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"Hamster Love/Hate List"
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JoshInSGV 737 desperate attention whore postings
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07-26-07, 03:52 AM (EST)
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"Hamster Love/Hate List"
I think there was a similar post a couple of weeks ago when the show first aired. But, a lot of things have happened since then to sway our likes/dislikes within the BB house. Who's your favorite hamster? And who do you loathe? Here's my list from most favorite to most hated.

1. Jen - She's my favorite hamster at this time. Sure, she is a narcissistic b!tch, but she's very entertaining to watch. I love how she doesn't react to all the horrible things that everyone says about her, including ED. I hope she sticks around for a long time.

2. Mike - Some people are calling him stupid. And, perhaps his move was not very intelligent from a strategic perspective. But, kudos for not letting ED walk all over him like he's done with the rest of the house. I hope Mike survives the vote next Thursday.

3. Dustin - He was my favorite hamster when this show started because he's so darn cute and because I felt so sorry for all the bad things Joe did to him. Now that Joe left, I'm starting to see a mean side that I don't particularly like. And, his friendship with Amber doesn't get him any points in my book. I'm still trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.

4. Jameka - She was also one of my favorite hamsters at the beginning, but her stock continues to drop for participating in the continuous bashing of Jen and Zach. I can't imagine that they've done something directly at her that warrants all the personal attacks. Her association with ##### is also not helping me like her more.

5. Zach - How horrible is this cast when I actually find Zach more likable than two-thirds of the other hamsters? I think he's socially awkward, but that doesn't justify the constant slandering that goes on against him.

6. Kail - I really hated her at first for all her self-righteousness. But, I feel for her now for having to enduring the tirades of a raving lunatic like ED.

7. Jessica - I disliked her a lot of first, mostly because of her venom against Carol, which seemed petty and unwarranted at the time. She hasn't really done much to offend me since Carol left, so she moves up on my list.

8. Daniele - I find her extremelly obnoxious and I can't wait long enough to see her exit the house along with all her teen angst. Her romance with Nick grates on my last nerve. But, I give her some credit for having such a f-ked up wretched excuse of a father like ED.

9. Eric - I can't stand him and I hate the fact that he's America's Player. Can America choose to have Eric nominate and evict himself? Just wondering...

10. Amber - I can't take more of her tears much longer. She puts the trash in trailer trash. If you're too unstable to deal with the pressure of living in the BB house, then pack your bags and spare us the misery of your presence.

11. Nick - Where to begin with this tool? The hideous mop hair he wears on his head, the horrible mustache, the cocky attitude with nothing to back it up, the asenine HOmance with Daniele. There's just too many things that I hate about Nick. Just send him the F*CK home!

12. ED - His mere presence is offensive to me. I can't stand his intimidation tactics and his overblown ego. He's vulgar and a hypocrite, a bully, and beyond pathetic. I just hope he gets evicted before sequester, so I don't have to put up with him for the rest of the season.

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 RE: Hamster Love/Hate List Aruba 08-01-07 1

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Aruba 1891 desperate attention whore postings
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08-01-07, 07:29 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Hamster Love/Hate List"
Since BB is shown three times a week this will be tough to maintain. The fact that we don't have a "bumper crop" to rank doesn't make the task any easier. But I seriously doubt any changes in my opinions and ranking the rest of the season.

1) EVIL - Pretty pathetic that an obnoxious, crude, loud mouth, bully is #1 on my list. Welcome to BB8. Only HG with any ability how to read people. Sadly what little he has may get clouded with his futile attempt to mend a relationship with his brat daughter. But he makes for good TV.

2) DUSTIN - Anyone who's the other half of Joe will naturally shine by comparison. Despite that fact, I think he's a pretty decent guy. But what's with the V-neck shirts? With over 100 cameras in the House we all know you have a hairy chest. Is this a meager attempt for tinkerbell to exhibit some manhood???

3) ERIC - Yea, I know he's "America's Player" but still comes across as a phoney baloney. I feel he's trying TOO hard to be a people pleaser. If he cut the drama, he'd be my #1 out of this sorry lot.

4) ZACH - At #4 you'd think I like the guy; but I dont. He's just better than the rest.

I ranked two out of the three evicted HGs this high. Sad, but true.

5) MIKE - Good grades as a person; bad grades as a player. Nice guy; wrong game.

6) CAROL - Didn't get to know her that well. Although what you don't know about a player casted by CBS...the better.

7) JEN - Huh, What? Jen in the top half??? Yes, she's annoying. Yes, she's vain. But I truly think almost all she does is by design. I could care less how many degrees she has, but I do believe she's much smarter than she's leading the HGs to believe.

8) KAIL - Anyone who forms an alliance a couple days into the game and thinks it'll take them to the end is an idiot. Did I just call Kail an idiot? That means she was perfectly casted for this season.

9) DANIELE - A bona fide brat. But a hard-nosed player...I'll give her that much.

10) JAMEKA - A fish out of water. But if she continues to play the race card, the religion card, and float, she has a decent chance to advance in this pitiful season.

11) JESSICA - I wish I could be Helen Keller when they show her diary room confessionals. Get off my screen!

12) AMBER - This emotional train wreck is a cocktail waitress in Sin City??? How bizarre is that? Don't tip her enough...she'll cry in your drink. Tip her generously...she'll cry in your drink. Could she be Bunky's (BB2) sister?

13) NICK - What a meathead. A former Austrialian League player who calls himself a "football" player! That's as laughable as a H.S. Homecoming queen telling everyone she was crowned Miss America. I hope he goes tomorrow.

14) JOE - My favorite part of the season thus far was Julie Chen revealing Eric as America's Player to Joe. This means there's no way he can go back into the house. Good Riddance!

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