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"BB9 - Summary - Feb. 27 episode - Bye bye Amander"
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bdemoney 745 desperate attention whore postings
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02-28-08, 09:17 PM (EST)
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"BB9 - Summary - Feb. 27 episode - Bye bye Amander"
We start out with the usual recap given in the beginning. People being rushed to the hospital, other people were nominated and are now up for eviction. Yes, we’ve seen it all before, so let’s get on with tonight’s episode...

Julie Chen welcomes us to day 21 and says that the house has been ‘rocked to it’s core’ during the last week, by both Amanda and Allison being taken to the hospital. She also fills us in on the fact that Alex/Amanda and Matt/Natalie are on the block tonight. Who will go home?

We flashback to Sharon and Josh deciding not to use the POV on either of the couples and see James share that ‘operation condor’ is still in effect.

Alex and Matt are friends and don’t want to campaign against each other. We all know how that one usually turns out.

Next we see Matt talking to Adam and asking him to keep him around.

Later Allison is watching Matt and Nat work out and all of a sudden realizes these two are both strong contenders. She rushes off to share this realization with the other in the HOH room.

As Allison puts it “Matty and Natie” are both eating real food all week, while both Alex and Amanda are on slop all week. So she thinks they should keep Alex and Amanda in the game instead since they will be easier to compete against.

Actually I think this is the first strategy talk that has made any sense at all, vs. voting people out based on where their picture is located on the memory wall. But as usual, the hamsters are not fond of listening to reason. Adam’s eyes bulge out of his head as he says I’m voting for Matty to stay! Seems most of the houseguests have a personal axe to grind with Amanda and are looking forward to getting in a few swings!
James is the only one who seems to see any validity to this new theory and he’s not even able to vote.

Natalie is now working on Sharon and Josh to secure their vote to stay in the house. Josh assures her they have been friends since day one and she has no worries. Hearing any promises from Josh would not make me feel secure, but seems to appease Natalie.

Ryan is telling Allison he wants to stick with the initial plan and vote Amanda and Alex out. Allison still thinks Matt and Nat are a strong team, but doesn’t seem to be making any progress with Ryan on this matter.

Julie Chen is back with us live and she invites us to take a look at Sheila and Adam in the Diary Room to discuss who to vote out. Seeing as Adam totally has Matt’s back I don’t think there is much chance of him voting him out.

After this DR session Julie welcomes everyone back and asks Amanda if anything has changed in the house since her big trip to the hospital. Amanda says that people have been nicer and a bit more humane since then to her. Julie comments that the whole incident was like a “big group hug”. Awwww.

Julie asks Sheila how things are between her and Allison now. Instead of just saying things are fine now and she’s glad Allison is okay, she discusses how Allison was bad-mouthing her behind her back. Pot meet kettle. She then goes on to say she was worried that Allison might not come back to the house for her to berate her some more.

Alex is then asked if he is glad Amanda is back. Yes, he’s glad she’s back since it is a couple’s game and he was without his partner. So for purely selfish reasons he is ecstatic that she’s back.

Julie then asks Sheila about her “slop diet”. Sheila does look skinner now that you mention it. She looks a lot better tonight with some makeup on as well. Not as psycho looking as normal. Shelia lets us know she has lost 5 lbs on the slop diet. Maybe I should try that stuff out!

She also mentions that slop doesn’t taste anything like oatmeal as she had imagined it would. Does that mean it tastes like chicken, like everything else in the world? Guess we’ll never know as Chen-bot stops her from describing it any further.

We then see Sharon and Josh in the Diary room giving reasons for both Matt and Nat, and Amanda and Alex to be voted out. Josh says that he knows Amanda still secretly hates him for his outburst at her, so am sure they will vote for her and Alex tonight as well.

Next we see a segment on James and Chelsia. He is bicycling around the world (well, the US at least) for peace and prosperity. He has biked 7000 miles starting in LA, going to Seattle, then to NY and on to Florida. That’s actually pretty cool! We also find out he is a regular at Bar 107 and they are like his family. I guess James likes to drink!

Meanwhile we see Chelsia describing her childhood in activities such as choir, ice skating and even science club, which she claims to have joined due to a cute boy. Let’s hope that’s true!

We see Chelsia’s friend and I have to do a double take. Seriously, this girl looks like Chelsia’s identical twin. It’s freakin’ crazy! Apparently the posh spice hair cut makes everyone look identical.

Chelsia pitches out the idea that if she and James win, he should bike around the world again and she will follow him around on her bike……but hers will have a motor!

Julie inquires of James and Chelsia asking them why they promised Matt and Nat they were safe, then nominating them. James replies that he didn’t think he and Chelsia would win HOH and that he could guarantee Matt and Nat not putting them up that way. Chelsia comments that it makes it hard for the other contestants to trust them now.

Doesn’t seem to bother James at all, since he says he can’t stand most of the people in the house anyways, since they are all so materialistic. Chelsia says she can be a girly-girl but can also hang with the guys and drink beers at a dive bar. Now that is my kind of girl, I knew I like her!

Then we see Ryan and Allison dishing on how they want Amanda and Alex voted out. Guess there’s not much chance they will be sticking around after tonight.

We check out the last minute pleas to stay and see Amanda ask for another chance to play the game. Alex says he thinks of everyone as family and truly loves everyone. He talks about his ‘realness’ and how he has kept it real. Heck even his shirt says “keeping it real”. Something tells me if you have to stress a point that much, maybe it’s not that true or real.

Matty says he knows it will be a ‘wicked hard’ decision for everyone who is voting. (He makes me miss the east coast sometimes, as no one ever says ‘wicked’ anything out here in Idaho!) Natalie claims she is so blessed by spending time in the house and doesn’t want to go back to the beaver state. Does any else see the irony in the bikini barista coming from the ‘beaver’ state?!

We then see all the couples vote to evict Amanda and Alex one by one. First up are Shelia and Adam. Next we see Sharon and Josh, who really should win an academy award for their performance. They act like voting off Amanda and Alex is the most painful thing they have ever experienced in life. (Perhaps these two are already on to the fact that some of these people might not be gone as permanently as some might have hoped originally).

Next we see Ryan and Allison make it unanimous and Julie announces that Amanda and Alex have been voted out by a vote of 3 – 0.

Kisses and hugs are exchanged by all. In fact there are so many hugs that Julie finally threatens…Amanda and Alex, I need you to come out right now. Or what Julie? You’ll go in and drag them out yourself? Somehow I don’t see the Chen-bot dragging anyone anywhere….ever.

Alex says he thinks he might have been voted out even if he had campaigned to stay. He says not campaigning goes along with his “keeping it real” thing he’s got going on. Whatever. Amanda did do campaigning, obviously it must have been pretty pathetic footage as they didn’t even air her once doing so.
We see the goodbye videos and they are harsh. Allison says I couldn’t stand you and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Ryan repeats this train of thought. Josh apologizes to Amanda again (as I said I think he realizes some of these people may end up reentering the game and doesn’t want to permanently burn any bridges.

Finally they get two nice goodbye messages from Matt and Natalie and are sent on their way.

The HOH competition starts and already Julie is tongue-tied. The couples are all asked questions regarding the love quotes hanging around the house. The girls are asked questions first.
Who said “the course of true love never did run smooth?’ Sharon answers Shakespeare and is correct. She eliminates Allison. Sharon gets the next question right and eliminates Sheila. When Sharon answers the next question correctly she wins by eliminating Natalie.

Next the guys are up. Ryan answers the first question incorrectly and is eliminated. Josh gets the next question right and eliminates Matt. When Josh correctly answers the last question he and Sharon end up winning the entire HOH competition. They are celebrating like crazy. You’d think they won the entire game! Chelsia is trying to give Sharon the HOH key and Sharon is running away from her.

When Julie ‘checks in’ with the houseguests we see that Josh and Sharon are stoked to have won HOH. That’s a surprise! I would never have guessed that. Matt is sad Alex is gone. And as Julie says goodbye to the audience at home, she lets us in on the fact that next week the evicted couple will be in for a huge surprise and a new chapter will begin here on Big Brother. Yeah!

awesome sig pic created by syren

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FishWoman 1510 desperate attention whore postings
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02-29-08, 09:22 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: BB9 - Summary - Feb. 27 episode - Bye bye Amander"
Wicked review, Bdemoney!

- frozen fishsticks by Arkie Girl

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strid333 2928 desperate attention whore postings
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03-02-08, 09:45 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: BB9 - Summary - Feb. 27 episode - Bye bye Amander"
Good job.

Three is the perfect number.

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krismiss2us 768 desperate attention whore postings
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03-04-08, 00:10 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: BB9 - Summary - Feb. 27 episode - Bye bye Amander"
dude! you're from idaho? that's wicked! lol. so am i.
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