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"Official Summary BB7 - episode six (LIVE eviction)"
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bdemoney 745 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Reality Show Commentator"

07-21-06, 11:09 AM (EST)
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"Official Summary BB7 - episode six (LIVE eviction)"
LAST EDITED ON 07-21-06 AT 11:49 AM (EST)

Welcome to BB7 All-stars, episode six. We start out with a recap. The houseguests are moaning that slop sucks. Kaysar is seen striking a deal will Chill Town. Diane is “crushed” by the nominations. We’d better break out the tissues for her….it may be a long night. We view the nominees vying for the Veto and failing big time. Everyone except for Erica seems to have never played golf before. She wins the power of veto easily.

The big questions of the night......who will go home? Who will be the next HOH? Or even better will Julie Chen mess up another HOH comp by not figuring out who actually won?

Speaking of the Chenbot, here she is smiling and telling us it is Day 18 in the house (gosh, time flies when you’re having fun!) and she is discussing some “unlikely allies” that have arisen in the house. Unlikely if you didn’t expect Howie and Chicken George to hit it off. Personally I think they are the only ones in the house with the same IQ score, so I am not surprised at all to learn CG is now a Jedi in training. The other “unlikely” pair is Marcellas and Danielle who seem to have bonded over the treachery of the slop they have had to endure this week. Again I figured they would become friends again, once inside for more than a few days. They just had to pretend to hate each other for a few days first.

We then see both Diane and Nakomis vow to not campaign against each other. Yet that is exactly what both of them will end up doing. These girls just didn’t want to openly vie for votes.

Discussions ensue as to who everyone wants to keep around. Erica, Jase and Dani are shown mulling the idea over and decide that BB6’ers wants to keep Nakomis around. Erica then asks Jase who he’d like to keep around since he spent his season with both of them. He thinks Diane is fiery and that Nakomis is not explosive. Tries to convince the other houseguests that either one will try and take him a target if they stay.

Next we jump to Janie and Marcellas in the tub together. Marcellas is telling Janelle that he controls Diane. (WTF?) Damn, this guy is absolutely delusional. Janie ignores his comment and tells him that the longer she is around (meaning Janelle), the longer he will be around. (Which is probably pretty true.) Who else will watch out for him? She convinces him that the rest of the house already knows he is the 5th wheel in the S4 alliance. Marcellas says he just doesn’t want to be left in the house with all the men (funny to hear this coming from a gay guy!) and then he fantasizes about himself and Janelle making it to the final two and how glamorous it would be. Yes, that is what America wants……a glamorous final two, who cares how undeserving they may be. Marcellas never fails to amaze me. I can’t wait till his giant screw-up this year! What will he do that’s even worse than not using the golden veto to take himself off the block? I quiver with anticipation! We all know it’s coming………it’s just a matter of time.

We then observe Diane with Chill Town. Diane is telling them she will go “balls to the walls” against the BB6’ers if they keep her around. Yes, “balls to the walls” is her exact description. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Gosh, that Diane is one classy girl. I still don’t understand why Drew dumped her?

Nak is making a plea to BB6’ers in the HOH room to align with them and go after Chill Town. Kaysar says he will work to keep Nakomis in the house. He claims to have Erica’s vote and says he will work on getting Marcellas’s.

We are now Live, and Chicken George is covered in aluminum foil. (WTF?) Yes, covered from head to toe in aluminum foil. And, we are to be shocked that no one in the house will hang out with him besides Howie?! Chicken George, after being questioned by Julie about his “Jedi training” tells Julie “the Force is with you too”. She should now be able to sleep well tonight.

Julie next talks to Marcellas and asks him about his week eating slop. He claims he has eaten nothing all week and by all means should be wasting away this very minute. She then hops over to Diane and asks why she has been bawling so much this time around. Diane claims to have laughed, cried and even broke out in hives this week. Trying to cover up the fact that yes, indeed, she is a huge crybaby.

Julie jumps over to Howie and attempts to discover more about his crush on Dr. Will and if he’ll ever consider getting botox treatments. Way to ask those really important questions, Julie! We find out that Howie would trust Will to work on his forehead because it’ll be cheap. Howie now makes me realize he is even dumber than I have been imagining this whole time. Note to self, stop giving Howie any credit for good ideas that may magically spring from his mind from time to time.

Julie now informs us that Kaysar is Muslim and wonders how that may affect his life inside the house. She then tells us that neither of the nominees or the current HOH can vote someone out. So, let’s cut to some people who are allowed to vote. We see Dani calling Diane a fighter while voting in the diary room. Howie says he knows Diane is going after the BB6’ers. Boogie says he wants to get in Diane’s pants so votes to keep her around.

Back from the commercials, Julie is discussing Kaysar’s beliefs. We witness Kaysar praying in the house, and see the Rihda household. His family is excited he has another chance in the BB household. His sister gives us her thoughts on her brother. She says being in the house surrounded by boobs and alcohol is no different than the outside world, which I have to admit seems logical. We are shown clips of Erica throwing herself at Kaysar as his sister, Dalia, says Muslims don’t date (slutty girls like Erica, seemed to be what she was really implying). And while his sister seemed sweet, I will have to say that Kaysar appears to have gotten all the good looks in the family. (although it’s hard to tell when someone is covered from head to toe if they are really a looker or not).

We now visit Kaysar in the HOH room as Julie attempts to interview him. She asks him about his nominations and if he views them as weak. Kaysar of course defends his nominations by explaining Diane and Nakomis are strong players and shouldn’t be allowed to float to the end. He said he didn’t want to use the same strategy he did as last time by taking out the “head honchos” so early. (his words, not mine). Julie then asks why Kaysar didn’t nominate Will when he so generously offered himself to be placed on the chopping block if the veto was used. Kaysar said he knew it was all a ploy. Kaysar is once again allowed freedom from the Chenbot and can join the others.

Julie then makes reference to the Mr., and Mrs. Smith alliance in the house. Explaining that Diane and Jase may be in a secret alliance that the house has termed “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

After alluding to this we spot Will in the DR reflecting on whom he should vote out. Chicken George says Diane came to him for a vote and that Nakomis never did, so after stating that he even though he knows he shouldn’t vote based on personal feelings, that is exactly what he is doing. Erica makes the observation that Diane reminds her of Alison. Before we go to commercial again, we’re shown Will voting to evict Diane. He looks quite smug and proud of himself. Wait, this is Will I’m talking about…..he always looks that way. Correction…..Will comes across as even more smug and proud of himself than normal.

Back from commercial break we hear Julie conversing about the Mr. and Mrs. Smith theory. Are Jase and Diane working together in a secret alliance? Danielle says she knows they have a secret pact with one another……..heck, she should know, she’s the queen of the secret alliance. From there we are shown a weird version of the game telephone, where Marcellas tells Erica about the secret alliance, then Erica tells Janelle she knows it’s true, until finally Boogie is shown confronting Jase about the fact. Jase denies, denies, denies. But his act is not too convincing to Janelle who is right there observing. She says Jase got nervous and is lying. Janelle and James later ask Jase in the HOH room whom he’d like to evict and he tells them Nakomis is a better game player. This convinces them further of his secret alliance with Diane.

We are shown a quick segment of Jase in DR saying it may or may not be true. Then a quick blurb of he and Diane in a room together with her hiding behind a bed as Jase walks out, yelling to him to pretend to hate her. Personally I believe the Mr/Mrs Smith alliance has been officially confirmed.

Next we see Janie in the DR saying she wants to keep Nak around. Jase in the DR says he doesn’t think Nakomis is as great a player as everyone makes her out to be, and then Marcellas is shown saying he doesn’t believe either Diane or Nakomis should have been nominated this week. We are left with Janie voting to evict Diane. She also takes this opportunity to explain to Diane that crying to stay, because you need the money is not really appropriate since Big Brother is not a charity, it’s a game show. (So be entertaining for God’s sake Diane not a bawling idiot!!)

While Janie votes to evict Diane we are now shown James voting to evict Nakomis because it is in his and Howie’s best interest. I guess we now know how Howie voted.

Back from commercial Julie is explaining to us that either Diane or Nakomis will be voted out. Thanks for the news flash, Julie! Although both girls made it to the final four in their season one will leave tonight. In a vote of 8 - 2 Nakomis has been voted out.

We see Boogie wearing a giant, black afro wig that Marcellas wore earlier in the tapings. Everyone hugs Nakomis and there are many sentiments of “cool beans” floating in the air.

Oddly enough, this is the one time Diane does NOT cry, when her close friend is abruptly evicted. Although she does realize her crying stint has now been revealed to the entire viewing audience. This realization brings me much joy!

There is lots of milling around that takes place while we wait for Julie to interview Nakomis. She asks Nakomis if she was blindsided by her nomination, and if she really had her head in the game or not. Nak tells her that yes, she did have her head in the game but lots of people were afraid of her. Julie asks her if she meant to fly under the radar or not. (Geez, since she’s the second one voted out, I don’t think she managed to fly under the radar too well if that was her strategy there, Julie!) But Nakomis, instead of smacking Julie, answers that no that was not her strategy, it’s just with so many big heads, I mean big personalities in the house, she just naturally took a back seat to them.

Julie then asks her what she thinks about Kaysar’s nominations. To which Nakomis of course replies that she thought they were stupid and he should have nominated Chill Town instead. No big shock here.

Without the typical goodbye videos (poor Nakomis) we are then shown Julie telling the remaining houseguests that the next HOH competition is entitled “Pay Attention.” All about paying attention to details. As she explains this competition to the houseguests we are shown their reaction. Most are smiling, but comically enough, Diane looks horrified. I think she realizes she is not the most observant person ever.

We go to commercial with Julie telling us that this will be one of the most challenging HOH competitions ever. Have I switched and started watching the Bachelor again? I half expect her to say it will be the most exciting rose ceremony ever…

Back from commercial and we see that Nak will be on House Calls tomorrow. Julie welcomes us all back. She explains Kaysar can not compete since he is the outgoing HOH. All the hg’s are now in the backyard waiting to start.

So here we go, question #1 What did the sign say in the meteor competition behind Diane when Will was knocked down? BB All-Stars or HOH? The answer is B. HOH. Chicken George and Howie are knocked out already. Somehow this doesn’t surprise me.

Question #2, in the competition falling stars how many points were on the stars, seven or five? The correct answer is seven and Erica, Jase, Diane, Boogie and Will are all knocked out.

Question #3, What color was the bucket that dumped sludge on Janelle, red or blue? The answer is blue and Marcellas is now out.

Question #4, When Chicken George searched the dump for vetos was there a devil duck or a gnome on his hockey stick? Answer is a gnome and they all get it right. Janelle, James and Danielle all remain.

Question #5, When Boogie fell off his pedestal how many people remaining were topless? Three or four? Correct answer is three and Janelle is out. Which is good since it took her a VERY long time to answer. Oh, how the people would have cried conspiracy theory if she had won!

Question #6, both James and Danielle get correct so we go to a tiebreaker.

Tiebreaker – how many seconds did it take Janelle to win the veto competition? James answers 421, Danielle answers 480. Since the correct answer was 300 some odd seconds, James is now the new HOH. And Howie goes sprinting over to him to congratulate him immediately. What a jacka**! This guy never learns!

We are left with Julie asking who James will nominate and having us “eavesdrop” on the houseguests. Who will James nominate? My guess is Chill Town, but maybe he’ll do something unexpected. Tune in next time to find out or just read the live feeds and go have some fun Sunday night.

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   RE: Official Summary BB7 - episode ... nailbone 07-21-06 2
       RE: Official Summary BB7 - episode ... HowiesBF 07-21-06 3
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Hoobie 569 desperate attention whore postings
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07-21-06, 02:01 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Official Summary BB7 - episode six (LIVE eviction)"
Great summary, and oh-so quick! Thank you!

BTW, what does "balls to the walls" even mean?

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nailbone 27263 desperate attention whore postings
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07-21-06, 02:16 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Official Summary BB7 - episode six (LIVE eviction)"
It means playing the game hard, all out.

According to, it has to do with airplane throttle handles or diesel generators.

Holey carp! My blog! MySpace!
Official OT Tassel Adjuster and OT Fantasy Football Champ! o-

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HowiesBF 33 desperate attention whore postings
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07-21-06, 05:43 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: Official Summary BB7 - episode six (LIVE eviction)"
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the entertaining recap! I was dozing off through most of last night's episode, just lik I've been dozing through so much of the past few weeks. This show has really dragged.

Let's see if James can ignite some fire (the more camera time he gets without his shirt on is fine with me).

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Lasann 3616 desperate attention whore postings
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07-21-06, 08:51 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: Official Summary BB7 - episode six (LIVE eviction)"
Great summary! I espcially liked "But Nakomis, instead of smacking Julie,"

I'm sooooooo sad my girl is gone!

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strid333 2928 desperate attention whore postings
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07-31-06, 08:20 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: Official Summary BB7 - episode six (LIVE eviction)"
That was a great summary!

Three is the perfect number.

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