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"HK 3.6 Episode Summary. “Destiny’s Child Chef”"
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Snidget 43862 desperate attention whore postings
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07-20-07, 11:15 AM (EST)
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"HK 3.6 Episode Summary. “Destiny’s Child Chef”"
Destiny’s Child Chef

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen. Melissa got a reprieve, lobster’s died and Diva Rock had to touch garbage. Melissa brought the Blue Team down and off she went. For details see Bullzy’s Rocking summary here

{cue theme music}Fi-ire Uh!{/theme music}

Now we begin this week’s episode leading up the eventual Grammy Nominations crowning of Beyonce Rock as the winner of Hell’s Kitchen. Heavy handed this editing is.

As the protodemons return to the lair they discuss the demise of Melissa. Bonnie can’t believe it happened so fast (a week too late is fast?) and Diva Rock says Melissa crumbled and he is {heavy handed editing warning}”One person closer to the prize”{/warning}. Bonnie likes to think her little nanny self is kicking the butts of professionals.

Morning dawns again in Hell’s Kitchen and they are going to be working with leftovers. He gives this test to every chef in his kitchen. Each team will make an appetizer and two entrees from a tray of leftovers. 10 minutes into the challenge and the guys are cooking up a storm throwing ingredients together “Boom boom” and the Red Team is still discussing what they want to do. Jen goes into a brain lock so hard you’d think she was running of one of the early Chenbot chips. The men discuss béarnaise sauce with tarragon while the woman come up with things like steak and eggs. Could the foreshadowing be any more obvious? Lots of shots of the guys plating their dishes and wait, the gals actually have stuff up at the pass? They did get something done?

Chef Chef Ramsey is looking for “resourcefulness and creativity” which is code for “who do I want to do this reward with”. First up, appetizers with Bonnie vs. Brad. Brad has curried bass with crustacean tomato pasta. Bonnie wants to slither away. Bonnie has a rustic chicken stew. Chef Ramsey agrees it is rustic and Brad‘s took a lot of work. He says they are both good and each team gets a point.

Jen does steak and eggs which Chef Ramsey says sounds like it is off Julia’s menu although Bonnie came up with it. She says she wanted to do something else if only she could remember where she left that pesky brain of hers, always running off and hiding. Josh serves chicken leg with pea tendril. Pea tendril, what the heck is a pea tendril, that’s what they use to climb the pole with, right? I didn’t know you could eat that part of the plant. Jen looks as confused as I do about the pea tendril and can’t seem to understand how Chef Ramsey could eat such a thing. Chef Ramsey makes Josh taste the sauce as it is “highly acidic”. He expects more of a professional chef like Josh, the chicken isn’t cooked all the way through, the sauce is disgusting, and it is just crap. He is disappointed in both dishes so neither team gets a point.

Now we have Waffle House Julia (what do they think this is, short attention span theatre? Do they have to remind us every time they say her name that she worked at Waffle House?) vs. Diva Rock. He serves surf and turf with a rib eye steak and a pan-seared bass. It turns out it is delicious and with finesse. Julia who says she can’t see that anything will go wrong with her dish takes off the lid, and Chef Ramsey says, “Holey Smokes!” and we dramatically cut to break.

Time for Julia’s dish, deep fried sea bass, so basically it is fish and chips. He asks if it is just for him or if she would put it on a menu. She’d put it on a menu. He says “it’s nice, but it is fish and chips, and we‘re fine dining.” So the men win. Diva Rock can’t stop smiling and for presenting dull food the gals get a dull task of cleaning the kitchen. It is also delivery day so they have to unload all the deliveries. The guys get to deliver pay back to Chef Ramsey as a reward. Diva Rock hopes it is figuratively because he could knock him out.

We see the guys next at Hollywood Sport Park. They are going paint-balling, three against one. They can shoot him repeatedly, but if he shoots one of them they are out. The practice range has Chef Ramsey and the gals pictures stuck onto Bullzeye the targets.

In addition to just unloading the deliveries they must make sure they are correct. Gee, wonder if there is any chance they could be wrong? I mean suppliers can’t screw up that badly, can they? Bonnie opens the boxes and smells to see if the stuff is fresh, she checks everything off and they take all the boxes inside. Instead of getting whole turbot, they get the skeletons left over from having the fillets cut off. So that is what a turbot looks like. Mary Ann is going to go through the whole order to see how many things are screwed up. I mean they can’t screw up more than one box from this supplier can they?

Meanwhile, be very very quiet, blue team is hunting them some Chef Ramsey. “Wakey wakey,” says chef as he pops out and shoots the guys who do not seem at all ready for the game to begin. Chef Ramsey is quick on his feet and according to Josh, “a bit of a sniper.” Brad is out with a shot to the knee.

Back in the Kitchen Mary Ann asks how long the gals have been cooking snapper and if they cook it with the skin on or not. The snapper is skinless when it should not be. The butter is salted instead of unsalted, says the guy the website says is “Scott” and says he is a regular on the show as one of Chef Ramsey’s Sous Chefs, who knew?

{conspiracy theory} I can’t believe the restaurant suppliers are that incompetent so I’m sure the producers told them to screw up all the orders {/conspiracy theory}

Back at the shoot out, Josh is hit and now Diva Rock is…

Wait for it….

{heavy handed editing alert}

“the sole survivor” {/alert}

Doesn’t EPMB have the copyright on that phrase?

Chef Ramsey gets Diva Rock and Josh says it was the best reward because he got to shoot the Chef.

When they get back the girls are toting boxes in to the Kitchen. Jean Phillpe asks the men if it would be nice to help the girls with the heavy boxes. Diva Rock replies it would actually be nice and walks on by. Jean Phillipe mentions that he can’t help because of bad back. Diva Rock empathizes as he has the same thing and he is going to take his poor back upstairs for some well deserved pampering. Jean Phillpe says to the gals that he can’t believe the guys didn’t help out. The gals are not surprised and Bonnie says she feels like an old man.

A new day dawns in Hell’s Kitchen and our protodemons go down to start preparing for the night’s service. Tonight’s service will be serious because for the first time in Hell’s Kitchen…

And we go to break.

Both teams are coming up with their own menu: three appetizers, three entrees and three deserts. He wants to see creativity and team work. They have one hour to come up with the menu.

Jen wants to do ahi tuna, Julia asks what that is and we get in confessional Jen saying that Julia is a Waffle House person (how many times do they think they need to bang us over the head with that) and we need to be fine dining. Brad takes over the Blue team and doesn’t seem to want to take much advice, and doesn’t want to call anything by a simple name, better to use an inaccurate fancy name than say what the thing really is. Back to the gals and they think Julia’s idea of putting steak on the menu is a cop out and Bonnie wants to do rabbit. Jen’s chip seems to be malfunctioning again. We told them not to recycle those Chenbot chips. At least Jen’s head shaking subroutine is working as she says she is shaking her head because she can as they go to present the menus to the Chef. Bonnie tells her to stop being a bitch, Jen doesn’t want to be called that and Bonnie tells her to stop acting like one then.

Chef Ramsey looks over the Gal’s menu. He asks Julia out of all nine dishes which has her influence. She replies none and she wanted to do a steak and shrimp and Chef Ramsey tells them to put it on the menu {heavy handed foreshadowing alert} in confession Julia says that is what she orders when she eats out and she thinks it would be a big seller.{/alert} Going over the guys menu Chef Ramsey says it sounds ambitious and asks if they can handle it. They say they can and Brad thinks the customers will order mostly off their menu because the flavors are going to come together.

Bonnie is having problems with the bacon and asks for advice. Jen slips back into standby mode at the sound of her voice. Mary Ann reminds them that this is still a team effort. Jen replies that it is fine and that she doesn’t need to make friends just compete. Bonnie realizes that maybe Jen isn’t the nice person she thought she was and she can’t work with her like this.

Hell’s Kitchen opens. The customers will pick from the two menus. The red team’s menu includes “classic” dishes: New York strips steak from Julia, seared Ahi tuna from Jen and bacon wrapped rabbit from Bonnie. The bleu team’s menu includes “sophisticated” dishes”: Brad’s turbo and mushroom consommé, Brad’s lamb chop with herbed gnocchi, and Brad’s sautéed chicken breast with truffle cassoulet.

The kitchen is open and who get’s the first ticket? It’s the Red team. Seems to be the red team is getting lots of orders. Jen is going to flip out because the other girls don’t know how to cook a rabbit. Finally we see some orders for the blue kitchen about a half an hour in. Brad is able to get the appetizers out quickly, and they are coming back because the ravioli is stone cold. Brad says it is harder than it looks. Excuse me while I go track down my eyes, they seem to have rolled all the way out of my head.

Julia finally gets the rabbit appetizer done. With Jen’s help (finally) they are finally getting things rolling out of the kitchen. The New York strip seems to be selling really well, and the Blue team is finally ready for entrees.
Diva Rock tells Josh the pan has to be hot, Josh says it is hot and Diva Rock give a “oh no you di-n’t” look. Brad tries to keep the peace, but Diva Rock just doesn’t want the meat to get sent back.

Over on the red side of the kitchen the steaks are going out. Julia gets told by chef that she is doing a great job. Now can Josh impress with the lamb?

Chef Ramsey pleads, “How long? How long, PLEASE!”

The lamb comes up and Chef calls the donkey (Josh) over. One is nicely cooked, one is just colored, and the other is boiled. Chef Ramsey not so patiently explains that this pressure is where we, “separate a bleeping chef from a donkey.” Josh looks like he got a hold of Jen’s chip from the dazed look on his face. Chef Ramsey calls him over and says, “you can’t cook” into his ear. As if that would actually get the words to go into his head or something. Josh tells Diva Rock they are coming {yikes} and Chef Ramsey replies, “your coming, so is your bleeping elimination,” and cut to break.

All the orders are in with 52 for the Red Team and 48 for the Blue. Now if Josh can just get out the first Blue Team entrees. Another tray of boiled chops. Chef Ramsey says he wouldn’t trust Josh with a hot dog stand. Because the blue team is behind a lot of the tables are being served at different time. The ones ordering off the red menu are close to finishing their entrees before the blue menu orderers get theirs. One couple is offended because he got his before she got hers.

Diva Rock comments that if Josh can’t handle tonight he can’t handle Vegas, baby. Chef Ramsey tells Brad and Rock to give Josh some help. Diva Rock is too good to go help because like Brad is right there. Josh says he’ll need some major help coming up and Diva Rock says “Huh?” because now he is channeling Jen from Big Bother and forgot there were other people in the world, like customers that want to be fed?

Chef Ramsey checks in with the Red team to see if teamwork wondered over there since it clearly abandoned the Blue team. He sees Jen is AWOL, and she had gone to “clear down”. He tells her to get back on service. Chef Ramsey imitates Jen and she is all upset saying she doesn’t walk around like that with her hand like that. {cue instant replay with Jen walking around exactly like that} Chef Ramsey tells Jen to stop standing around with sad puppy face and wake up. Meanwhile will third time be the charm for Josh’s lamb. This time it is perfect. Brad encourages Josh to keep going, which is way more effective than actually helping. With the Blue team caught up Chef Ramsey wants to keep the Red team on track. Step one. Get Bonnie to actually turn the gas on. She is really flustered and says she doesn’t even know what is going on. Well at least if the gas is off she won’t catch the pan on fire.

It is 2 ½ hours into dinner service, nearly all the blue entrée’s went out, but some are coming back. Calls Brad over, the sauce looks like “baby vomit” and tastes like “bleeping Bovril.”

Bovril is the trademarked name of a thick, salty beef extract, sold in a distinctive, bulbous jar. It is made in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire and distributed by Unilever UK.
It can be made into a drink by diluting with hot water. It can also be used as a flavouring for soups, stews or porridge, or spread on bread, especially toast, rather like Marmite.

In November of 2004, the manufacturers, Unilever, announced that the composition of Bovril was being changed from beef to a yeast extract, both in the hope of allaying fears of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), and to make the product suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Back in the Red Kitchen we are playing a game of who has the strip steak. The team is not working together, they are not talking to each other, and we go off to break again.

Three hours into dinner service and the lack of communication has stalled the Red Team’s progress. Finally they start talking to each other and get the entrées finished. And then they stop talking and Bonnie doesn’t know where they are and Bonnie just asks Jen to talk to her. Jen informs her than one of them is going home tonight. When service is over Josh says they definitely lost and he is going home.

Chef Ramsey tells the gals that they lack stamina and the last four tables were embarrassing. He tells the guys that they weren’t a team tonight and Josh was clearly a disaster. What really makes Chef Ramsey uncomfortable is that Brad and Diva Rock didn’t come to his aid. And out comes the “Oh.No.You.Di.N’t” face again from Rock. You may think that Josh was the only one that suffered but it was the customers that suffered. There is no winning team tonight. The only one that was consistent and impressed Chef Ramsey was Julia. Not one steak came back and what scares him was it almost wasn’t on the menu and it was the most popular item. She will put up one member of her team for elimination. The guys will have to work as a team and put one person up for elimination.

Julia asks the other gals what they think. Bonnie assumes it is her, but Julia says she hasn’t made up her mind. In confessional she says Jen knows how to cook and really knows food well. Bonnie says her creativity is important, not how well she performs during service. Julia says Bonnie knows her food but needs to be stronger on execution. Bonnie hopes the guys put up Josh because that will be her best chance of staying.

The guys are discussing the decision. Josh admits he is the easy choice, but is tired of being the whipping boy. Diva Rock insists it needs to be one of those two and Brad doesn’t want to go either. Josh repeats the whipping boy tiredness thing several more times, as if it makes a difference. Brad asks Josh if he is bitter that Diva Rock keeps putting him up. Diva Rock comes back and talks about them needing to come to a collective decision {which I think is code for do it my way or else}

The protodemons all come down from the dorms for judgement day. Julia nominates Bonnie. She has great culinary experience, but she can’t get the food out. Brad is to give the teams nominee. Brad says the nominee is himself, and we cut to break.

Chef Ramsey asks why they nominated Brad. Brad replies that it was because he took too much control over the menu. Chef Ramsey asks Diva Rock who is standing all scrunched up and angry-like if that is right. Diva Rock says “not exactly” and that they voted and he wasn’t successful in his leadership.

Bonnie and Brad, step forward. Chef Ramsey asks Brad how he feels. He replies he could have been the savior or the martyr. He goes on about how other people try to wait in the wings. Beyonce Rock rolls his eyes and breaks out into song.

Say my name, say my name
If no one is around you, say "baby I love you"
If you ain't runnin' game
Say my name, say my name
You actin' kinda shady
Ain't callin me baby
Why the sudden change?
Say my name, say my name
If no one is around you, say "baby I love you"
If you ain't runnin' game
Say my name, say my name
You actin' kinda shady
Ain't callin me baby
Better say my name

Chef Ramsey comments that it is good to see that team spirits are high as always. He asks Brad why he should stay. He says he could run a restaurant and that he tried to take a leadership role and always does his best even when they fail. Bonnie, why should you stay? She says she is creative with a good palate, but needs time in the kitchen to keep executing.

Flashbacks of Brad and Bonnie screwing up.

The person leaving Hell’s Kitchen is…

Bonnie, wake up. She bounces her head as she reboots.

Brad take your jacket off. You’re leaving Hell’s Kitchen. Tonight I was looking for a leader and all you were was a cook.

Brad wanders off into the land of delusion and states that he was voted off because he was the best chef. Chef Ramsey sends Bonnie back in line and delivers tonight’s platitude, “To be successful as an individual you have to be successful as a teammate first.”

Bonnie is thankful she is getting another chance and thinks Chef Ramsey must see something in her. I thought looks were on the outside, not the inside. Diva Rock says it is cutthroat and he will do what he needs to do to win. Josh knows he needs to up his game. Chef Ramsey says that Brad worked with his back not his brains and lacks the finesse needed to be a great chef.

Next week on Hell’s Kitchen…

The teams are combined into one team.
The protodemons are challenged to impress some VIP’s

Jen thinks it will be Mariah and she will pee her pants.

Chef Ramsey is delusional and hopes he will actually get a perfect service, but Jen and Diva Rock butt heads (who could guess that would happen…oops hold on gotta go get my eyes back again).

Josh pushes Chef Ramsey’s buttons.

Julia melts down.

And one protodemon doesn’t even make it through dinner service.

Cut to Diva Rock in confessional saying he is disappointed in himself that he disappointed his family. And there are tears, Don’t tell me all the foreshadowing all season long is wrong? Must be misdirection.

Summertribe and the living is easy!

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Cyndimaus 3117 desperate attention whore postings
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07-21-07, 05:12 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: HK 3.6 Episode Summary. “Destiny’s Child Chef”"
Excellent! I really enjoyed your summary! This made me giggle:

Excuse me while I go track down my eyes, they seem to have rolled all the way out of my head.

Juicy summer sig by Sharnina

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mysticwolf 10692 desperate attention whore postings
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07-22-07, 03:34 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: HK 3.6 Episode Summary. “Destiny’s Child Chef”"
Great job! Glad one of the protodemons didn't steal your eyes. They'd probably have mistaken them for garnish in their search for "creativity".

Shar's summer
blogging's scary

How many old Chenbot chips are out there, anyway? I can't tell if they each have their own or if they're sharing in the name of "teamwork".

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bullzeye 4956 desperate attention whore postings
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07-22-07, 04:56 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: HK 3.6 Episode Summary. “Destiny’s Child Chef”"
Awesome summary Snidget, just as I predicted it would be!


The practice range has Chef Ramsey and the gals pictures stuck onto Bullzeye the targets.

My first shout-out!!!! Yay!!!!

Snidget's to blame!

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jbug 16685 desperate attention whore postings
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07-23-07, 09:19 AM (EST)
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4. "RE: HK 3.6 Episode Summary. “Destiny’s Child Chef”"
Excellent job Snidget!

Chef Ramsey is quick on his feet and according to Josh, “a bit of a sniper.”
I think Chef had more fun at the reward than the 'cooks' did.

Crusin w/ Tribe

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Seana 5044 desperate attention whore postings
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07-23-07, 10:06 AM (EST)
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5. "RE: HK 3.6 Episode Summary. “Destiny’s Child Chef”"
Good job, Snidget!

I liked "Diva Rock" and the Chenbot chip references.

Also, thanks for looking up Bovril, because I thought he just meant the bouillon packets, like OXO.

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