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"Love/Loathe List BB17 #2"
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Original message

Aruba 2185 desperate attention whore postings
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07-06-15, 06:01 AM (EST)
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"Love/Loathe List BB17 #2"
I had some time this morning so whipped something up quickly.

SHELLI – The main reason she’s on top is for nominating Da’Vonne. More than just a pretty face this past week. She killed it in the HOH comp; no one else even came close. Let’s hope she sticks with the plan to eliminate the Poker Dealer who doesn’t even recognize the top female poker player in the world.

VANESSA – I’m still liking her and hope she goes far. She won’t be perceived as a challenge threat and her social game is good, so that’s reason to think she should advance nicely in the game.

STEVE – As long as the BOB is in play and four HGs are initially nominated every week, Steve will most likely be a perennial top nominee choice. It’s certainly been the case the first two weeks, so I ranked him high for being able to successfully take himself off the block BOTH times. I’ve always been a big fan of proactively controlling your own fate.

JAMES– The Texas boy earned his spurs this week for passing the crisis management test in the aftermath of putting up involuntary pawns during week one. I like the kid and hoping at least jury member status for him.

AUSTIN – Last week I said it would be impossible for him to fly UTR, but that’s pretty much what he did this week. He picked himself up nicely after his short-lived bromance with Jace was thankfully derailed. It may end up being his best break of the game.

AUDREY – For all the pies she seems to have her fingers in, she escapes nomination for the second week. She could be victimized by the cowardly backdoor ploy, but despite playing very proactively early on seems to be sidestepping danger this week.

CLAY – Got a free pass this week because the HOH has a crush on him. I have him in the middle only for working on Shelli to put up Da’Vonne. They’ll be a point in the game when the HGs will need to break up the couple. When that happens I think Clay will get the hook before Shelli.

JASON – If James wants to gawk at Becky’s plastic boobies...let him. Don’t deprive the guy that pleasure just because you would prefer to stare at another part of the human anatomy. It was inevitable Becky would return the favor and nominate Jason, but the boy stepped up and with Steve took himself off the block so he gets props for that even though Da’Vonne was ineptly pathetic.

BECKY – I was going to nickname her Butterface Becky until she informed all she had her face damaged after getting hit by a train. I guess plastic boobies were part of her post accident reconstruction/rehab???. Anyway I give her credit for performing well enough to win the first heat of this week’s HOH competition.

LIZ/JULIA – shared the same placenta. So thanks to being identical twins you’ve pretty much assured yourselves further advancement in the game. Let’s see if they can produce a bigger storyline this season.

JEFF – Nothing about him I really dislike, but doesn’t do anything for me either. I don’t watch TAR but if this is the best male player from last season they were able to come up with I doubt I’ll start watching.

JACKIE – Like I mentioned with this the best female CBS was able to dig up from last season’s TAR? I would rather have seen a newbie selected to take her first shot as opposed to a former Reality Show loser trying to make the most of her second opportunity.

MEG – Quintessential floater. Like Christine last season, she’ll need to get a knack for being at the right place at the right time when alliances are forming in order to advance deep in the game.

JOHN – Every time this guy opens his mouth he annoys the heck out of me. If even half of the HGs feel as I do I’m not sure how he’ll survive much longer.

DA’VONNE – If there is a BB God, please send her packing. It’s a good thing she’s lying about her job. If she was a second-grade teacher in my school district and I had a 7-year old, I would seriously home school my kid. One would assume she probably has decent family/friends support to leave her newborn to go off and play a game. Thank goodness for that because if she truly tried to raise her child on her own, that poor kid wouldn’t stand a chance.

EVICTED) JACE – Pleasantly surprised by a rather uneventful exit (his goofy tumbling act notwithstanding.) It must be eating him alive that he will not be showboating on a grand stage for the remainder of this summer, but he only has himself to blame for that.

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kingfish 18377 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

07-06-15, 10:25 AM (EST)
Click to EMail kingfish Click to send private message to kingfish Click to view user profile Click to send message via ICQ Click to check IP address of the poster
1. "RE: Love/Loathe List BB17 #2"
LAST EDITED ON 07-06-15 AT 05:12 PM (EST)

I agree with placing Jace on the evicted list.


(Heh!) Actually our ratings are beginning to align. I'd place Audrey at the bottom of the love list, but I have to give her credit for not coming unglued when she realized that she was Miss Uncongeniality. Lying low for a while, maintaining her cool, then doing what she could to plant the idea that maybe evicting her wasn't in some of the other guest's best interest because her ogreness will always deflect attention from them. IMO that's how to handle the situation that she put herself into, but the odds are still stacked against her.

I elevated James on the love list because of the reasons you gave, he managed to avoid nomination despite the danger that the unwilling pawns pose to the HofH that nominated them. This was the hump week for that danger, and with his attitude he should be good for a few weeks at least. Actually, I would put the early chalk on him, along with Jeff.

Da'Vonne, bottom of list. Agree. Too bad that the attention to her eviction is diminishing the possibility that Audrey will bounce out of the house. The positive here is that if Audrey and Da'Vonne are on the block together, there might be some suspense at voting time. However, Audrey may not get put up since Shelli is the final HofH.

Meg - Floating may be the best course of action for a while, until the alliances gell. She should make sure that when they do, that she makes a good decision as to who to join, and she seems to positioning herself to do just that. Right now the players who are playing big are getting the attention, and it's a good time to lie low.

John - His hilarious performance with Da'Vonne during the camera challenge cracked me up. For that alone I'd give him a higher love list ranking. But he seems to think that he has to shout to be heard in the DR. That is annoying, but he has some pretty cogent observations, and is (aside from that) kind of entertaining, in a deer caught in the headlights way. But dude, use your inside voice. I'd place him mid love list pack.

Steve - should be getting the sympathetic vote from the TV audience. So I'd place him about where you have him, except I'd put John above him. IMO, his whining, complaining, and mindless paranoia are off putting, and that will divert him from making good decisions at times. He's kinda like a caricature of a Woody Allen role.

Becky - Smart use of her train story. Wow. And it Wowed her house mates too, apparently. She gets unisex he-man cred, and the sympathy vote. But you know, I think that there is something untold there, I mean, at every RR Xing I can remember, cars are too far from the actual tracks to make "sticking your head around a van to look and getting hit in the face with a train engine" possible. Was the van really that close to the track? Usually they are at least 10-20 feet from the track in urban crossings, and usually there is a cross bar that drops, not to mention flashing lights and hard to ignore bells. Maybe she was just shitface drunk and stumbled 10-20 feet to the track? Seems improbable, but who knows. Heck, maybe someone pushed her as a drunken idea of a prank. Impromptu drunken pranks that turn out horribly wrong are not unheard of.

But "I got hit in the face with a train engine" is quite a powerful story. It's been apparent that something was different with her mouth, especially the upper right (her right) portion, and she has a scar there. I had supposed that that was a harelip, and wasn't going to make any reference to it. Unless I had a PC reason to do so. But now, it's a badge of courage. However, a little plastic repair surgery might be good for her.

And yes, the breast enhancement could have been to repair damage, but also to compensate psychologically for the damaged face. She did opt for XL implants (you go, girl!). May have been some insurance/settlement money available. But I am not going to put down plastic boobies. All boobies are fun in their individual ways. Big, little, shy, overt, real, and plastic boobs are all fun. I'm not a boob bigot.

Jackie - Not fond of her so far. I liked her better (at times) on TAR. But, IMO, her low key play with the others playing so hard will get her down the road. She seems capable of erupting (Ref. TAR) so I think she will throw a fit, antagonize the others, and spoil her game. Mid range on Love list.

Jason - I agree with you, Jason moved up a on my love list. He seemed a little less artificial this week. Also I admire the unhesitating honesty (self-serving though it be) that he showed in exposing Audrey. A definite move up.

Jeff - Seems to be thinking intelligently self-preservation wise, and is adept so far at not drawing unwanted attention to himself. Seems to have a good instinct for beneficial alliances. And he has an advantage over the others in his implicit partnership with Jackie. And no, he wasn't the best male player from his TAR season, but he did pretty well. He was able to handle his partner's occasional erratic behavior while utilizing her good decisions, more or less steering her from behind. That's the talent that got Derrick the win last season. And was a good way to to use with her. Showed good game instincts. With James, IMO, an early favorite to win.

BTW, this last TAR was the best version by far, at least in recent memory.

Liz and Julia - Their story line is guaranteed to receive more emphasis. The day will come (probably) when they will be outed, and how they survive that outing will determine their season.

I'm wondering how BB will handle that, whether at some point Julie outs them, or if they are allowed to play it to the end. If Julie outs them, I think their day will be done.

So far they seem to be pulling it off though, Jace (knucklehead that he is) was completely fooled. And even when the subject of twins comes up among the houseguests, she isn't (they aren't) mentioned. Mid to upper range on Love list. If she/they can keep their cool, they may go far. It would be interesting if they were to actually win, and if they do, Julie ought to spring for two $500K winner's checks.


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Aruba 2185 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

07-06-15, 06:48 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Love/Loathe List BB17 #2"
LAST EDITED ON 07-06-15 AT 06:50 PM (EST)

With Liz/Julia I’m pretty sure Julie mentioned if they can fool the House up to a set point in the season, BOTH will be allowed to enter the game as separate players. The only way they get outed is if another HG calls them out and if that occurs I’m fairly certain their game would be over. CBS is too cheap to carry the twist to the end and award each of them 500K.

I’m with you not buying the train story in its entirety. The van has to be behind the RR crossing arm that comes down in ample time before the train moves through. There’s more than enough area for even a giraffe’s face to be spared.

“Breast enhancement to compensate for her damaged face…” BWAHAHAHAHAHA TOO FUNNY!

I’m thinking the settlement money theory has some merit. If so, HMMMMM let me use the settlement money to buy me some oversized boobies before I repair my damaged face. Hey, it’s all about priorities I guess. And Yes, I (like you) have fun looking at boobs whether they are real or fake. Heck, in my ranking I even defended James for doing just that.

I dunno, even the sound of John’s voice is irritating aside from the extra decibels he insisted on using. Da’Vonne’s ineptness was comical in itself without John’s play-by-play, but his account of the POV competition was the best DR confessional in the last episode. So your assessment of John is well taken.

If Meg eventually has her choice of which alliance to jump on and chooses correctly taking her to the end, then she will move up the ladder. But I’m thinking she will eventually just fall into one and let the chips fall where they may. It could work out, or maybe not; but I wouldn’t be giving her much kudos in that case scenario.

It would make for an exciting/suspenseful Thursday eviction night if Audrey and Da’Vonne are both on the block. But anyone other than Audrey is next to Da’Vonne the outcome will be predictable—satisfying, but predictable.

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kingfish 18377 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

07-07-15, 09:52 AM (EST)
Click to EMail kingfish Click to send private message to kingfish Click to view user profile Click to send message via ICQ Click to check IP address of the poster
3. "RE: Love/Loathe List BB17 #2"
Now that you mention it, Julie did say that about the twins twist. Too bad, I think. It would have been more satisfying the other way if they were to win, even if they had to split the money.
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