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"Official RTVW Summary: BBAS-tards, Episode 24"
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ARnutz 13792 desperate attention whore postings
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09-02-06, 02:56 PM (EST)
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"Official RTVW Summary: BBAS-tards, Episode 24"

Fast Ado About Nothing!

If you didn’t watch last time, or read the previous summary, written by the fantabulous Estee (who also provided the title for this summary), you may have been living under a rock. You also didn’t know that Erika won HOH in a competition that was actually not stripped away from her for technical difficulties this time! She nominated Janelle and George in the hopes of finally getting rid of Janelle, but all was for naught as Janelle once again won the POV and took herself off the block! All of you conspiracy theorists out there… can you finally stop complaining about how the competition for the POV was fixed for or handed to Janelle? Say what you will, but she rocked that morphing competition and there was no way in hell anybody who even actually tried to win was going to beat her on that one. Dislike her all you want, but bloody hell! Stop hatin’! and give respect where respect is due. Even the mindf*cker Dr. Will gave her props in the diary room about how she can rock any competition! Anyway… Erika had to nominate Danielle in Janelle’s place and Danielle went NUTZ!

After the intro, the ChenBot tells us we will be treated to a live eviction, a new HOH, nominations, a POV comp and another live eviction (notice she did not say another HOH) all in one whirlwind hour! She also tells us that ChillTown likens themselves to the Beatles and they are looking for their Yoko Ono, which lucky gal will it be? Erika or Janelle? Uhhh… wasn’t Yoko Ono at least partly responsible for the tension and subsequent break up of the Beatles? How dumb is that? They want a female to break them up? We can only hope one of these gals… (or both of them) is smart enough to wake up and do it. ”Hey! Two Yokos have to have a bigger effect than one, no? When are they going to realize these two have been friends since BB2 and will not have anyone else’s back except each other’s? They live by the mantra, “Bros before hos!

Anyway… Erika tells us Danielle’s nomination had to be done because it’s all about getting to the end. Danielle feels betrayed and gives Erika many earfuls. Will goes so far as to stay in the HOH room one night with Erika, so she can’t be swayed by Danielle who furiously rings the doorbell as they hide in the HOH bathroom. George thinks he’s definitely going to be the one to go this time. He is looking forward to getting out so he can have the fried chicken and beer that the ChenBot promised him. ChillTown has a secret pow-wow in the storeroom. Erika comes in, then leaves. Janelle come in, then leaves. They tell both of them the same thing and that is that Danielle is going home and the three of them are going to be the final three! After which, they speak to George in the kitchen and tell him he will also be in the final three. George wants a ChillTown shirt. Over in the backyard, Booger tells Danielle she is safe this week. Will later goes out there and tells her she’s safe as well.

Finally the ChenBot tells the hamsters the news about the night’s competition. She tells them that Big Brother is going into overdrive and they will be on fast forward for the next hour, she neglects to tell them what exactly that means. First they will have the first live vote and the nominated hamsters get a chance to speak. In the diary room, Janelle, Will and Booger each vote out Danielle and ChenBot delivers the news.

When Danielle gets outside, I swear the ChenBot said, “hello Janelle”, but that couldn't have been right, right? I mean the ChenBot was built for perfection and couldn't have made a blatant mistake like that, right? They have a nice little conversation about Danielle’s redemption of her actions in BB3 then she gets her video messages from the other hamsters. Janelle tells her something about her being the best player, Booger refers to the broken up Legion of Doom, Will tells her she is the best BB player to never win, George tells her she was the only houseguest that ever helped him in the house and Erika (who can’t look directly into the camera) tells her that she hopes she understands that it was just gameplay.

On to the HOH comp! This comp is called “Battle of the Sexes”. Erika cannot play. The other 4 hamsters are set up on a round thing in the backyard, split into 4 parts and their view of the other hamsters is blocked by walls. Each of the 4 parts has circular stripes painted in them with a white stripe in the middle, an orange stripe in front of them, labeled “female” and a blue stripe behind them labeled “male”. The ChenBot will give them a series of 8 events and they have to step forward if they think the answer is “female” and step back if they think the answer is “male”. Each correct answer will give them a point and whoever has the most points at the end will be the new HOH. On to the comp questions!

1. During the live show, did a male or female say that Kaysar was even more gorgeous without hair? ~ Male is the answer, it was Marcellas. All the hamsters get it right.

2. Was the second HG evicted by 8-2 vote a M or F? ~ Female. Again all the hamsters get it right.

3. When Danielle used the veto and removed herself from the chopping block, was replacement M or F? ~ Male. Will and Janelle get it right, George and Booger got it wrong and the ChenBot mistakenly tells them that Will and Janelle move on! …but there are no eliminations in this comp, it’s just who has the most of 8 right.

4. This summer, HGs from past seasons made an appearance. Of these HGs, were there more M or F? ~ Male. Only Janelle gets it right and the current scores are: Janelle – 4, Will – 3, Booger and George – 2.

5. Was the second ghost to appear during the seance a M or F? ~ Female. Will, Booger and Janelle get it right. Poor George.

6. In the first HOH competition called Falling Stars, was the first person to throw the meteor M or F? ~ Female. They all get it right.

7. During the judging of the sloppy cook-off, did a M or F say the slop-cakes tasted like low-grade dog food? ~ Male. They all get it right.

8. Did the majority of POV wins go to M or F? ~ Female. They all get it right

…and the final scores are; Janelle – 8 WOW!!!, Will – 7, Booger – 6 and George 5. Janelle is HOH! They are told to go into the living room and that there will be 4 minutes until nominations. Oh goody! Just enough time for a quick mindf*cking!

Janelle grabs Will and pulls him in the other room. They are whispering about the nominations. …and if the other hamsters weren’t really sure that Janelle has a deal with Will, they sure do know now! I hear Janelle say she wants to put up Erika and Booger, so they don't think Janelle has a deal with ChillTown, but Will would have none of that! Not when his sophomoric, moronic, butt-ugly, (Can you tell who I hate?) disgusting ChillTown alliance member and general a$$kisser’s eviction was on the line, no way! The morons on Big Brother go to commercials and when they come back, they give Will several more minutes to complete the deed. I mean seriously! Speed it up! Howcome George had to do “instant” noms? I thought this was supposed to be fast forward overdrive! They are finally called into the living room and Janelle nominates Erika and George. What a surprise, eh? …and in a few minutes, they will have the POV comp. More commercials. Let’s get on with it!!!

The POV comp is called “I’m NUTZ ‘knots’ about Veto”. In this comp they have to undo two huge knots in a rope that is attached to their waists at one end and a wooden post at the other. Once the knots are undone, they have to free the veto symbol from the rope and hit their buzzer. They are not allowed to undo the rope from their waists until they are passed the “red zone” which is a region closer to the buzzer marked out on the ground. Will and Erika are about neck in neck and Will does hit his buzzer first, but his veto symbol is still attached to the rope. Erika, meanwhile, gets hers loose, detaches her rope and hits the buzzer to win. The ChenBot says they will now have a few minutes until the POV ceremony. Gee… do you think Erika needs those few minutes to think about if she will use it or not? What a great time to let the drama build and go to more commercials!

At the POV ceremony, Erika uses it on herself. What a surprise! NOT! …and Booger is nominated in her place. There is total silence as if the hamsters and the ChenBot forgot what to do! They all laugh. The ChenBot tells Booger, “thanks for taking the proper seat”. Huh? ..and they are saved from the awkwardness by going to even more commercials!

Now it’s on to the second round of live voting! The noms speak upon the deaf ears. Will and Erika both vote out George. Of course they do! George goes outside to speak with the ChenBot. George is so happy and is honored to have made it to fifth place. He compares himself to a donkey coming in fifth place in the Kentucky Derby. The ChenBot asks him if he was truly confused or was it a brilliant strategy on his part in the house. He says he had no strategy whatsoever. They talk about him being on slop for so long and his crazy costumes. He tells her he was there just to have a good time and be himself. …and that he did! I’m going to miss George. He was such a genuinely nice and funny guy, even if he was a bit clueless at times. *has a moment of silence for George*. He gets a surprise next when Colonel Sanders shows up with a bucket of fried chicken. Shameless plug. *rolls eyes* You know BB? You missed the mark! Where’s the beer? You promised him beer too! You know what would’ve been better? If the Clydesdales showed up pulling a carriage full of beer too! With the Colonel on it!!! Then George could’ve been driven to sequester on it too! Yeah, that would’ve been cool.

…and with that, back inside the house, we see the final four celebrating. The ChenBot tells us that on Sunday, we will see the next HOH and their noms, plus on Tuesday will be the next eviction (and, I’m guessing at some point in there we’ll have a POV too).

Fembots by Tribe: L.O.J., One for all, all for Janelle!

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Estee 55193 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

09-02-06, 03:11 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Official RTVW Summary: BBAS-tards, Episode 24"
You expected Julie to remember fried chicken and beer? She can't even tell Danielle from Janelle, and you want to bring out two consumables? Sheesh. Next thing you know, you'll be expecting her to remember where she is.

(No part of this summary is my fault. *flees*)

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ARnutz 13792 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

09-02-06, 03:22 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Official RTVW Summary: BBAS-tards, Episode 24"
I suppose George is happy she didn't mistakenly bring this:

Well, if it's not you, you we gonna blame?

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strid333 2928 desperate attention whore postings
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09-03-06, 07:47 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: Official RTVW Summary: BBAS-tards, Episode 24"
Very funny summary of such a whirlwind episode!

Three is the perfect number.

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