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"Jen C / Jen M "
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phcy 23 desperate attention whore postings
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11-05-04, 05:51 PM (EST)
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"Jen C / Jen M "

After watching episode 9, I started wondering a few things....

1. Jen C.
I just could not understand why she would say to Ivana "So I learned that Mr. Trump basically put your head on a platter for me...etc" (not sure the exact statement)
What the hell is she trying to accomplish? Is she dumb? Just because Trump gives her the opportunity to send Ivana packing, does not mean that her going is Ivana's fault. Did she expect Ivana to bow down and thank her for her stupidity? Not very sure.

2. Jen M.
The sudden transformation from a sane,logical person into a backstabbing person. I do not know how she could criticize others for flying under the radar, when she too decides to fly under the radar for this task (not taking on the PM job- see Kevin's comment in Yahoo extra scene)

3. Sandy-Jen conflict
I totally expected to see the conflict happen since Jen C. pretty much said that Sandy sold her out in the episode she got fired from. How come we did not see any conflicts between them like others? I start wondering again....What the hell is wrong with you, Jen C? You are happy to work for a person who betrayed you, and you are mad at someone who could have been fired instead of you? What kind of logic is that?

4. The exit of Bradford
Did anyone notice how Trump ask Bradford to leave right after he said Ivana should be fired? I think Trump does not want to fire Ivana in this episode. Or perhaps he thinks hat Bradford is impartial as a result of his response. But I start wondering if Trump is saving Ivana so that he could bring her back like last season's Omarosa....

Although I still feel sorry for Jen C. for being fired from her real day time job as well, but from what we have seen in this episode, perhaps her boss made a right decision!? Or is it editing again?

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