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"Supernova Love List: season recap"
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Original message

dreamerbeliever 3377 desperate attention whore postings
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09-14-06, 01:53 AM (EST)
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"Supernova Love List: season recap"
Rockstar Supernova is now over and Lukas has become the rockstar or is it "our boy"? Good luck to him and really hope that Lukas can bring something fresh and new to this band, I think he can. So now it’s time for a retrospective love list, hindsight is always 20/20. You’ve seen these fifteen rawkers over the course of the summer, at their best or in some cases at their worst. So whom would you have liked to seen more of or who should have been kicked to the curb earlier? Or did you think their elimination was spot on? It’s all in your hands now.

Remember that a love list is all about you and whatever you want to base it on. As long as you’re being true to your feelings, then it is correct.

1) Dilana – No secret of whom I was enchanted with from the start to finish. My Mistress of Rock Dilana, she captivated me. My all-time favorite lead female singer is Stevie Nicks, so Dilana’s gravel tone was right up my alley. She proved in week one that no other contestant in the competition could compete with her power cord and then showed off her softer side in later weeks. From Lithium, to Ring of Fire, to Zombie, to Time after Time, to Roxanne, the girl just “did it” for me every single week. So happy that she will be part of the SN tour and I will definitely be purchasing a ticket now. Also thought it was funny how both Gilby and Dave were tripping over themselves to be a part of her album. Guess they are able to recognize an amazing talent and what their piece. Jordis is still my A#1 girl and favorite performer ever to appear on this show but she now has some competition. Love you D.

2) Ryan Star – My only regret with Ryan is that I didn’t recognize how wonderful his week one performance of “Iris” truly was. Wish I had hopped onto his bandwagon much earlier because he did come out of the block strong. Ryan is definitely my favorite male performer in two seasons of Rockstar. Much like with Dilana, he brought something new to the table every week. Can not wait until he does start to tour because I will be in the front row baby. Five or ten years from now, Ryan may prove to be the biggest thing to ever come out of this show. Stay true to yourself Mr. Star and those musically instincts because they are outstanding.

3) Lukas Rossi – Whomever is the homeless Canadian guy next season, go to Vegas and put your money on him because that is the winner. Like JD, Lukas was the right choice for this band. Unlike Dave, I still question if I could endure a full 2-hour set of his occasional mumbling. So with the brief criticism out of the way, Lukas is an outstanding performer and did entertain me every single week. Every fiber of his being just screams rock-n-roll. Even in the weeks when it wasn’t so great, my eyes were always directly on him. There is just something you can not take your eyes off of. Happy for Lukas and hope that the fit with Supernova feels right for him. Would be a shame if it wasn't and a year of his talents are wasted. Got a feeling it will just being a stepping stone however.

4) Storm Large – Anything Anything Storm would ever need from me, she can have. So hot on so many different levels. Just thinking about her brings a little drool to the corner of my mouth. Hopefully Mrs. Dreamer will never read this Besides the hotness factor, Stormy is a fabulous performer. Maybe the best stage performer in the entire season? Her performance of “Anything Anything” is a top ten performance of both seasons in my book. Keep doing what you’re doing Storm and keep persevering.

5) Matt Hoffer – Huh, what? The first bootee is fifth on my list? You betcha he is! I had such high hopes for my hometown kid. To say the least, the season didn’t get off to a great start for whom I was rooting for. There is so little to go on with Matt but the 2 songs he did perform, “Yellow” & “Planet Earth”, sounded great to me and left me craving more. Did he make a mistake in choosing a Duran Duran song for elimination night? Maybe, but it was the best of the night to my ears. Wish him the best of luck and hope to see him soon here in the Windy City.

6) Magni – Fantastic artist, both vocally and instrumentally. Have a feeling he may eventually write a song that will be hit here in the States. Question remains if that song will be for another artist to perform or can he develop that certain something that will captivate the world. Now go raise that little girl right and start your domination of the Iceland charts Iceman.

7) Zayra Alvarez – Ahh my little Puerto Rican sex kitty, where to begin? She did start #2 in week one of my love list and was my Daphna this season. So happy she made it further because it was deserved. Never had a prayer of winning but the entertainment value was off the freakin’ charts. Best way to describe Z is … fearless. No one took as many chances as she did and that I could appreciate. What I couldn’t appreciate at times was the cringe notes. Still not sure if it was the accent that hindered her but I do think vocal lessons would do wonders for her. “Everybody Hurts” brought a tear to my eye and still does, actually prefer it over the original. The home planet better not call her back anytime soon because we still need Z here on Earth.

8) Toby Rand Glad he made it to third because it was deserved, but Toby was just never for me. Not sure what it was that just never clicked. Maybe the tone? Not gonna bag on him because he is super-talented and definitely has a potential hit song in his arsenal.

9) Phil Ritchie Dirtyphil was cool but was only there for the exposure. His words not mine. Did dig his version of “White Rabbit” and the head wobble thing never really bothered me. Hopefully the exposure he was desperately craving for his band has been paying off.

10) Patrice Pike “Iron Lung” kept her from being lower in the retrospective love list. Now that was outstanding! Other performances, not so much.

11) Josh Logan Liked Josh and his funky style but the Kermit the Frog tone just drove me nuts at times. Definitely a coffeehouse performer.

12) Jenny Galt Pop star, so not right for this season.

13) Dana Andrews Thank goodness she got out early before the show sent her home to mom and dad as damaged goods. Amazing what bright lights and big city can do to the impressionable.

14) Chris Pierson – Jim Morrison wannabe. After hearing what Dilana did with “Roxanne”, no question in my mind he did deserve to be an early boot, should have been first out.

15) Jill Gioia – Easy bottom-dweller choice. Nuff said.

The order in which contestants left the competition …

1) Lukas Rossi
2) Dilana
3) Toby Rand
4) Magni
5) Storm Large
6) Ryan Star
7) Patrice Pike
8) Zayra Alvarez
9 Double Elimination) Josh Logan
9 Double Elimination) Jill Gioia
11) Dana Andrews
12) Phil Ritchie
13) Jenny Galt
14) Chris Pierson
15) Matt Hoffer

According to Brooke, we’ll be doing this again next summer! Can’t wait and hope to see everyone back. I’m hosting the PTB game this season in the Survivor Fanatic Forum if you want to come play. Cheap plug I know, but it’ll be fun

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 RE: Supernova Love List: season rec... xwraith27 09-14-06 2
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 RE: Supernova Love List: season rec... cheesybread 09-14-06 4
 RE: Supernova Love List: season rec... djandy 09-14-06 5
   RE: Supernova Love List: season rec... leenga 09-14-06 6
       RE: Supernova Love List: season rec... Wacko Jacko 09-14-06 7
 RE: Supernova Love List: season rec... nailbone 09-14-06 8
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cycles2k 538 desperate attention whore postings
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09-14-06, 03:22 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: Supernova Love List: season recap"
0) Jordis Unger - Just because I think she had the most beautiful voice of both seasons so I had to mention her again.

1) Ryan Star - Despite my concern about his awkward stage presence and occasional vocal limitations I think Ryan was the my slight overall favorite.

2 Lukas Rossi - I disliked Lukas throughout the season but he won me over with his excellent performances. I have concerns about his vocals and I worry that the band with no name will be unable to get a song on the radio unless he learns to sing a little more consistently. Someone made a pretty funny comment about calling it the "mumble tour" and it may turn out to be true unless Lukas seeks a professional vocal coach.

3) Zayra Alvarez - She always made me smile. I loved her spunk, I loved her originality and I think she had a beautiful voice when she stood still. She ranks so high because I missed her so much when she left and I have to go with my heart.

4) Storm Large - That cover of "Wish You Were Here" now ranks among one of my favorite performances ever.

5) Toby Rand - Tobay was a very entertaining performer and I really thought that he would have had a better chance of success he was not so concerned about his party lifestyle. I thought the line about being better on stage after five beers was dumb. If I was looking for a lead singer I would not want to pick the guy who is going to go on stage half drunk. With a few years to mature I think Toby will become a serious musician with a career that may exceed that of any of the other Rawkers.

6) Dilana - She sang every song the same. It was great, but it was starting to become dull. My opinion of her may improve after I have not listened to her every week for an entire season.

7) Magni - There aren't many people in Iceland so he needs a career in Europe or North America. I think he has the potential and has the voice that will sell CDs if he can get some good material. Failing that, he should be in the house band. Perhaps he can fill in for Gilby when he is off writing songs with Dilana.

8) Josh Logan - Great style and great voice.

9)Dana Andrews - I liked Dana but she needs to focus on being Dana and not a rocker girl.

10) Matt Hoffer - We only saw him perform once but I thought he was very good. I wanted to see a few more performances.

11)Patrice Pike - Not sure what to say about Patrice. Her voice was OK but her performances always left me flat.

12) Jill Gioia. Poor Jill just lacked spark.

13) Phil Ritchie. Meh.

14) Jenny Galt. Jenny who?

15) Chris Pierson. Chris who?

See you all next year or over at the Survivor forums. I'm trying to figure out that PTB game.

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xwraith27 1136 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Politically Incorrect Guest"

09-14-06, 08:35 AM (EST)
Click to EMail xwraith27 Click to send private message to xwraith27 Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
2. "RE: Supernova Love List: season recap"
1. Ryan Star - Ryan was my early favorite. He was portrayed in the beginning of the season as a loner who was left out in room selections, but he pulled through and gave a good, if not great, rendition of "Iris". Save for "Jumpin' Jack Flash", Ryan was always within my Top 5 singers of the season. He is a great talent, and a great loss to any band who doesn't take him in.

2. Dilana - Dilana ranked consistenly high in my love lists. Her songwriting skills need some work, but no one can deny that she is a showman (or showwoman), and that her performances through the first half of the competition were some of the best in the entire series.

3. Toby Rand - I ranked Toby first in my love lists more than any other singer. When Toby's good, he's REALLY good. When he's bad, he's just plain mediocre. His original song is still one that I play inside my head when I'm bored, and sometimes (just sometimes) I can't help but smile or nod my head to its beat.

4. Storm Large - HAWT. I've never been into older women, but Storm just makes my blood boil in a good, but often frustrating, way. Like Toby, she fell into a pit of mediocrity, but unlike Toby, she wasn't able to pull herself out of it.

5. Lukas Rossi - I've never been fully on the Lukas bandwagon, mostly because I know he could do better than what he showed. He won the competition, and I have to say that I'm perfectly happy about it. I'm not going to buy a Supernova their band's CD anytime soon anyway.

6. Magni - Magni sounded the same each and every time, no matter what song he sang. I don't remember a single great Magni performance, but he was consistent, and he was consistenly good.

I'm gonna stop my critiques here to prevent this post from getting too long.

7. Josh Logan
8. Patrice Pike
9. Dana Andrews
10. Phil Ritchie
11. Matt Hoffer
12. Chris Pierson
13. Jenny Galt
14. Jill Gioia

I guess you know that I can't help but comment about this last person.

15. Zayra Alvarez - Zayra has just grated on my nerves (and my eardrums) since the first episode. I thought that while she had great stage presence and provided some very memorable performances, she was just too much of a character for me. Yes, she had good performances towards the end of her stay, and "Not An Addict", and "Lluvia del Mar" easily come to mind. However, she also had what IMHO were the most horrid versions of "Call Me", "Jenny", "Bring Me To Life", "You Really Got Me", and "All The Young Dudes" that I have ever heard. For those, she deserves a bottom position in my final love list.

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Glow 14353 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

09-14-06, 09:32 AM (EST)
Click to EMail Glow Click to send private message to Glow Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
3. "RE: Supernova Love List: season recap"
LAST EDITED ON 09-14-06 AT 10:05 AM (EST)

1) Ryan Star – I love absolutely everything about this man. His passion is intoxicating.
1) Lukas Rossi – Lukas was such a breath of fresh air. I was mesmerized by his “Rebel Yell” (rawr more rawr). He captivated me from the first second he took the stage. His originals are fantastic. His stage presence is awesome. The support he shows his fellow rawkers is beautiful. He’s magnetic.
3) Storm Large – She’s so beautiful and talented. She’s the type of person you want to know. The type of person you want to be.
4) Josh Logan – His voice is so soulful and unique and so is his music. I love his cool demeanor and that he didn’t compromise himself or his style to “win” this audition.
5) Phil Ritchie – he has tattoos and pierced nipples. What’s not to like? Love me some Phil and I hope to catch Lennex someday (soon).
6) Zayra Alvarez – the mizztrezz waz zo very compelling and zuch a joy to watch and listen to. I may miss her most of all.
7) Toby Rand – He kept growing on me. I saw pictures of him and his family with Lukas. What a supportive friendship. When I realized I liked his original song, I was pretty surprised. When I got choked up listening to him sing “And for a minute there, I lost myself” I thought I might actually really like this guy. When he gave his goodbye speech, it was over. I’m a fan. Where can I purchase Juke Kartel’s CD?
8) Magni – His vocals are spot on. His knowledge of all things music is impressive. The vein in his head when he sings is hot. He is so eerily perfect with House Band. I never thought they needed somebody else until I saw Magni with them.
9) Dilana – I’m kinda surprised she’s way down here. I really like her.
10) Patrice Pike – Such talent. I hope to catch her live someday. Again, surprised she’s way down here.
11) Jenny Galt – not right for the band formerly known as supernova but she’s very Lilith Fair which I kinda like.
12) Matt Hoffer – we hardly knew him but his originals are pretty cool.
13) Chris Pierson – We hardly knew him but his originals are pretty cool.
14) Jill Gioia – I’m not sure it’s fair to put her way down here but I can’t help it.
15) Dana Andrews - meh

“Music has been my best friend my whole life, because music doesn’t betray you.” - Lukas Rossi

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cheesybread 198 desperate attention whore postings
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09-14-06, 09:49 AM (EST)
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4. "RE: Supernova Love List: season recap"
Well, it's over. Lukas won and Ontario, Canada now has a monopoly on Rockstar. I think they had Lukas picked a couple weeks ago, if not sooner, but that is OK because I got to gain much more respect for Magni and Toby.

In hindsight, I agree with DW who said that it wasn't so much a greater talent level but more unique performers then last year. (I think others said the same at the beginning as well.) Last season I can only imagine paying to see JD/INXS or Marty. This season I would see Ryan, Magni, Lukas:SN, Storm, Storm, Storm, and, oh yeah, Storm. (Maybe Zayra, too.)

Thanks for the fun guys (and girls). Hope to be back here again next year. (No Survivour for me but I may see you around the TAR boards!)

My Rank: Name (finish place)

1. Storm Large (5) - Phenominal performer. Great voice, stage prescence and delivery of songs. Strong knowledge of music and confidence in what she wants and does. Classy. Hot as hell! Would listen to and/or watch her anytime, anywhere.

2. Magni(4) - Amazingly talented musician. Grew stronger as the season progressed but I got the feeling that much of that growth was just comfort. I think any of the rockers would colaborate with Magni, anytime. Did himself and his country proud. (Next season: Rockstar: Magni?)

3. Ryan Star(6) - Another amazing talent. He is so raw and as his music matures I'm sure you will here more from him.

4. Toby Rand(3) - Became a great stage performer and would be fun to see in concert. Has a good voice but needs to learn some consistency. He has truly grown immensly through this show and now, with direction, can continue to have a successful carreer in Australia if not the US.

5. Lukas Rossi(1) - Very talented and a pallette for which Supernova can use to grow their music. Will definitely add a new dimension to their music. He sounded good with SN at the end of the show. Will look forward to hearing the CD.

6. Dilana(2) - Her performances and singing are top notch. She has serious deficiencies in song writing. If she can find a strong collaborator to write songs for her (not Gilby) then she could be big. May have to swallow pride a bit to realize that her lyrical ability is nil.

7. Zayra Alvarez(8) - She went from fish out of water, to curious oddity , to unique talent within the group. After listening to some of her original work I am very impressed. Definitely not the right fit for SN.

8. Patrice Pike(7) - Great song writer (should get together with Dilana.) Not a truly charismatic performer but a good singer and a talented musician.

9. Matt Hoffer(15) - I would have really liked to hear more from Matt. We barely got to see him. I liked "Planet Earth" and thought that he should have been given another chance. But in the end it was a HUGE stratigic mistake early in the competition to sing Duran Duran. SN wanted to make a statement early and he was it.

10. Dana Andrews(11) - I liked her. She was sweet, had a good voice, but just didn't have IT. Working with more POP oriented material and bringing a rock edge to it is probably where she should go with her career.

11. Josh Logan(9 Double Elimination) - A good singer and will entertain hundreds in bars and coffee shops across New Hampshire.

12. Phil Ritchie(12) - Didn't get Phil at all. Didn't like his look, presense, or voice. Don't imagine hearing from him ever again. (Others have sworn he is great, I don't see it.)

13. Chris Pierson(14) - He was pretty good in his own element. However, when challenged he just couldn't cut it. Made Roxanne seem like an impossible song to sing, until Dilana did it.

14. Jenny Galt(13) - Totally miscast.

15. Jill Gioia(9 Double Elimination) - A good voice with absolutely no clue how to use it. She lasted WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too long.

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djandy 1711 desperate attention whore postings
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09-14-06, 10:08 AM (EST)
Click to EMail djandy Click to send private message to djandy Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
5. "RE: Supernova Love List: season recap"
My "the show formerly known as Rock Star: Supernova" Love List

1.) Ryan Star - Definitely the break out "star" of the show.
2.) Storm Large - Love her vocals and sweetness. I think we'll be hearing more from Storm too.
3.) Dilana - Her Roxanne showed a different side to her voice, and I enjoyed her throughout the season (with the exception of the drama).
4.) Toby Rand - Fun performer, and I love his original.
5.) Magni - Great musician. Will land a gig somewhere (on guitar if not as a singer).
6.) Josh Logan - Loved that he was true to himself.
7.) Lukas Rossi - Lukas was right for the band, but since I don't like "formerly SN", I didn't like his mumbling, drunken staggering performances either.
8.) Zayra Alvarez - One of a kind. She should do well with a Spanish language CD -- her original was beautiful.
9.) Patrice Pike - A good rocker. May expand beyond Austin.
10.) Dana Andrews - A great singer, but should have been on AI not RS.
11.) Jenny Galt - Not right for RS, but liked her singing.
12.) Matt Hoffer - Too bad "formerly SN" judged him solely on song selection and not on his voice.
13.) Phil Ritchie - Hated the head bobble.
14.) Chris Pierson - Roxanne sucked.
15.) Jill Gioia - Hated the troublemaker and mistress of scream.


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leenga 34 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Beauty Pageant Celebrity Judge"

09-14-06, 01:13 PM (EST)
Click to EMail leenga Click to send private message to leenga Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
6. "RE: Supernova Love List: season recap"
Here are my favorie performers, not necessarily who I think was right for the band. Remeber, they all had to be great just to get on the show!

1.) Phil Ritchie - became a huge dirtyPhil fan around week three (all the complaints about his stage presence and bobble really made me take extra notice of him) LOVE the bobble, LOVE his stage presence, LOVE his voice, LOVE Lennex. Who cares if he admitted that he was there for the exposure. They all were at least in part!

2.) Lukas Rossi - My favorite from week one (until dirtyPhil took over). He always stood out as having that extra something.

3.) Zayra Alvarez - While totally not right for this show, she is great.

4.) Storm Large - Early on I thought she would be a frontrunner. She lost something for me later on. But, after hearing her original, I really know her talent.

5.) Dilana - Another early frontrunner but I gradually grew tired of her. Don't get me wrong, she is great, but I don't think I could listen to a whole album of her.

6.) Josh Logan - Another one who is not right for this show/band, but talented in his own right.

7.) Magni - Enjoyed his performances.

8.) Ryan Star - a little too intense for me, but enjoyable.

9.) Patrice Pike - totally talented, but not right for this band.

10.) Toby Rand - Didn't think much of him early on. He definitely grew as the show progressed. Ultimately I don't believe he was on the same level as the other finalists. I also feel that had some of the early boots been around longer they would have progressed just as Toby did.

11.) Matt Hoffer - Sad to be booted for 1 song choice. Had he stayed longer he probably would've been higher on the list.

12.) Chris Pierson - Roxanne sucked. But had he stayed as long as Toby I think he really would have proved himself.

13.) Dana Andrews

14.) Jenny Galt

15.) Jill Gioia - can't believe she lasted as long as she did.

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Wacko Jacko 2434 desperate attention whore postings
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09-14-06, 02:02 PM (EST)
Click to EMail Wacko%20Jacko Click to send private message to Wacko%20Jacko Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
7. "RE: Supernova Love List: season recap"
Hesitated doing this but here it goes.

1) Toby Rand - My personal favorite
2) Dilana - Best entertainer on the show
3) Lukas Rossi - Good Entertainer....unusual in some ways...but sounded like Dracula to me.
4) Magni - All around solid but not spectacular
5) Zayra Alvarez - Of all the people on the show I anticipated her performances most....she might actually be my second favorite....or even favorite from the show.
6) Ryan Star - Grew more confidence as time went. Do think he acted like Ricky Bobby on fire at times on stage. Needed to tone it down a little.
7) Jill Gioia - I think she might have had the best voice on the show.
8) Josh Logan - He had talent. Totally wrong for the show though.
9) Storm Large - Not a big fan of hers. She was too everything she did. Crazy Eyes and whooping it up all the time. She really got on my nerves.
10) Dana Andrews - She grew on my nerves by trying to be something she was not.
11) Jenny Galt - Another one totally wrong for the show. Gilby was right about the Lileth Fair comparisons, but she had talent.
12) Patrice Pike - Boring, but I did like her original.
13) Matt Hoffer - Never got to know him...his own fault. Duran Duran???? If he would of stuck around was Culture Club next????
14) Chris Pierson - Did not impress me the short time he was there. Gotta believe he had more talent than we saw.
15) Phil Ritchie - The only person from the show I disliked in every aspect. He was a wet noodle on stage, a bobblehead, and had no voice. Only thing good about him was he liked to rock and that was the only reason he lasted as long as he did. SuperNova choose the Wet Noodle over Simon Lebon

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nailbone 27263 desperate attention whore postings
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09-14-06, 02:20 PM (EST)
Click to EMail nailbone Click to send private message to nailbone Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
8. "RE: Supernova Love List: season recap"
LAST EDITED ON 09-14-06 AT 02:59 PM (EST)

1. Storm Large - *swoon* Hot, sexy, talented, hot, confident, fun, sexy. Fun to listen to, fun to watch. Perfect for what this band OUGHT to be looking for.

ETA 1A. Houseband - Those guys were amazing, each and every week!! I'd pay to see them!!

2. Zayra - so totally NOT right for SN, but beautifully weird, and VERY talented

ETA 2A. Brooke - serviceable host, sweet and hot, and SO much better to look at that Jiffy and the ChenBot.

3. Toby - loved the party boy. Like Storm, exactly what this band OUGHT to be looking for

4. Lukas - he had more mumble moments than really good one, but when he hit it, he was awesome

5. Dilana - I was over her halfway into it, cuz she's a one-trick pony. But when that one trick is working, she's amazing. And scary hot.

6. Ryan - best of the rest.

7-14. Eh. No one is really memorable. 'Cept Dana who was pretty hot.

15. Jill - frightening.

Holey carp! My blog! MySpace!
Official OT Tassel Adjuster and OT Fantasy Football Champ! o-

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Savahnna 844 desperate attention whore postings
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09-14-06, 02:33 PM (EST)
Click to EMail Savahnna Click to send private message to Savahnna Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
9. "RE: Supernova Love List: season recap"

I wasn't into the show this year enough to critique with any detail.....But memorable for me were:

Phil, Chris, Zayra, Ryan, Lukas,Toby and Storm.

Magni only because he hung around a while.....but truly likable.

No suprise I would rate Over rated as Dilana and Patrice as the one who overstayed her welcome (at least from me)...

The rest were....the rest.

All in all I think the good talent far surpassed the "less than stellar" I don't think there was any "bad" talent.

Wish I was more into the band.

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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
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09-14-06, 02:59 PM (EST)
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10. "RE: Supernova Love List: season recap"
LAST EDITED ON 09-14-06 AT 03:07 PM (EST)

My TOP 5

1) Dilana: Her voice is fascinating. The way she can add intensity or fury to a song is outstanding. I didn't pay attention to the mansion drama. On stage, she was what made me watch in the first place and was always the one I waited for.

2) Lukas Rossi: It was his job from the start. He has a unique style and an amazing stage presence. He was more arrogant than Jagger when he did a Stones song, Creepier than Radiohead when he did their song and Hotter than Coldplay. The best choice for *that band*.

3) Magni: He almost always chose my favorite song from the pile and that made me more apt to criticize him. I hated his "Heroes" for example. Afterwards, he revealed his professionalism and his musical talent. Starman, Fire, Creep and Hush come to mind as great performances. Not chosing him may be proof *that band* is looking more for sizzle than substance.

4) Storm Large: I think she isn't a competitor at heart. She is a great singer and so beautiful but couldn't get the songs she wanted. She had some amazing performances but others were just wrong.

5) Ryan Star: Great intensity and voice but he did too much and was clumsy on stage. He had great performances but others, "Paint it Black" for example were horrid.

Special Mention
6) Zayra Alvarez We were never sure what to expect and isn't that part of being an artist. She was in the wrong forum but I would never had heard of her if it hadn't been for RockStar. Her costume and her sex-appeal were fun to watch. I think I'll always remember her when I hear "All the young Dudes".

The best of the Rest:

7) Toby Rand: He's more "Backstreet Boys" than RockStar. The guy knew how to have fun but his style is not for me. He destroyed some rock classics. There'd be some excited girls around so maybe I'd walk in to see the set!

8) Jill Gioia: A hot rock singer for local bars. She tried way too much, it became ridiculous. Her voice has power. I'd order another beer to watch the end of her set!

9) Patrice Pike: Hide the tattoos and she could sing to entertain kids. I don't have kids!

The Others:

10) Josh Logan: Nice voice.
11) Dana Andrews: Wrong place. She's adult contemporary.
12) Phil Ritchie: Pretentious
13) Jenny Galt: I barely remember her as I wasn't into the show yet. I was only watching Dilana, Lukas and Storm back then.
14) Chris Pierson ?
15) Matt Hoffer ?

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