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"Suggestions for Houseguests"
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mikren 28 desperate attention whore postings
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08-10-07, 09:18 AM (EST)
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"Suggestions for Houseguests"
I am so sick of the serious attitude of the hamsters, season after season – people crying constantly or whining that they hate everybody or the fake somber tones after an eviction. This is so lame. These people need to lighten up, have some fun, and here are a few things I would like to see:

1. When somebody in a different alliance gets voted out, I would like to see alliance members jump up and high five each other and shout YES!!!

2. HGs should borrow catch phrases from other reality shows and use them in the context of the game, examples

When hosting a competition, they could imitate Jiffy from Survivor -

“Come on in guys!”

“Power of Veto – Back up for grabs!”

“Jen, WINS IMMUNITY! Ooops, I mean Power of veto, sorry.”

“Wanna know what you’re playin’ for?”

“Hamsters Ready?”

Or, how about the Bachelor?

“Hamster Jen, will you accept this key?”

The Amazing Race -

(in somber tone) “Hamster Jen, you have key NUMBER ONE!”

3. I would like to see an HG openly declare that he/she is not there to win, but "just wants to make the All Star Team". And then behave accordingly.

4. One HG should directly declare their intent to get someone out (i.e. directly to the intended target, not behind their back like everyone does it). “All my energy at this point, is focused on eliminating you from this game. I will not rest until you are eliminated.” Etc.

5. HGs should randomly joke about voting people out. “I’m voting you out next. Just kidding!”

6. Movie Quotes – I mean, someone throw out some Office Space or something.

“Uh, yeah… I’m going to have to go ahead … and nominate ….you … for eviction…this week...yeah”

Or A Few Good Men…


Man, I would be a great houseguest.

Anyone else have suggestions to make these people more interesting?


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