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"Love/Loathe List #3"
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Aruba 2012 desperate attention whore postings
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08-16-14, 07:24 AM (EST)
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"Love/Loathe List #3"
LAST EDITED ON 08-16-14 AT 07:27 AM (EST)

It's been a banner year for the "Men in Blue" on Reality TV. First Tony owned that last Survivor season culminating in the Jury getting it right for a deserving win. Can Derrick follow? He's certainly done his part thus far to state his case.

1) DERRICK - Whereas Donny might be a sentimental choice, Derrick deserves the win hands down. This dude has as many alliances as Frankie has Utube followers and he STILL comes out smelling like a rose. If he can maintain that Teflon coating for the rest of this season he could be untouchable en route to a 500K+ payday.

2) DONNY - Dodged a bullet this week. Sadly continues in a long line of being the casualty of the greatest divide in Reality TV--AGE. Seems like he'll need to win a major competition every week to get a spot in the Finals. It's a long shot at best, but even so (with Frankie's self destruct) the 25K Fan Fav prize should now be his to lose.

How far of a drop off do we have now? What's the distance between the summit of Mt. Everest and the lowest point in the Mariana Trench???

3) CALEB - Still Beast Mode Jacka$$ in my mind, but showed some flashes of gameplay. Fared well in competitions...well at least the ones he's tried. His grade school math tutoring in the Detonator classroom evicting Jocasta made good game sense and he was instrumental in forcing Christine's hand to pick Nicole as a replacement nom. Far cry from Dan or Dr. Will status but more game than some of the other bozos in the House have shown.

4) CODY - To have never been nominated this far into the season with the co-HOH twist deserves some props. His sissy-boy tendencies have been well documented on my lists, but now add--Zach Efron?! Will someone PLEEEEASE put some testosterone in this boy's slop?

5) FRANKIE - To use a Poker analogy, Frankie was sitting at the table with a high stack only to overplay his hand and watch his chips dwindle. He then compounded his problems by desperately chasing his losses, i.e. revealing his "secret." I guess those poor kids in Africa will need to find another place for their education.

6) VICTORIA - This biggest game gainer in all this power shifting and alliance shuffling may be none other than--Victoria. A classic case of allowing the pathetically inept to hang around for a while. If she can keep her mouth shut and her eyes dry, she may be able to punch her Golden Ticket to the F4. But then again, that's probably too much to ask from Victoria.

7) CHRISTINE - She chooses to be the only girl in a guy's alliance. HMMMM, that's a recipe for success. *snort* The best she could hope for is to win enough key competitions to earn a seat in the Finals. After all, didn't that "winning" strategy work so well for GinaMarie last season? What a dingus!!!

8) ZACH - If you took all the descriptive phrases in the Grinch song from the Christmas classic and multiplied it by'd have Zach. The way he hysterically cried and carried on in the DR over Frankie even made Cody appear macho.


JOCASTA - As a game player she was a monumental waste of space and lucky to be even sitting on the Jury. I guess one of the nine keys in the turnstile on Finale Night to crown the champion will be turned by the "Hand of God."

HAYDEN - Always feel a little bad for the victim of a double eviction. If there is a silver lining for Hayden he has to be considered the odds on favorite to win his way back into the House.

NICOLE - My previous assessment from my last list deserves repeating..."Cute as a button; gullible as an infomercial customer. In keeping with that infomercial theme, maybe that knife Christine took out of her back was a "Ginsu."

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