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"RTVW Official Summary – Hell’s Kitchen Season 2, Episode 6 – “A Night of Firsts”"
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mysticwolf 10692 desperate attention whore postings
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07-22-06, 05:20 PM (EST)
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"RTVW Official Summary – Hell’s Kitchen Season 2, Episode 6 – “A Night of Firsts”"
LAST EDITED ON 07-22-06 AT 06:01 PM (EST)

First, my apologies for not getting this up earlier. It took more of my time than expected to disinfect my recently flooded basement with bleach. I'll do better, I promise.

As always, we start with a recrap of last week with Ramsay telling our DAW’s that they have tastebuds like a cows backside and Sarah reminding us that she ate dirt as a kid. Heather is sad because Rachel has been booted and Keith and Garrett think they have it in the bag. We’ll see.

The day starts at 6am, with our Sous Chefs screaming into bullhorns. Our DAW’s are delivered to a market and it seems that today’s lesson will be about the importance of fresh ingredients. Wow! Who knew? Chefs should use fresh ingredients?!? Bet they didn’t know that. They’ve probably all been shopping at TheFabulousLurker’s local market, where I understand they specialize in moldy produce, green fish, and year-old yogurt. (Then again… As, so far, all they’ve been able to serve successfully is hot dogs, pizza, and pasta, fresh probably isn’t one of their major considerations.)

They’re there to get inspiration. They have 20 minutes to create a three-course meal with ingredients they select from the store. Virginia takes charge of the Red Team, which frustrates Sarah because, as she CT’s she “knows what she can do to a team”. (We know, too, Sarah. You can sabotage one quite nicely.)

With 10 minutes left neither team has decided on a menu. Heather is stupefied by all of the fresh fruit. (Hint: Buy some. Put it on a plate with cheese. Done. How hard is that?) We’re told that Virginia is selecting an entrée that she thinks will “catch Chef’s eye”. “Breasts. Big breasts. The biggest breast you’ve got.” Sheesh. What’s with this girl?

Maribel says nothing, going along with whatever Virginia wants, but tells us that they don’t know what they’re doing. They’re buying the wrong stuff, not getting enough… Hey! Maribel! Remember that lesson y’all got about communication? We don’t need to be told, your team does! They’ve forgotten the liquour and are running the wrong way to find it.

As Scott counts down the seconds both teams manage to get checked out just as time runs out. They now have 1hr. to create their meals and present them to Ramsay.

Virginia admits she is leading the team, but prefers to believe that each of them are leading their own dishes – all of which she has selected, and all the while telling them how she wants them prepared. Guess that’s the “with help from the others” part of her CT. She and Sarah are watching Maribel like hawks, making Maribel think they don’t have much confidence in her. Um, yeah. That’d be about right, hon.

Keith and Heather seem to be in charge of the Blue kitchen. Keith doesn’t want to put too much pressure on Garrett because he’s the weakest in knowledge. So, he puts him in charge of the mandolin – the kitchen tool most likely to remove unknowledgeable fingers. Well, I guess he figures if Garrett cuts off a finger or two it won’t be much of a loss to the team. I suppose that’s a plan. Of sorts.

Dishes are done on time and they present their dishes to Ramsay.

Appetizer – Blue: Roasted corn, scallop, and shrimp bisque, presented by Garrett. Good presentation, but they’ve left a tail on the shrimp. Chef pulls it out and comments on how sharp and spikey it is. He’s afraid a diner would swallow it and have to go to the hospital. How dumb are the people that eat in his restaurant? I have to agree with Garrett on this one, although calling Ramsay “El Gordo” doesn’t seem to me to be a good idea. He must think Chef doesn’t see the CT film. Not sure that’s a bet I’d take.

Appetizer – Red: Bell Pepper Soup, presented by Sarah. Color is good, but the taste is burnt. Probably because Virginia kept reminding Sarah that she wanted the peppers burnt to a cinder. Oops.

Advantage: Blue

Entrée – Red: Chicken Roulade, stuffed with spinach, sausage, tomato, and garlic, presented by Virginia. There are 7 slices of roulade on the plate. Chef wants to know how many chickens there are. Virginia tells him there is one.
Ramsay: “Your bird’s got big breasts.”
Virginia: “Thank You.”
Everyone else: Tries not to fall down laughing.
He’s talking about the bird, not you, you Dodo. But, Chef is pleased. It’s more sophisticated than what they’ve done in their own kitchen so far. Virginia’s big breasts have satisfied Chef Ramsay. Points awarded.

Entrée – Blue: Bone-in Ribeye with tomatillo and smoked chili side, presented by Keith. Steak is cooked perfectly. It’s delicious. The side is a mess.

Advantage: Red

Dessert - Blue: Fresh fruit crepes with a mango/peach puree, presented by Heather. Great idea. Look good. Gone soggy.

Dessert - Red: Strawberry Shortcake made with Latin ingredients (???), presented by Maribel. Chef deconstructs it (frankly, it seems a bit short on fruit to me) and tastes. He’d like to have seen more inspiration. But… It’s actually quite tasty and it’s refreshing.

Advantage: Red

Winning team will spend a night on the town with Ramsay. Losing team will be on delivery duty, emptying all delivery trucks when they arrive. No matter when they arrive.

Chef says it’s a tough decision. We know this is simply editing to make room for a commercial break. It’s not a tough decision at all. Virginia’s right. Chef just can’t refuse big breasts. Red wins.

Heather thinks he’s playing favorites because he likes big breasts. She whines that she can’t believe they won with a burnt soup and one strawberry. They didn’t! He told you why they won. It was all about the breasts.

Blue team is banished to the delivery docks and Garrett is so angry he hits the counter on the way out. And, the walls. And, the doors. He’s ranting. He’s raving. He says Chef is WRONG! (I must point out that neither team actually tasted the other teams dishes, so how they can claim this so stridently is beyond me. * shrug *) He needs to ratchet down his anger before he does something stupid. And, they all sit around the table outside and whine. (I thought they were sent to the dock?) Heather is so angry she finally swears, which delights the guys. Keith declares the chicken disgusting. Guess he doesn’t like big breasts. Who knew?

They’re all trash talking when Virginia steps outside. She’s proud of her big breasts and how well Ramsay liked them. She’s so proud that she’s showing them off in a bikini as she joins the rest of Red team to sunbathe. And, to her credit, they do rival her chicken. So much so that for once something is blurred out by the censors other than someone’s mouth.

Garrett CT’s that he hopes they’re satisfied by their consolation prize, because they’re all going home. * Here. Have a glass of wine to go with that whine *

Sarah feels intimidated as they run their mouths and hiss at them like cats. She thinks they’re pathetic because they’re such sore losers. Sarah knows all about being a sore loser.

While Red Team lays in the sun, showing us more than Keith ever did when he was losing his pants, a horn starts and Blue Team runs to empty their first truck under Scott’s watchful eye. It’s a wine delivery and Keith is ticked because it seems like there is enough wine for ten dinner services. Well, duh! For starters, that’s about the only thing any of the diners are actually being served. There’d better be a lot of it.

In one of the creepier CT’s, Sarah tells us that she’s “Really, really, really, REALLY,” excited about going out with Chef. He’s said (accompanied by shoulder moves) it’s time to get his groove on and (accompanied by hand gestures), she can’t wait to see “his groove thang”. Ewwww.

The girls are dressed to kill as they enter a long black limousine, greeting Chef in little girl sing-song voices. They sit and giggle in the backseat watching Blue Team struggle to empty the truck. Garrett, who offers a long salute, lovingly sends them on their way. Oops. He forgot the Boy Scout salute uses two fingers, not one. Just in case Chef hadn’t noticed, the girls point out his mistake. Chef noticed. Oh, believe me, Chef noticed. So did Heather, who thinks that was a bad idea. But, her opinion won’t be the one that counts.

Ramsay takes the girls for appetizers at providence, in the Broadway Hollywood. The food is delicious and Sarah is delighted to be treated “like Hollywood”. Wonder what it feels like to be treated like a city? Sarah and Maribel try to look sexy for Chef. And, yes, I mean “try”. Not only does it just look creepy, Sarah actually has to point out to him that she’s batting her eyelashes at him. She blames it on the wine. I blame it on bad taste. So does Virginia, who admits that they all know they’d like to scratch each others eyes out if given half a chance.

Dinner service moves to Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse. Chef, walking them past the large “Steakhouse” sign tells them that this place is renowned for their steaks. Y’ think?

Now, in one of the weirdest moments on the show, Virginia attempts to ask the owner an important question. “What is the one key thing that you can honestly say, I’m sayin’ like right when you think of it, like, I mean right here, right now… Like, what have you learned now that you didn’t know then when you opened up a place?" Ramsay looks like he's choking on his wine. The owner answers “Consistency”, and before he can elaborate Virginia is off and talking again. And, talking. And, talking…

1:42 am, and the Blue Team is having a Walton’s Mountain moment as they fall into bed to the strains of a lullabye. Five minutes later the horn goes off again and they are racing back to the dock, while the girls and Ramsay are going into a dance club. The Champaign is flowing freely. The girls have the giggles.

We’re not told what time anyone actually gets to bed, but we know they’re up again at 6am. Chef, looking quite chipper after his night on the town, has something on his mind to discuss. The discussion starts with Garrett. We find out that Chef doesn’t appreciate Garrett’s use of sign language. Surprisingly calm, Ramsay tells him that right now he has no reason to be brash or cocky. He asks if Garrett wants to go. He does all of this without raising his voice or using profanity (other than showing Garrett the sign language he didn’t appreciate). If I were Garrett, I’d be worried.

Garrett chooses to stay and, having made it abundantly clear that Chef never wants to see sign language like that in front of his face again, he moves on the second thing on his mind. Seems both teams so impressed him with their meals he’s decided to let them come up with their own meals for the kitchen tonight. He sends them off to decide on a menu. It’ll be head-to-head competition tonight. Blue menu against Red.

Now, here’s where I get confused. Red Team won with a big chicken breast roulade, a burnt soup (that would have been good if they didn’t burn it the next time they made it), and a few strawberries with whipped cream and shortcake. So, having proven that they can make these items to Chef’s satisfaction, what will their menu be?

Lamb. That’s right. Lamb. Sarah informs them that when she does rack of lamb she sears it and uses a little Dijon mustard. It’s really good. It’s so good it got her fired from one restaurant because they couldn’t take it that her menu was so much better than theirs. Uh, huh. That’s what I said. They’re going to go with a lamb dish that got Sarah fired. Obviously, the Champaign fairy hasn’t given them their brains back yet.

Virginia wants to make sushi. She’s made it before and it’s really easy. Actually, sushi isn’t all that easy to make. Sashimi is, since all sashimi is, is very, very, thinly sliced marinated fish. But, that’s okay, because as we’ll discover, it’s actually sashimi that she’s talking about. Maribel raises her hand and asks if she can say something. Virginia says “No.” Okay then. Good team communication skills there, Virginia.

Maribel CT’s that she’s the odd one out, and it’s “flustrating” her so she’s gonna just let them do whatever the hell they wanna do.

Blue Team has an odd one out, too. In their case it’s Garrett. Having decided to make a scallop and risotto appetizer suggested by Keith, Garrett offers up an entrée suggestion. Lobster Wellington. Lobster Wellington? Is there such a thing and if there is, how would one cook it? When I order a lobster tail I want it broiled, not encased in pastry and baked. But, that’s just me. Or not. Keith and Heather don’t think much of the idea, either. So, Garrett joins Maribel in deciding that he’s gonna sit this one out.

Time to hit the kitchen running. Or, in Maribel’s case, walking – walking v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. Virginia tells us that she has “the Chinese disease. Dragon azz.” Ha ha. Good one. Not! Garret isn’t talking to anyone. He’s pouting. He doesn’t know why he has to be there since he didn’t have any input. Oh, this is shaping up to be a fabulous night.

Guests begin to arrive, Chef summons the teams. It’s Blue menu vs. Red menu. Their menus – his standards. And, we’re off.

Guests seem pretty evenly divided between the menus. Divided at the same table, even. Probably trying to even out their chances of at least getting to share a plate of something.

And, the menus are:

Red Team:

Appetizer: Pepper Seared Blue Fin Tuna and Hamachi Sashimi – Virginia
Entrée: Colorado Rack of Lamb served over mashed potatoes- Sarah
Dessert: Nothing - Maribel

Blue Team:
Appetizer: Nothing - Garrett
Entrée: Dry-aged NY Steak – Keith
Dessert: Pear Tart Tatin – Heather

Blue Team is off and running with a risotto from Keith that Chef declares nice. (Actually, he likes the risottos from both teams, but compliments Keith.) Keith pats himself on the back for being praised and thinks it’s about time Chef recognized the grease that rises to the top. Yep. He compares himself to grease and thinks this is good.

The risotto evidently accompanies scallops as an appetizer in both kitchens. Virginia’s scallops are raw and Chef sends them back. Sarah asks if this is Virginia’s first time cooking these things. She says she’s been cooking them all her life. She calls this offering help. She can’t understand why Virginia is rejecting her help.

Chef is getting frustrated with Red Team. They aren’t sending anything out of the kitchen and it’s their menu. He asks how long for two sashimi. Virginia tells him that she needs to collect her thoughts before she answers him. Yeah. That’s what Chef wants to hear.

Virginia stares blankly into space “thinking”. The Red Team kitchen is at a standstill. Ramsay decides to serve Blue Team appetizers even if that means only serving one of the people at a table. (See, they were right to hedge their bets when they chose from different menus. Smart dinner guests.)

Thirty minutes in and Blue is sending out appetizer after appetizer. Red Team has yet to serve anything. The supposed-to-be paper-thin slices of sashimi are verging on ½” thick. We cut to the scene where Virginia declares that she’s made sushi and “it’s easy”. Virginia CT’s that she was having trouble because the sashimi was “just too wiggly”. Raw fish “wiggly”? Who could have expected that? What a surprise! Chef explains that it’s just raw fish, sliced. He’s frustrated that they can’t even get that out. I don’t blame him. Maribel is standing around doing nothing. Chef sends her over to help Virginia.

With Maribel’s help (What? Did she hold the fish so it wouldn’t wiggle?) Virginia manages to finish a plate of sashimi. One plate. In an hour. Keith has finished the appetizer service for Blue Team and Heather and Garrett begin on entrees. Garrett’s first attempt is supposed to be a duck salad. Whatever he came up with, Chef doesn’t recognize it as being a duck salad.

Chef tells Keith that he needs to get a grip on his team. Keith looks at the duck and declares it raw. (Yeah, that would be why it was bleeding into the greens.) Heather tells Garrett to flash it. Garrett goes to put it into the regular oven. Heather tells him to use the convection oven. Garrett shoves her out of his way and slams over to the convection oven. A horn sounds. There’s another delivery truck they have to empty. In the middle of service.

Blue Team forgets about the duck and races to the loading dock. They open the truck. It is full. Top to bottom, front to back. Full!

Coming back from commercial we find out that there are 48 Red tickets and 52 Blue tickets. And, Blue Team is emptying the truck while Red Team continues to cook. They catch up and start on their entrees and move on to Sarah’s So-Good-It-Got-Me-Fired Lamb. The way Chef receives it, it might just do the trick for her again. Get her fired, I mean. We can hope.

Chef asks Sarah what she’s doing with the lamb. Rearranging pieces on the oven rack Sarah tells him that she’s “learning”. Chef is incredulous. We cut to the scene of Sarah telling us how great her lamb dish is. She sends Chef another plate. Chef holds it between his thumb and forefinger and waves it at her. He says he doesn’t know what she’s doing. In a rare, but funny, burst of honesty Sarah replies “Neither do I, Chef.” He has her throw it away. (I would have pitched it, too. I love lamb. I cook it often. It’s not that hard! These chops look burnt to a crisp on one side and raw on the other. Sheesh.)

Blue Team is back at it. Garrett serves another duck. It’s white, not even pink. Chef grabs the pan and tells Garrett to watch. He shows him how to cook it in the pan. He tells him how long to put it into the oven. He shows him how to plate it. Garrett finally has a duck dish finished, even though Chef actually made it. Garrett does not appreciate his help. He recognizes it as a bad thing. He sets the stove on fire.

In spite of Garrett, Blue Team has served three tables their entrees. Red Team, who caught up and started their entrees while Blue Team was still emptying a truck, has yet to serve one. Not one table. Forget about an entire table. They haven’t served one plate of food that’s acceptable, yet. Ramsay threatens to kick Sarah out if she doesn’t get him a plate of lamb, RIGHT NOW! Sarah whines in CT that it wasn’t her fault. Where was her team? Why weren’t they helping her? They just left her there to burn. (Gee. Maybe that’s because you’re the one who said you were a lamb expert. I didn’t hear Virginia or Maribel say they knew anything about it.)

Jean Phillipe is on the hot seat with the mini-DAWs that weren’t smart enough to order from separate menus. If they both ordered from the Red menu they are both going hungry.

Sarah serves up another plate of lamb. I guess she’s decided that since she doesn’t actually know how to cook lamb, she’ll just serve up raw hunks of the stuff. Maybe Chef won’t notice? Right. She sticks the raw lamb into the oven while Ramsay calls over Jean Phillipe and tells him to take the lamb off of the menu. A thoroughly pissed-off Jean Phillipe, having taken a boatload of carp from lamb-craving guests, walks out of the restaurant to cool off. Now, contrary to some of the other HK firsts we’ve been promised, I think that really is a first. Ramsay, meanwhile, screams at Sarah about the grief her lack of consistency (there’s that word, again) has caused for Jean Phillipe.

While Red Team has yet to serve anyone an entrée, Heather has taken the meat station away from Garrett and they’re almost finished serving all of their tables. Chef wants to know who cooked the meat. Heather looks worried and hesitates. She finally admits that she cooked it. Chef compliments it and expresses disgust that they can’t even take a compliment now.

Heather CT’s that the only reason that the steaks turned out well was because she cooked them. Garrett has quit speaking to anyone again and, while Heather turns out steak after steak we are treated to him burning pan after pan of ducks. At least he has the sense to throw them away himself instead of sending them to the window. Poor Garrett. Poor ducks. To have died in vain. * sigh *

With lamb gone we’re back to fish, and Maribel’s in the hot seat. Having helped Virginia with her sashimi, she forgets that her fish dish is supposed to be cooked. Somehow her underdone fish makes it to the table – and comes right back again.

Meanwhile, back on the Blue Team, things are moving along swimmingly. They are actually serving desserts to the guests. Another HK first, we’re told. They are about to… wait for it… savor the moment… Complete an Entire Service!

Now happy and talkative again, Garrett tells Heather that she “saved my white azz”. Yep. She did. You may want to remember that. ‘Cause if your team had lost, you’d be the one out of there. No doubt about it.

So, Blue Team’s done and Red Team hasn’t served a single entrée. Maribel is struggling with a stuffed, tied, salmon dish that Sarah designed. Chef seems to know that Sarah designed it because he calls her on the impracticality. He asks if they can’t just cut a slice of fish and grill it without the stuffing and tying carp. Sarah whines “Yeah. But… Consistency?” Wrong thing to say! One does NOT challenge Ramsay’s authority in his kitchen. Ramsay lays into her calling her a “fat-mouthed bleep bleep bleep bleep thing.” He calls her over and she shrinks back in horror and looks absolutely terrified. Good! You deserve it you fat-mouthed bleep bleep bleep bleep. Is that the sound of a bus engine I hear revving outside?

Having put Sarah firmly in her place he tells the Red kitchen to stop. Normally, we’d expect guests to go away hungry. But, in another first, he calls Blue Team over. He tells Blue Team to pair up with Red Team and help them get their service finished. Sarah thanks him. (Geez, girl, don’t you know when to keep your mouth shut?) Ramsay announces that, personally, he’s not interested in seeing any more of this and – yet another first – Ramsay walks out of the kitchen.

With Blue pulling Red along, the entire service gets finished and we’re treated to the sight of happy, well-fed, guests strolling to their cars.

Our next sight is of an un-happy Ramsay strolling back into the kitchen to face our hapless DAW’s. He starts out by praising Blue Team for having completed a service. He tells Keith that it was his strongest showing, so far. He tells Garrett that he’s lucky to be in the same kitchen as Heather and Keith.

On to Red Team. He tells Sarah it’s been her worst performance, yet. He tells them that they prepared a menu that was way too far over their heads. There is no Best of the Worst. They’re to go away and each select someone for elimination.

Sitting around the backyard table the finger-pointing begins. Virginia admits that they were way out of their element. Surprising everyone, and no one, at the same time, Sarah blames her performance with the lamb on the fact that she hasn’t cooked meat in many a year. WTF? Now you tell us? Then ”Why did you suggest the lamb and tell us it was so easy?” Virginia wants to know. I’d like to know, too. Well, too bad for us, ‘cause Sarah chooses to ignore that obvious question and says that the failure wasn’t all her fault. She tells Virginia that they’ve “had to eat s--- on her account, too”. Good answer, Sarah. That explains it all. Virginia does something that many of us have wanted to do since day one. She tells Sarah to “shut up”.

BTW: Sarah has a gauze bandage wrapped around her right wrist. Where did this come from? Did she try to do everyone a favor and slit her wrists? Too bad she didn’t succeed, eh?

The Blue Team, listening to all this, are exchanging secret grins. They are hearing a bus engine revving, too. Heather is almost wriggling with delight when she CT’s that “She is going down”.

Sarah now turns it on Maribel, wanting to know where she was on prep. Maribel refuses to accept that prep was what caused them to fail. Sarah continues to whine and Virginia CT’s, well, something… She’s so ticked about Sarah’s finger-pointing that all she can really manage is “She’s just… * makes faces and grunts *” Well, yeah, actually that is pretty much how Sarah is. The girls tell Sarah that they’re sick of her not being willing to accept any blame. She’ll admit to making a mistake, but she isn’t even sorry. Sarah, on her part, retorts that she’s very hard on herself. Really? Could have fooled them. Me, too.

In CT, Sarah starts in on Virginia, calling her a “snotty crab cake”. Boy, she sure has a way with words, doesn’t she? She says she’s tired of “getting pissed on” and is ready for them to “bring it on”. (She’s tired of getting pissed on? You’ve got to be kidding me.)

So, as we move back to the kitchen for the boot portion of the show, Blue Team is obviously thinking Sarah’s going out the door. Virginia and Maribel have almost certainly decided to nominate Sarah. I’m thinking that Sarah will finally get her due. Heck, everyone in my house watching thinks Sarah’s going to be the next one on the meat hook. Oh, that’s right, he only impales their jackets. Too bad. Maybe he’ll make an exception for us.

Sarah, of course, is probably going to nominate Virginia. Not that it will do her any good. It’ll be two to one, and Ramsay must see that she’s the logical choice. She designed the menu. She couldn’t cook any lamb. Her fish dish was impractical. She challenged his authority. We can all hear the bus engine revving, and we’re waiting to watch with barely contained glee. (OK, The glee isn’t contained at all, as far as I’m concerned.)

Here it comes… The girls stand at attention. Sarah hangs her head. She’s still wearing her bandage. Trying for sympathy, maybe? Ramsay asks if they’ve made their decisions. They all say yes. It’s important for him to know that they have decided because, He’s. Not. Going. To. Listen. To. Them. That’s right. He’s made his own decision. And, that’s the only decision that counts, isn’t it? In yet another first, he doesn’t care what they have to say. They are going to listen to what he thinks.

Uh, oh… I’m starting to get a bad feeling here. That ugly editing misdirection gnome is peeking out over his shoulder. It’s not gonna be Sarah, is it? That would make too much sense. Maybe he’ll fire all three? Could be. Maybe. He tells them all to step forward. Not the best scenario, but at least Sarah would get swept out with the rest of them.

Ramsay: “Sarah. Why should you stay in Hell’s Kitchen?”
Sarah: “Chef. I believe that I am responsible for a lot of the dynamics of the team, as far as organization, bringing the team together.” (My God, she does live in a dreamworld, doesn’t she?) “My major mistake that I’ve made, thus far, is that I can’t cook lamb. But who can on our team?” (Virginia looks like she’s going to be sick. I’ll join her.)

Ramsay: “Virginia.”
Virginia: “Yes, Chef.”
Ramsay: “What do you think about what Sarah said?”
Virginia: “It makes me sick.” (I was right.) “The fact that she says that she doesn’t know how to cook lamb, then why would she be so confident and lead us into thinking that she knew what she was doing when she didn’t have a damn clue?” (Sarah looks like she’s going to be sick. I’ll pass on joining her, thanks.)

Ramsay: “Mirabel.”
Mirabel: “Yes, Chef.”
Ramsay: “Why should you stay in Hell’s Kitchen?”
Mirabel: “I think I should stay in Hell’s Kitchen because I have a lot of drive and there’s a lot of things against me. I get treated like the third wheel when it comes to them. I try… I try to give them my two cents, I feel like they push me out.”

Sarah looks quietly satisfied. Virginia pipes up. “I could see how she felt like the third wheel. And, that’s why, why I kept asking her – ‘What do you think? What do you want?’ And, I honestly don’t think that I’ve bullied her, and if I do, I want to know how.” We cut to the scene where Mirabel asks if she can say something and Virginia cuts her off.

Ramsay is going to summarize:

“Sarah. Talking to you in service tonight it was like you had your head tucked up inside of you’re a**” Cut to scene of the raw lamb she tried to serve.

“Virginia. You’re as good as what you put on the plate. Tonight’s sashimi was shocking.” Cut to scene of Ramsay screaming that they can’t even get raw fish out.

“Mirabel. You’re like a rabbit popping around the kitchen, but accomplishing nothing.” Cut to scene of Ramsay telling Mirabel to go help Virginia.

“The person leaving Hell’s Kitchen is... Mirabel.”

Nooooooooooooooo!!!!! Not that I particularly like Mirabel, but it looked like such a slam dunk decision for Sarah. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. In the background the sound of a bus engine slowly fades to nothing. Darn!

He tells her that she works hard, she’s a sweet girl, but he needs a leader, and she clearly is not one. She CT’s that she was herself and she tried to work as a team. She says her husband will see that and he’ll be proud of her. So will her little girl. Awww.

Ramsay has a message for the rest of them. If they think it’s going to get easier they can forget it. It’s just gone up to another level.

Virginia just wants Chef to see that she gets it. Mostly she hopes that he doesn’t put her in the same category as Sarah, who she declares is really “two-faced, now”. (Just now? Wow! I’ve thought that for a while and she’s just catching on?)

Sarah sees Virginia as one of those disposable people. She’s been on the chopping block three times and it’s just a matter of time. (I have a feeling that most people are disposable to Sarah.)

Keith sees himself as shining. And, he’s just going to get brighter the fewer the people there are.

Garrett is motivated and vows that he will overcome more experienced people. He’s the whipping boy right now, and it svcks. That’s his motivation for getting better.

Heather realizes that they’re down to five people. The claws are coming out. She’s almost in ecstasy as she says it’s going to “get ruuuuuuuffffffff.”

Next week. A woman comes between Garrett and Keith. Garrett considers Keith dead to him. (Guess who got the girl?) We take a trip to Red Rock Resort to see the restaurant. All five have to work as a team. Or not. An angry mini-DAW dumps a full tray of food back into the kitchen. And, in a real HK first, someone makes a mistake that Ramsay says could have killed someone. Oh, boy.

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 RE: RTVW Official Summary – Hell’s ... Estee 07-22-06 1
 RE: RTVW Official Summary – Hell’s ... foonermints 07-23-06 2
 RE: RTVW Official Summary ? Hell?s ... TheFabulousLurker 07-23-06 3
 RE: RTVW Official Summary – Hell’s ... Cyndimaus 07-24-06 4
 RE: RTVW Official Summary – Hell’s ... bullzeye 07-29-06 5

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Estee 55195 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

07-22-06, 07:12 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: RTVW Official Summary – Hell’s Kitchen Season 2, Episode 6 – “A Night of Firsts”"
Oh, boy.

Dr. Sam Beckett finds himself leaping from reality show to reality show, striving to put right what's doomed to go wrong...

Pity he didn't reach Gordon in time to make him dump Sarah.

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foonermints 12302 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

07-23-06, 04:20 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: RTVW Official Summary – Hell’s Kitchen Season 2, Episode 6 – “A Night of Firsts”"
Rammie Gives You:

All the lamb chops you can eat!
Couldn't have been better! Well, only if...

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TheFabulousLurker 165 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Blistex Spokesperson"

07-23-06, 06:52 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: RTVW Official Summary ? Hell?s Kitchen Season 2, Episode 6 ? ?A Night of Firsts?"
>LAST EDITED ON 07-22-06
>AT 06:01 PM (EST)

Nice summary

>They?ve probably all been shopping
>at TheFabulousLurker?s local market, where
>I understand they specialize in
>moldy produce, green fish, and
>year-old yogurt.

We were just whining about that place at work the other night...

>BTW: Sarah has a gauze bandage
>wrapped around her right wrist.
>Where did this come from?
>Did she try to do
>everyone a favor and slit
>her wrists? Too bad she
>didn?t succeed, eh?

I believe I read on a previous summary that she had an accident cutting pizza.

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Cyndimaus 3117 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

07-24-06, 11:59 AM (EST)
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4. "RE: RTVW Official Summary – Hell’s Kitchen Season 2, Episode 6 – “A Night of Firsts”"
Superb summary, once again!

Loved this one:

Obviously, the Champaign fairy hasn’t given them their brains back yet.

We can all hear the bus engine revving, and we’re waiting to watch with barely contained glee. (OK, The glee isn’t contained at all, as far as I’m concerned.)

Bus Driver, move that bus!! (darn shame we didn't get to see it happen)

Hey, Hey! It's a Tribephyl creation!

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bullzeye 4956 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Stuff Magazine Centerfold"

07-29-06, 11:03 AM (EST)
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5. "RE: RTVW Official Summary – Hell’s Kitchen Season 2, Episode 6 – “A Night of Firsts”"
GREAT SUMMARY!!! Way too many quotes to reference, but this:

"Keith is ticked because it seems like there is enough wine for ten dinner services. Well, duh! For starters, that’s about the only thing any of the diners are actually being served. There’d better be a lot of it. "

Had me on the floor! Another MysticWolf masterpiece - thank you!

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