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buffybaset 6 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "American Cancer Society Spokesperson"

07-06-12, 12:27 PM (EST)
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Only going on first impression of their profiles, this is what I think of them prior to the season 14 starting:

Ashley Iocco - Anyone who is an Owner of a Mobile Spray Tanning Company has to be a tad superficial, but she may surprise with a business like demeanor. She could be dangerous if she is cunning and goes about the business of winning over her enemies while maintaining strong alliances.

Danielle Murphree - being a nurse and possibly a southern bell, she may be able to nurture her alliances and prevent enemies. However, she may wind up to nice for her own good. But what do I know, Jordon won it all that way.

Frank Eudy - Hippie Unemployed Beach Boy who may be one of those who can fly under the radar long enough to wind up in the jury. Don;t see him winning it all.

Ian Terry - genuine geek who may actually become likable if he does not show off his intellect too early, and comes into the house with contacts, instead of glasses.

Jenn Arroyo - talented musician types never fair well in this kind of reality show, so Jenn will leave before the jury, but should provide some nice fireworks before she fizzles out.

Jodi Rollins - hope she does not turn out to be another strong black woman who pisses everyone off. It would be great to see someone come into BB and break that stereotype, and really make a serious run to finals. It would be god for the game.

Joe Arvin - A chef by vocation, he should go far if he can hide his obvious comeptitive nature. This guy could win it all, but what do I know - I said the same thing about Chicken George;) ha lol

JoJo Spatafora - a flighty bartender who does not have a phone, computer or even a TV, she will be the first one out the door. If the girl does not have a TV, how could she know anything about BB. She's toast!

Kara Monaco - A model who seems to be really sweet, and obviously gorgeous, but the caddy jealous claws will come out eventually, and Kara will go by the way many have with her looks, out before the jury. Hope I am wrong though with her

Shane Meaney - smart handsome competitive hunk - hmmmmm, now who does that remind us of? He needs to hook up early with one of the babes, and spin his mighty charm to keep surviving and thriving. He could be in the top three if he plays his cards right???????????????

Wil Heuser - We have seen this type go early so many times, but if he can humble himself long enough to stay away from the mirrors, and the obnoxious metro-sexual grooming habits, he may survive long enough to make it to jury. But that is as far as this Ego will go.

Willie Hantz - this guy baffles me a bit. He could turn out to be someone who I love to love, or love to hate. He could become one of the more notorious characters in BB History, or just another jerk that we will try to forget. I am hoping for the prior.

The four Mystery Previous BB House Guests - hoping for at least one from last season, and the other three from previous seasons that have never been on BB a 2nd time. Of course my money is on one of these four to win it all this season. That is the smartest bet, but who knows with this game???????

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