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"Rating BB7 players' behavior"
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Original message

Chez 670 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Reality Show Commentator"

09-04-06, 05:24 PM (EST)
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"Rating BB7 players' behavior"
So who do you feel the worst about their behavior /performance on BB7? Let’s face it – no one was stellar.

Here are my thoughts (within a group there is no special order)

Bottom group
Boogie – What a scumbag, the way he played Erika on a personal level. It is not excusable even in the context of the game to treat someone so badly, so purposefully. ( I know I said there was no order within a group but still, he is the worst.)
Erika – I am so embarrassed for her and for how she will feel when she sees the tapes. She was so “played: by Boogie. It is sad.
Howie – What a jerk the way he left the game. Say no more.
Diane – a total zero in the game

Middle group
James – He moaned too much and did not show any real exemplary behaviors, though he tried to make different alliances.
Allison – She was evicted so fast, it is hard to say how she might have ended up otherwise.
Danielle – I would have loved to see her more a game player from the start, but she ended up getting hooked in emotionally
Kaysar – a sympathetic individual overall, but he had zero strategy
Jase – I dislike this guy but after all he did have a few positive attributes like apparently improving over his BB5 attitude
Marcellus – OK, he was back and forth with his opinions. But somehow I can’t put him in the bottom group

Top group
Nakomis – always a class act; never had a chance
Janelle – yes she is dumb but after all she did not backstab anyone, and she won so many competitions
George – We loved him! He showed heart! Say no more.
Will – How can you not put him in the top group? He amused us. He was totally honest with the housemates (and especially the camera) that he was playing them. Etc, etc, etc.

(Hope I didn't miss anyone.)

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 RE: Rating BB7 players' behavior JoshInSGV 09-04-06 1
 RE: Rating BB7 players' behavior Colonel Zoidberg 09-05-06 2
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JoshInSGV 737 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Reality Show Commentator"

09-04-06, 07:46 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Rating BB7 players' behavior"
LAST EDITED ON 09-04-06 AT 07:46 PM (EST)

Interesting thread. Here are my rankings from worse to best:

1. Boogie - This guy is such a scumbag. I can't find any redeeming qualities in him. He's constant self-promotion is sickening. I'm disgusted with the way he is playing Erika. It may be good strategy to get to the end, but I think it's way too dirty and personal. Oh...he also dresses like a 13 year-old. Grow up, Boogie!
2. James - This guy takes the definition of sore loser to a whole new low. He bitched, whined and complained about betrayal, when it was him doing all the backstabbing. Self-righteous, much? His personal attacks against Janelle were also quite disgusting to watch.
3. Jase - I plead temporary insanity for thinking this guy had matured in the two years since his first appearance in BB5. He's the same a$$hole he was back in 2004. He showed his true colors when he started throwing things around the week he got evicted. I'm glad he went out early.
4. Diane - I don't know which Diane I dislike the most: the lying, backstabbing b!tch from BB5 or the dim shadow of her former self who entered the house this year. Her rants about being unemployed and living out of her car were pathetic. Diane, here's a clue: GET A JOB!
5. Marcellas - He's negativity personified. He was nasty and bitter when he was in the house. And, he was even nastier and bittier in the sequester house. Good riddance.
6. Danielle - I respect her as a game player, but he made the game too personal at times even when she claimed that "it was just a game". Sometimes, her drinking habits make me wonder. I don't know if she has a drinking problem, but it did seem to get out of control in the house. She hid alcohol from others and she hid from the cameras to smoke. She turned psycho when she was nominated by Erika, as shown by her constant bell ringing in the HOH bedroom.

1. Erika - I want to dislike Erika, but I can't. I want to like Erika but I can't do that either. She's a non-entity in the house. Even though I find Boogie's behavior with her extremelly distasteful, I can't find myself to feel any sympathy for her in the first place. I still think she's been a waste of space this season and her spot could have been given to someone else.
2. Alison - She had a bed reputation from her BB4 days, but didn't get the chance to display her bad-girl antics due to her short tenure in the house. Perhaps that was a blessing.
3. Howie - I love Howie. He's funny and entertaining to watch in spite of his junior-high-locker-room sense of humor. This season he was as much of a non-entity as Erika. He didn't add anything to the game and was just there to fill up a space that could have perfectly gone to someone else, like Roddy or Jason from BB3. Also, I wasn't a big fan of his anti-Nakomis rants.
4. Nakomis - Another all-stars let down. She's never been a charismatic player. But, what she lacks in people's skills, she makes up with great game strategy. Where was the Nakomis from BB5? She didnt play the game early enough and got an early boot because of it.

1. Janelle - I'm aware of her illogical gameplay, but she's still my favorite. She's a strong competitor and has the charisma necessary to keep us entertained, in spite of the less than stellar results of a less than stellar season.
2. Will - He's the perfect anti-hero for Big Brother. He's a master manipulator and a liar, but he has the charm to have you rooting for him inspite of the "evil" of his ways. He deserves to win the money more than anyone. Will (along with Janelle) has been one of the reasons that have kept me from changing the channel and forgetting about this stupid show in the first place.
3. George - He wasn't much of a player. But, he gets credit for providing one of the few moments of excitement in a very predictable season. His win as an HOH was absolutelly priceless. His nomination (and later eviction) of Howie was also an unexpected move from someone like him, but not-so unexpected when you realize that it's been CT pulling the strings all along. He spent weeks on slop with very little reprieve, yet never complained or talked trash like some of the others.
4. Kaysar - He's not a good BB player. He keeps a moral code that is simply not compatible with the nature of this game. I think he finally understands that BB is not a game for him (but perhaps The Amazing Race with Janelle would be a possibility). Outside of the house, he seems like a nice guy to get to know and be friends with. I wish him well.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3645 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Thong Contest Judge"

09-05-06, 10:28 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: Rating BB7 players' behavior"
Let's see...

Alison - Incomplete. She was pure evil on the first BB, but thankfully, she was pre-emptively booted.

Nakomis - D. For Dull. What did she do again? Besides dye her hair red? Get a hold of yourself, lady.

Jase - D-. Yes, for a while, he was an all right guy, but he showed what a fvckhead he really is when someone even hinted at evicting him.

Diane - D. I didn't watch the fifth season, and judging by the no-talent hacks they call All-Stars from this season, I didn't miss much. If you need money so badly, some nice man from Nigeria will give you lots of it in exchange for your SSN and bank account number.

Kaysar - B. If we're judging behavior, he was a gentleman. If we're judging strategy, he bet on the wrong horse.

Marcellas - D-. All he did was mope. And wear that bathrobe. Marjealous indeed.

Howie - F. Last season, he had the nerd Herd to make him look good. This season, he was a bully and a windbag who needs to learn two things: Shut. Up. (registered trademark of a green ogre with a Scottish accent)

James - D+. The D is for whining like a child when he lost the POV competition fair and square to Janelle. The plus is for leaving the house like a gentleman.

Danielle - D. Like Jase, she really went out of control when she learned she was up for eviction. Not as serious, but she does have children and should set a better example, or at least behave like a human being.

George - A. A class act all the way. Strategy-wise, he was beyond haphazard, but at least he was a good guy. And if he was this nice when he was stuck on slop, why couldn't the rest of the house be nicer while they stuffed their gullets full of junk food?

Now, for the rest of the house.

Boogie - F-. Worse than Howie. Dragging along someone with real feelings for you...granted, she's an idiot for getting real feelings, but still...oh yeah, and do you have an original thought? As in not one Will fed to you?

Erika - D+. When you manage to repulse even Boogie, you're doing something wrong. And frankly, she's kind of annoying.

Janelle - F-. Or maybe a G, for Get the hell off my screen. Or Go fvck yourself. Why this annoying, mindless, hypocritical, plastic bimbo is so popular is absolutely beyond me.

Will - C+. The "I hate you all" speech was stupid, but at least it was in character. He's annoying, he's obnoxious, but he's funny as hell, and he knows what he's doing.

As for Bunky, Monica, Lisa, Dana, Cowturd, and Ivette, no votes at this time, but Ivette would have been a much better choice than Alison.

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Savahnna 844 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Fitness Correspondent"

09-05-06, 11:26 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: Rating BB7 players' behavior"
LAST EDITED ON 09-05-06 AT 11:26 AM (EST)

I'm rating them on "behavior" not performance...there's a diffence to me.

Worst to Best

MIKE/ERIKA...they have to share the big one. Reason..both sluts

ALI/MARCELLUS.........Total deception and lousy fakers

GEORGE/WILLL...Sold out Howie....Sold out everyone

DIANE/JASE...They just showed up

JAMES....I don't think he was as bad this time...not a saint

HOWIE...He means well

KAYSAR/NAKOMIS....Both really made out of good stuff

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