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"Mid-season Love List!"
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Original message

SilverStar 6205 desperate attention whore postings
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08-18-08, 10:33 AM (EST)
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"Mid-season Love List!"
Are you loving this seasons hamsters? Or hating them? Here's your chance to tell us about it! Use this thread to rank your favorites and those who you wish would hurry up and get evicted already.

Here's mine:

1. Dan-- Before the season started, after reading the bios, I was prepared to HATE Dan. I don't know if the stuff in his bio was extremely exaggerated, or if he's just a really good actor (judging from some of his DR's, I'm thinking this is not the case. lol.) but I don't see any of that bio in him. He is one of the few people who has yet to lose his cool and he just seems like a genuinely nice guy. I have a little crush on him.

2. Memphis-- I'm shallow and he's hot. *grin* But he also seems to be playing a good game and I hope he makes it to the end.


3. Renny-- My love for her has dropped a little bit since she became HOH and started to get kind of obnoxious, but she's still better than most. She tells it like it is and it's fun trying to figure out what she'll say next.

4. Keesha-- She's screechy and whiny, but for some reason she doesn't bother me that much.

5. Ollie-- He doesn't do much of anything (besides April) so there's nothing to really dislike about him. He's just sort of there.

6. Michelle-- Eh. I liked Michelle at first, but now she irritates me. I had hoped that once Jessie was gone she would be more fun, but it hasn't happened.


7. April-- This girl is so delusional it's almost funny. She thinks America loves her because she's such a nice and genuine person. Ha! Sorry, sweetie. You're sadly mistaken.

8. Jerry-- I never liked him, but after all his "Dan is Judas" crap, I now absolutely loathe him. There aren't enough bad words to explain how I feel about him.

Ranking the evicted:
1. Angie-- Super cool chick. I hated to see her go.
1. Brian-- He would've brought so much fun to the house! Come back, Brian!
3. Steven-- Meh. A lot of people seemed to love him, but he never did much for me.
4. Jessie-- Unintentionally hilarious! But a really big tool.
5. Libra-- Glad she's gone.

Your turn!

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 RE: Mid-season Love List! mia rules18 08-18-08 1
 RE: Mid-season Love List! suzzee 08-18-08 2
 RE: Mid-season Love List! mrc 08-18-08 3
 RE: Mid-season Love List! krismiss2us 08-19-08 4

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mia rules18 409 desperate attention whore postings
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08-18-08, 11:50 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: Mid-season Love List!"
1. Dan-what can I say, I love a good underdog he does seem pretty genuine and a great guy.

2. Memphis-- When he ever said in th DR (in reference to Michelle and Jerry talking smack about Dan and his religion) "where I come from people would get punched in the mouth for saying that...what's wrong with these people?" He won me over completely. He's cool. I forgive him for the whole "mixologist" thing.

3. Keesha-- Can't believe I like the hooters girl, but again, she seems genuine, I loved that she befriended Renny and others when it wasn't the cool thing to do.

4. Renny- fun gal, but yeah, weirded me out with her whole HOH.

5. Ollie--yep, he's just there. Kind of funny that he's afraid of birds.

6. Michelle- obnoxious. when she started going off on libra being a bad mom and being so ridiculous about the unitard I gave up hope.

7. Jerry-- I had such high hopes for him. Then he grabbed April's breast day one...that's okay, no big deal, then he was long winded and kind of a loud mouth, allright, then came the Dan is Judas reign of terror and now he's looking really creepy following April and Ollie around. Ewww.

8. April-fake fake fake. obsessed with herself, not someone I would want to hang out with for five minutes. Would love to be there when she gets out of the house and realizes that america isn't in love with her.

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suzzee 4954 desperate attention whore postings
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08-18-08, 02:07 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Mid-season Love List!"
I could save myself a lot of typing but lets see if I can come up with some original thoughts. I completely agree with your rundown on the order though as far as those I like.
I could never hang with previous seasons (too many conflicts with time & vcr management)so this year is the first time I've watched the whole thing. wowzer, what an social experiment.

1. Dan: I'd like to see he and Memphis end up as the last two standing. Dan seems like he's torn by playing the game and playing so his students watching him aren't going to question his ethics. I'm not sure if he is holding back because he just is like that or he doesn't want to answer a bunch of difficult questions when he gets back to work & all those high school kids.

2. Memphis: Why no one has figured out he's throwing every competition yet is beyond me. Are they all that self absorbed? (rhetorical question) He's the big fat spider sitting in the web just waiting for everyone else to get caught. He's number 2 in my book but I think he's going to win unless someone figures him out and figures out how to get around him quick.

3. Renny: She's turned into quite the observer. I think she sat around and got to know everyone both on the surface they were presenting and how they really are. If anyone can outmaneuver Memphis I think it may be her.

4. Keesha: I think Renny sees herself in Keesha. Keesha has a good heart & head on her, probably very much like Renny was in her 20's. That doesn't mean Renny thinks Keesha is her bestest buddy though. Like I said Renny sees herself in Keesha and is going to keeep an eye on her.

5. Ollie: He is going to be soooo embarrassed once the hormones have subsided. April is a bit of a skank.

6. Michelle: Give her an A for effort, but she's just everyones insurance vote and is a bit out of her league. Memphis is going to get the most mileage out of their "friendship" I think.

7. April: I'm the prettiest, everyone thinks so. I hate to say so but she looks washed out & used up already. Destined to be Queen of De Nile, even in 20 years.

8. Jerry: Talk about a case of arrested development. The man has absolutely nothing in the wisdom department to offer anyone. He sounds like a spoiled, petulant, overbearing old fart and I've been hitting the mute button when he starts talking.

Ranking the evicted:

1. Angie: poor thing, I would have liked her to stay longer
1. Brian: he was fun and just overplayed his game too soon and too hard, scared everyone into voting him out
3. Steven: self promoter and should have gone first
4. Jessie: younger then his years, more like a 15 yr old
5. Libra: yikes, hope her kids take after daddy, they'll be scary if they take after her when they hit their teens

Coolest Siggie Ever thx Tribe! 2008

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mrc 10020 desperate attention whore postings
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08-18-08, 02:52 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: Mid-season Love List!"
I agree with both of your lists except I would flip Ollie and Keesha. Keesha reminds me too much of Evil Dick's Danielle.

A totally ag-cepptable siggie

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krismiss2us 768 desperate attention whore postings
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08-19-08, 07:51 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: Mid-season Love List!"
I'm pretty new but here goes

1. Dan - totally agree
2. Memphis - agree w/ the post about his standing up for Dan
3. Ollie- he's just there but he's an idiot for who...he's doing
4/5 Renny/Keesha - bit a of a tie there
6. April - skanny thing and yet, she thinks she's nice....delutional
7. Jerry - loved him at the beginning - my dad fought in Korea...but his whole Judas thing just soured me to him.
8. Michelle - when she went off on Libra over the vacation and needing her kids taken away, I just saw red. My honey watched with me and he said the same thing Libra's husband did - if you don't take the vacay, I'll be pissed!

1. Brian - would love to see him re-enter the house
2. Angie - didn't get to see enough of her
3. Libra - yea she was loud, but she sure made things interesting.
4. Steven - whatever
5. Jessie - what a freakin' idiot!

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