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"Official RTVW BBA Summary Episode 20"
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Original message

oasisfan1994 410 desperate attention whore postings
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08-23-06, 11:18 AM (EST)
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"Official RTVW BBA Summary Episode 20"
Well we start with recap..again ofCg's nominations (Erika & james), James wins veto, Mike threatening CG, Howie nominated and Howie's grand exit, If you didn't see his exit check for the link in episode 19 summary.

Back in the house, Mike threw Howie's key across the room and Janelle is standing all alon. Boogie's DR session says "Memo to Howie, this is a game". James is talking with Jani and she says she feels resposible for his eviction. Will in a DR session says he doesn't like Mike having HOH. Says its the worst position to be in cause it makes you a target.

Because Mike aka Boogie is now HOH, he has lost the Coup power cause you can't over thow yourself.

Jani has been crying all day. CG is now trying to comfort her. Says he respects her and how she is, she is smart and beautiful. (i agree) (During the live feeds i felt so bad for her). Others that tried to comfort her was Boogie and Will.

In her DR session, Janelle explains that her crying is stratagy. She wants the others to think she is weak and has no fight left.

Boogie's HOH room- Its red with some ourple. Nothing special. a few funny pics from his past BB experience. After everyone leave, Will and Boog start stratagizing their next phase in their plan. He plans on nominating James and Jani but they will help Jani win POV and put up a pawn and vote James out. (i know i got my fingers crossed)

James comes into the conversation and they tell james who they want to nominate but they tell him he is safe. ( i pray thats a lie)

CG and Jani start talking about people that have lied to them in the game and how each of them has no one. So they decide to team up in a secret alliance. In a DR session CG says she is the only one he can really talk about game with and he has no idea where he is with Erika.

Janie and Will are talking and she says "you stabbed me in the back" he replies with "No i stabbed you in the front" then they bith giggle about it.

Will, Booger and Janie talking and they fill her in on their plan to nominate her and help her win POV. She says she is down with that.

Nomination Ceremony- Boogies speech - He says he wasn't going to lie and that his decision of who to nominate was easy. They keys came out in this order Dani-CG-Erika-Will. Boogie continues on to say that he put up 2 really good players and his plan has always been to go after BB6. Says hoe Jani told him earlier in the season if he had a problem with something to win a HOH and do something about it and now he has.

In a Dr session Jani says she has no choise at this point but to trust CT.
Jani and James are both "acting" depressed about being nominated.

Time to pick Veto players
Mike gets HG coise and picks will, Jani picked Dani and James picked Erika and CG will be host. They have 1 hour until comp.

Ct and Jani doo some last minute Veto planning in HOH. Boogie says they need to protect the Queen Bee. She says she is in with the plan and they hug. ( Well Will and Jani hug)

Another DR session Jani says she will go after CT is she gets HOH next week.

Will's DR session he says Jani needs to stay cause her alone is a bigger target to go after than 2 members of CT. Its the best plan so people will stay away from going after them.

Veto Competition- The back yard has been done up in a Jungle/Tribal theme. They have to find a voodoo doll with the correct evicted hG's name (initial) on it and bring it back to the kneeling stone and submit it to the idol. Each round 1 kneeling stone will be removed that way eliminating a HG every round. Basically its musical chairs with voodoo dolls.

Dani is eliminated 1st
Will is out 2nd ( says he could care less if he wins anything)
Mike out 3rd (he threw the correct doll in Jani's path so she would get it) (they actually helped her)
All that is left is Erka, James and Jani. James and Jani go for the same doll and after a bit of wrestling James gets the doll (Howie)away from her and Jani grabbed a different doll (Marci). Marci was the correct doll and James is eliminated 4th, Starts b!tching right away about how Jani kicked him and assulted him. She scratched him ( by accident). Erika is out 5th and the POV winner is Janelle (yay) James calls Jani a poor sport in front of everyone and walks away.

In a DR session James says "that B!tch assulted me" Jani's DR session she says she has the Veto is is out for revenge.

CT in the HOH room jumping up and down cause their plan so far is working but say they will act pi$$ed for everyone else. Then enters Erika so they acted mad and Mike says he has to go work out cause he is so mad.

Veto Ceremony- Jani says she is not going to...keep herself on the block and is using the veto (trying to shock people) Mike then puts CG up on the block.

In a DR session James says he feels safe about staying this week. (you could just see anger in his eyes)

Thats it for this show folks. Here is a clip just to show how angry James was when he lost (what a baby)

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strid333 2928 desperate attention whore postings
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08-23-06, 10:02 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Official RTVW BBA Summary Episode 20"
Good summary!

Three is the perfect number.

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