If it was Brody with the tapes LC better apologize to Heidi
I feel so bad for Heidi, she is never in a group picture; its always Lauren, Adriana, and Whitney (who doesn't want anyone to know about h
1 messages
10-15-07 11:58 PM
Elodie's Revenge!!!
Ok for one...let's hear a big HELL YEAH for Elodie's brilliant thinking in telling Heidi she'd do anything for her and yes, she'd love to he
20 messages
10-15-07 10:15 PM
spencer & brody birthdays
on his birthday episode brody says spencers birthday is 8 days before his... but according to everything i can find online brodys birthday is in augus
0 messages
10-15-07 00:56 AM
Lauren's Scar?
Anyone notice that big scar on Lauren's arm? What happened? Anybody got the 411?
5 messages
10-14-07 09:32 AM
The Hills in the UK
Im from the UK hense the user name. anyway i have only seen season one of the hills over here so i was wondering if anyone could tell me pl
2 messages
10-12-07 08:05 PM happy for once!
Ok I love Lauren, I really do, but is she not capable of being happy for anyone? I understand the Heidi drama, but she's not happy with Audr
4 messages
10-12-07 00:25 AM
Heidi admits to plastic surgery
... duh? Does this remind anyone else of Starr Jones? As if everyone in the entire world didn't already know you had surgery, she has to admit
6 messages
10-11-07 11:39 AM
song in episode 9 season 3
does anyone know that plays in th club when Lauren kisses Brody.. it's something like before you go it's time to celebrate.i went on on th
0 messages
10-03-07 05:59 PM
Season 3?
Wait, Im confused. Is the season over for a little bit and then coming back later in the year?
1 messages
10-02-07 06:40 PM
Last song in tonight's episode?
Loved that song that played through the end/credits---who sings that/what is the title?
0 messages
10-01-07 11:04 PM
What The Hell Does Spencer Do?
Does anyone know what the hell Spencer do besides sit around his apartment playing on the computer all day? I mean, does he work or is does his si
17 messages
10-01-07 10:52 PM
Song help in tonight's episode 10/01
Does anyone know the song that was playing in the club when Brody was looking at Lauren and he was doing a little dance???
0 messages
10-01-07 10:20 PM
Season 3
so far i have only seen seasons one and two. is season 3 being shown in American at the moment?
1 messages
09-29-07 10:25 PM
Heidi the Job Stealer! [View All]
I cannot believe what Heidi did to Elodie! She is supposed to be her friend and then goes behind her back to take the job. I understand that you ha
21 messages
09-27-07 01:50 PM
The Ketchup Dinner
I am floored at how immature and rude heidi and spencer acted at the ketchup dinner. I was really trying to give heidi a chance but she is just cluele
5 messages
09-21-07 06:25 PM
Audrina, wake up!
I can't believe she's still seeing that loser Justin-Bobby guy. What a drip. I'd be willing to bet anything he wanted some camera time and dec
1 messages
09-21-07 02:12 PM
Newport Harbor
Is anyone watching this dreck? The acting is sooooo poor, and the girls all look exactly the same. I am watching each week, purely f
4 messages
09-20-07 05:10 PM
Team LC
Lauren Conrad from "The Hills" chatted with KIIS about all the drama on the show. Take a Listen its super juicy!!! Just go here… %0
3 messages
09-18-07 04:29 AM
Episode 306, Last Monday's
Who sings the very first song? About California it goes "So you think you can come to california, you think you can live your dream%2
3 messages
09-16-07 11:17 PM
Song Played
I know I'm a Newbie and I don't want to abuse the power of posting but is there a particular website that lists all the songs played on that wee
4 messages
09-16-07 10:45 AM
The SpeHeidi KLANs not so bad!
I honestly don't think Heidi or Spencer is so bad, There just too young people who think there in Love and are just acting on it. Everyone needs t
0 messages
09-13-07 10:17 PM
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