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"Finale Comments"
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Wacko Jacko 2434 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Seventeen Magazine Model"

09-27-06, 09:41 AM (EST)
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"Finale Comments"
LAST EDITED ON 09-27-06 AT 10:25 AM (EST)

Brewer was easily the stronger fighter over Forbes. Forbes in my opinion is fighting in the wrong weight class. He is putting himself at a big disadvantage against these bigger guys. I don't know why Forbes could not handle Brewer...Brewer in my opinion is K9-lite. Congrats to Brewer but his success will only be for 15 minutes. He is 35 and has a poor professional record. ESPN can not market the guy for long like they can with Sergio. Even though Brewer won I am still not impressed with him. ESPN blew it by showing pictures of a different fighter throughout the fight. Felt the final two was weak....much weaker than last season. I was routing for Forbes because was a good guy and he lives in Detroit.

As for the K9 vs Bravo fight. This fight was not even close. K9 dominated Bravo. With Bravo needing a KO to win the fight in the later rounds. K9's style frustrated Bravo A LOT. I do feel however that the fight was stopped too soon. The best part however was the post fight interview watching K9's son go bonkers for the camera the entire time K9 was being interviewed. Why was K9 being boo'd throughout the fight? That ticked me off. Another hometowner this time The Motor City wins.

Curriel and Torres. The screen leading up to the fight said it was supposed to be Michael Clark and Curriel. Don't know what happened to Michael Clark. The announcers said Torres fought the fight on short notice. I thought Curriel came out strong and when it was all done I thought Torres had one. Going into the fight I did not like Torres but he showed a lot of heart and was not distracted like he was when he lost to Balletto during the season. The announcers said Torres was initially a light weight.....WOW.....he does not fight like a light weight at all....or even look like one. I felt bad for Torres when it was done.....two contender fights.....two loses.....but he is better than that. Would like to add....that Torres lost on all three cards...the amount of points he was deducted for holding on to Curriel. Personally I think it was a crime. Torres should not of been deducted any points....Curriel almost looked like he wanted to hold also. Torres was robbed.

Wright vs Barrett. What a shame. Barret lost when the fight had to be stopped because he could not function anymore after hurting his shoulder in the second round. Barrett was winning the fight handly when the injury happened. After the injury it looked like Barrett just wanted to make it the distance. It looked like Wright is soft mentally. I think Wright has some skills but he is wasting them. Even after the injury Wright did not totally take advantage of the situation. Again Barrett was the better fighter until the injury happened. Wright was lucky. I though he was better than that.

There was supposed to be a fight with Juan Acevedo. What happened to it? Did it ever happen? Or was the fight just not televised or shown on the internet.

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