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"Once again it's time to plan your trip to the Reality TV Vegas Bash 2010!"
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Liann035 2 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "American Cancer Society Spokesperson"

06-19-10, 05:41 PM (EST)
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"Once again it's time to plan your trip to the Reality TV Vegas Bash 2010!"

Real Player Superpass
Bally's/Paris Resort Casinos

bring you

Once again this is going to be
reality TV party any real fan won't want to miss!

September 17th thru the 19th in Las Vegas at Bally's and The Paris Resort Casinos we are once again throwing
THE Reality Celebrity event of the year, and you're invited!

On Friday September 17th join us from 4pm-8pm for a very private celeb Meet & Greet in the Bally's Penthouse Suite
where you could be one of the few lucky fans to rub elbows and take pictures with all of your favorite reality TV celebs. (SOLD OUT!)
Don't forget your autographs!

On Saturday September 18th join us from 8pm- 9pm for a look at and a walk down the Red Carpet to the Main event
VEGAS BASH 2010 at The Paris Resort Casino!

Following the Red Carpet event from 9pm-??? is the Reality TV Vegas Bash 2010 a private party held at The Paris Resort and Casino.
Party will include complementary full service Bar and hors d' oeuvres.
Reality TV guests coming so far are listed at bottom of this post.

You can get cozy with your favorite celebs and chat about their time on TV, Dance to the mix of guest DJs Mingle Mixx aka Casey Turner plus Alex Colodonato from Big Brother, you'll party the night away Vegas style! There will be a photo booth set up to help you make sure you get that perfect shot with your favorite people too!

On Sunday September 19th join us from 2pm- 6pm for a motorcycle run from Hogs & Heifers Saloon to Bally's Casino/Hotel where designated riders will pick up the celebs and fans to parade them back downtown to Hogs & Heifers, cruising down The Strip the whole way (about a 20 min ride). The opportunity will be available to potentially ride as a passenger on a celebs bike, or ride as a passenger on the back of a designated riderís motorcycle alongside the celebrity passengers. The fee to join the ride as a passenger is to be announced once we determine which celebs will actually be riding their own motorcycles.

Then join us for a fun afternoon at Hogs & Heifers Saloon in Downtown Las Vegas for a great BBQ, Chinese raffle and Beer Pong Tournament! There will be a $5 donation at the door, which includes the BBQ and all proceeds will go to the selected charitable organizations. The event will be a cash bar with a variety of $3 drink specials available all day.

Raffle tickets for the Chinese Raffle will be $10 for an arms length and $20 for a full body length (head to toe). What is a Chinese Raffle you ask? Only the best kind of raffle EVER! This is when you get to place your purchased raffle tickets towards the specific raffle prize items you hope to win, maximizing your odds to win your favorite items.

The Beer Pong Tournament will consist of 16 teams (32 Players), each team will consist of ONE celebrity and ONE fan. The Fan on the winning team will get to keep the custom made Beer Pong Final Table which will be signed by all the Celebs that participate in tournament. Fans will be able to bid in an online auction for the opportunity to play on a team with a celebrity. Information on the celebs who will be playing in the tournament with and the specifics on the auction will be forth coming in the near future.

Proceeds from these events will go to TWO wonderful Charities- The Poppy Foundation it is small but wonderful organization set up to help Cats in need, and a special charity to us and recommended by Krista from Big Brother 2. Faith House helps battered women and their children get back on their feet and become independent without the violence.

Tickets are on sale NOW!
There is limited number of tickets for each event so jump on it NOW.

Email Niki Congero at ASAP to make sure you get in on the fun.

Come join us for a great weekend of fun, gambling, food, dancing, and mingling all for some great charities!

Vegas Bash 2010 Reality Stars:

(this is a running list and names will be added as people are confirmed)

Big Brother:
Alex Coladonato
Alison Irwin
April Lewis
Bunky Miller
Bryan Ollie
Casey Turner
Chima Simone
Daniele Donato
Danielle Reyes
Diane Henry
Eric Stein
Holly King
Howie Gordon
Jen Johnson
Jennifer Diturno
Joe Barber
Keesha Smith
Kevin Campbell
Krista Stegall
Laura Crosby
Libra Thompson
Lydia Travera
Michael "Cowboy" Ellis
Michele Noonan
Michelle Costa
Monica Bailey
Jennifer "Nakomis" Dedmon
Nick Starcevick
Parker Delon
Rachel Plencner
Ronnie Talbot
Russell Kairouz
Sheila Kennedy
Steven Daigle
Zach Swerdzewski

And...the Big Brother 12 Cast... whoever they are ;)

Bobby Mason
Earl Cole
Eliza Orlins
Jonny Fairplay
Mikey Bortone
Jessica "Sugar" Kiper
Coach Wade
Jerri Manthey
Bruce Kanegai
Adam Gentry

Big John (John Murray)
Adam King
Derrick Kosinski
Katie Doyle
Mark Long
Evan Starkman
Kenny Santucci
Kelly Anne Judd
Emilee Fitzpatrick
Dunbar Merrill

Amazing Race:
Jennifer Parker
Michael Naylor
Louie Stravato
Eric Sanchez
Dan Pious
Jordan Pious
Allie Smith

Once again, special thanks go to this awesome website for letting me advertise the event here! *SMOOOOOCHEZ*


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