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"BB15 Love/Loathe List Ep1"
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Original message

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06-28-13, 08:58 PM (EST)
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"BB15 Love/Loathe List Ep1"
Yes, I know it's only the first episode, but first impressions do count for something And I've been off these Boards for a while so itching to get my feet wet again.

Was it just me or are the female HGs lame this season. Well, not lame on the eyes; I'm talking about being Big Brother game players. Not that we exactly have a bumper crop of male HGs either, I just think more focus was on the guys for this season's premier.

1) MCCREA - Way it bring it in the first HOH competition. Although he may be criticized for trying too hard to win the first HOH, when you come in as an "outcast," players think you're lying about your job, and THREE HGs will be nominated, I think it was in his best interest to win. IMO he delivered the most amusing line of the episode when talking about Howard by stating if he was gay he would "tear him apart."
I dunno McCrea, if anyone has the stomach to even want to visualize gay prison sex between you and Howard, I'm fairly certain it would be the other way around.

2) SPENSER - Comes off as the most level-headed of all the HGs...of course the competition for that honor isn't exactly fierce. If he can stay cautious without becoming paranoid, he should do fine. And I'm digging the Paul Bunyan beard.

3) HOWARD - What's there not to like about a bible-carrying muscleman who counsels kids. I just pray he keeps his Faith to himself and does not assume a John the Baptist role and start preaching the Word to the other HGs. Kudos for the radar going up on Jeremy. Don't trust him, Dude! Howard's my vote for week one MVP.

4) ELISSA - Only female HG with any initial strategy, but I wish you lots of luck with your all-girl alliance. There's a reason it has never been done this early on BB--estrogen and camaraderie rarely go hand-in-hand. Especially with gorgeous looking women...the claws will be out before day 3. Being Rachel's sister does not factor in my ranking. Elissa's married and a mom--so I don't see her being a skank and jumping on some hunk's bones anytime in the House.

5) HELEN - She's concerned the other HGs may think she's too intelligent? Why? We've had prior winners who are quite intelligent; you should be more concerned about being the oldest in the House. In any event, I'll be cheering her on trying to survive through the greatest divide in Reality TV.

6) ANDY - If he's willing to play the role of the "House Clown" he should laugh and goof his way to at least the F6. If he decides to start playing too hard too early, he won't even make the Jury. Either way I see him as an entertaining character this season.

7) NICK - His zany outrageousness is funny TV. I'm pretty sure it will eventually wear on me, but for right now it's OK. Should give comical DR confessionals. So long as McCrea keeps his word, Nick should remain safe this week with no blood on his hands.

8 - 11) In no particular order:
Other than obvious eye-candy there was little focus on them; or what I saw/heard of them in Ep. 1 didn't stick in my mind. So I'm ranking these four in the middle for now.

12)JUDD - First out in the first HOH competition will always get negative points from me. Floater material in a season billed as "anti-floaters." Could add up to wrong place at the wrong time for our country bumpkin.

13) JEREMY - "Werewolf?" I dunno, but in keeping with the Animal Kingdom, he has "snake" written all over him. He's all jacked-up about being in two alliances this early in the game? AAAAAA OK, so how long before these two alliances living in close quarters begin comparing notes and rat him out? Oh, and let's add a bail-on-purpose to grab a have-not immunity for the entire season for good measure. At this rate, Cherokee Boy is gonna get scalped sooner than later.

14) DAVID - Granted HGs are not given applications for MENSA, but then there's David. This dude is an dumb as a brick. And he thinks his pecks are all that; perhaps he should take a gander at Howard and come back down to earth. Would like to see him work his pecks by running a comb through his hair.

15) JESSIE - As delusional as David is with his pecks, Jessie is ten times as worse thinking she's the best-looking in the House. Yes she's cute, but if she wants that status she'll need to see half the female HGs voted out early, and have Production stock the House with lots of liquor.

16) GINAMARIE - Interesting she's from the same exact location (Staten Island) where I attended an open casting call for this season earlier in the year. And no I do not recall seeing her there. But even if my eyes missed her, I'm pretty sure my ears wouldn't have. DAMN, she's loud and annoying as hell! As a pageant coordinator I hope she's not coaching contestants on how to dye their hair. You would think her dark roots would start showing on Day 30, not Day 1. But then again, I doubt she gets anywhere close to day 30 in the House.

What can I say folks...It's good to be back!

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 RE: BB15 Love/Loathe List Ep1 Round Robin 06-28-13 1

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06-28-13, 09:35 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: BB15 Love/Loathe List Ep1"
Don't have real strong opinions on many of them yet, other than that they suck in general, but I'll say this much about these:

Elissa-A whiny overemotional crybaby like her sister. GETTEROUTTATHERE!

Candice-Bores me to tears.

Jeremy-Playing too hard too early. That "never a have not" thing will rub some people the wrong way, especially if he crows about it too much. And playing for something that self-oriented that early might cause other hamsters not to trust him much when certain competitions and twists with tempting prizes arise.

Spencer and Howard-Like them both. I think they'll last a while.

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