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"Official Big Brother All-Stars Episode 16 Summary – “House Calls” with Gretchen and Bunky"
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strid333 2928 desperate attention whore postings
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08-14-06, 00:03 AM (EST)
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"Official Big Brother All-Stars Episode 16 Summary – “House Calls” with Gretchen and Bunky"
G: Hi, I’m Gretchen Massey!

B: And I’m Bunky!

G: And this is House Calls, the Big Brother talk show. We are ready to take your call about anything related to Big Brother. The number is 323-CBS-1000.

B: That’s 323-227-1000.

G: Say, why don’t we go straight to a caller?

B: I love that idea!

G: We have Amber from Canada on the line. Hi Amber!

A: Happy Monday!

G & B: Happy Monday!

A: First, I must say that I love this show and think that you guys are great! I’ve been trying to get through for so long. I am soooo excited!

B: That’s great that you made it!

A: Anyway, I have a comment and a question. With the Head of Household competition on Thursday it was filled with so many mistakes and Howie complained about it right away, I think that someone should’ve stopped it right away. Why didn’t Julie Chen do something? Isn’t she supposed to be the host and properly over-see these things?

G: Well, Julie is a really good host but I’ll say she’s definitely made a mistake. *starts twitching uncontrollably*

B: What’s wrong, Gretchen?

G: I don’t know. It’s like as soon as I started saying anything bad about Julie, Mrs. Les Moonves, I got an electric shock. *twitching some more*

B: Um, ah, Oooo ooo It was a great thing that Julie decided to redo the Head of Household competition. We know it was her decision (and not Allison Grodner’s). Right, Gretchen?

G: *still twitching* Rrriiiggghhtt! *twitching stops*

B: Gretchen, I think it is time for another caller!

G: Yes, let’s go to Rory, from Sheepdog, Illinois!

R: I’m on!

G & B: You’re on!

R: Yay! First I must say that I voted for you Bunky to get into the house and that I really liked you on your season!

B: Awww, thanks! That means a lot to me!

R: Anyway, I’m curious to know your opinions on Janelle winning the Head of Household competion do-over.

B: That girl wins so much! She is becoming such a threat because she wins so much. She is especially good at the trivia Head of Household competitions. They re-did the competition with True/False questions that were not timed from the séance (that yours truly was involved with).

G: I totally agree. I think Danielle messed up last week by not back-dooring Janelle and giving her a chance to compete in the Power of Veto competition. Okay, it’s time for another caller. Hi, Robert from New York.

R: Whadup Kaysar!

G & B: Whadup Kaysar!

R: Okay, so I have a comment. It really seemed like the houseguests were upset that Kaysar went home instead of Janelle. Do you think that was a strategy or genuine?

B: Oh, it is strategy for them all, except for Erika who was developing a bit of a crush on Kaysar. Remember how she seemed really upset in the diary room? I know what it is like to let loose in the diary room and be brutally honest.

G: So what you’re saying is that if the houseguest is in the diary room, you can believe them more?

B: Absolutely! It allows you to turn off your game face for a moment.

G: Okay. It’s time for another caller. Hi, Laura from Chicago. You’re with Gretchen and Bunky.

L: I made it? Woo hoo!

B: You sure did!

L: Wow. Um. I just wanted to say that I think I know what the Coup D’Etat phrase is. I don’t think any of the houseguests got it right.

G: Oh, yes, if I remember correctly, James said, “Wool pulled over the eyes,” Danielle and Erika said, “Do Not Assume,” and Chicken George said “You are expected to expect the unexpected.”

B: Ha, ha, ha. “Expected to expect the unexpected.” What was Chicken George thinking? Ha, ha, ha. Ok, Laura, what do you think the answer is?

L: I think it is “You belong in a herd of sheep.”

G: Ooooh, good guess. I like that. Of course, we don’t have any idea of what the answer is, so you’ll find out when we do on Thursday. If any other callers have any more guesses, they can tell us on the air. Hi, Trevor from Minot, ND. Do you think you know what the Coup D’Etat phrase is?

T: I don’t have a clue. It seems like a good idea though. I just wanted to say how much fun it was to see Jun, Marvin, and Nicole be the judges for the food competition.

B: I know! Wasn’t it great to see Iron Chef of Slop?!? And their creations weren’t even that bad!

G: It almost made slop seem like good food. I think the waffles would actually be pretty good. I usually prefer whole wheat waffles and pancakes to ones made with white flour.

T: Well, I thought it was great that the house won food for all of the days but one. I hate watching the live feeds while the houseguests complain about being stuck on slop. If they eat, they are more fun to watch.

G: That is a very good point and a great time to remind everyone that the best way to watch Big Brother is with the live feeds. You can subscribe to them right here at Ok, time for another caller. Hmmm, how about Cassandra from Austin, Texas.

C: Hi, Gretchen, I must say that you make Texans proud!

G: Oh, thank you! Did you have a question or comment?

C: I have a question. Do you think Janelle’s nominations were smart?

B: Oh, no way! Again, Chilltown hasn’t been put up! Dr. Will is writing himself a cheque for a second million dollars.

G: But don’t you think that by putting up two floaters, Erika, and Danielle, who actually went after Janelle twice, was a good idea?

B: Well, I can understand the Danielle nomination, but James is still pretty mad about Janelle’s nominations. He really wanted Marcellas up. James does not trust the Season Six alliance anymore.

G: Yeah, my main man, Marcellas is getting in trouble. Okay, time for one last caller. Wendy from London, Great Britain, you made it though!

B: Wow, it is great how this show has such an appeal over the whole world!

W: Yes, thank you. I must say that, though, I find Dr. Will’s antics childish, I still find them quite entertaining.

G: Are you referring to his shower in the kitchen sink and his air band music video?

W: Yes, for a person his age, those antics are quite inappropriate but it is nice to see the houseguests have fun.

B: I agree. Dr. Will can be childish at times. (Remember, I lived with him on season two.) But it is better than watching the floaters do nothing. I still hate him, though.

G: Well, that wraps up today’s show. Thank you for watching and remember that if you don’t have the live feeds, you aren’t watching Big Brother. On tomorrow’s show we are going to talk about Big Brother couples.

B: I know I have a lot to talk about Booger and Erika kissing.

G: Really?!? No!

B: Yes!!!

G: Well, I guess we’ll have a juicy show for tomorrow. Be sure to tune in! Thanks for all the great calls, today! Bye!

B: Bye!

Three is the perfect number.

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1. "RE: Official Big Brother All-Stars Episode 16 Summary – “House Calls” with Gretchen and Bunky"
Wow - thanks for the speedy summary. Love the Housecalls -- maybe I should listen to it once in awhile

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