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"Post Game Interviews & Appearances"
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Elaine0 1507 desperate attention whore postings
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09-13-06, 08:30 AM (EST)
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"Post Game Interviews & Appearances"
LAST EDITED ON 09-13-06 AT 09:14 AM (EST)

I thought we needed a place for links to interviews after the game is over and they find out what happened behind their backs. If this doesn't belong here, please move it.

Boogie, Erika, Janelle & Will were on the Early Show. The interview with Boogie & Erika lasted about 3 minutes and at least half of that was spent on Julie's stupid "what's happening in the world" questions.

Boogie was asked if him and Erika will date. He said she's a little mad right now. So Julie asks her and Erika said she didn't want to date anyone right now because of her breakup with Josh.

I missed the introductions so I don't even know if Will & Janelle were mentioned. There was just a quick shot of them in the audience.

ETA After reading the on scene report from TV Clubhouse I found out the Early Show segment was taped immediately after the finale. I had figured Jani was up all night since she was still wearing the same dress.

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Elaine0 1507 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Peanut Festival Grand Marshall"

09-13-06, 08:37 AM (EST)
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1. "Post Game Interview With George"

Everyone was shocked to see you lose your temper with Howie in the jury house, were you hiding a darker side? (from Jane in Sunrise, FL)

George: Basically what happened is I told Howie beforehand, "The game is over, we both lost. Let's just chill, that's the end of it. Howie kept pounding me. I could run away or I could state my peace. I was backed in a corner and I had no choice.

Who was the most trustworthy person in the house?

George: For me I got to tell you there's no doubt, Mike Boogie. Mike Boogie and the Dr., they never lied to me one time and they tried to carry me through the game.

People on the message boards said the slop question for the veto was worded in such a way that you didn't really have to be on slop if you figured it out. Did the producers make it clear that you had to be on slop?

George: I was on slop and the prodcuers enforced that, they made sure I was on slop.

Would you have formed a stronger alliance with anyone if you had to do it over again?

George: I figured out the alliance thing didn't really work. James put it right, people take BB as a team sport but BB is strictly a one man operation.

Last one, a strange one, if you had to be one superhero which would you be?

George: I've always been a fan of Superman, I'll go with that one.

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Elaine0 1507 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Peanut Festival Grand Marshall"

09-13-06, 09:12 AM (EST)
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2. "FInale Coverage from TV Clubhouse"

The Arrival

My day at the Big Brother finale started a bit strangely. The email I received told me to be there at 3pm. Since I’ve been to the BB5 and 6 finales, I know how this works—you show up a bit before 3, there’s a huge line of cars, etc, and there’s always a long line of people to get in. So I decided this year I’d outsmart everyone and arrive around 2. Well, that’s great til the reality of leaving work early hit and I couldn’t make it out as soon as I wanted to. I ended up getting there at 2:50 and drove directly into the parking lot—no lines, no waiting, etc. I am thinking this may be a small, intimate finale as this is VERY unusual (For BB5 I arrived around the same time, maybe a bit earlier). I pull right up, tell them I am there for BB, and “Rent A Cop” attitude shows its ugly head.

“You need to be here at 3.”

“But it’s 2:50. I’ve always been told to arrive *by* 3 and I’ve always gotten in before 3.”

“I can’t let you in until 3. You have to leave and come back.”

I’m a bit flabbergasted but decide I’ll pull out and park right around the corner and just wait. I make a couple of quick phone calls and turn around to get back to the lot at 2:57—and to my shock, about 300 cars (ok, maybe a bit fewer than that) showed up out of NOWHERE. All waiting to pull into the CBS lot. Luckily, since I was coming from the north (with a bunch of dead end streets) my line was only about 4 cars long, but anyone who’s waited to turn left into a long line of right-turning cars knows, you’re going to wait a bit.

The line didn’t move for like 10 minutes. AT ALL. For those of you familiar with CBS, the line (from my vantage point) went at least down Radford to Ventura, if not spilling out onto Ventura. Finally, they started letting cars in – and totally dispensed with all the normal security checks. No trunks checked, no IDs, no nothing. I think they knew they had a massive traffic problem and figured the people checking us in would straighten out who belonged there.

I got parked and they directed all BB people down to the side of the garage. If you were there for BB5 it was set up almost exactly the same way. Big long line, people walking down checking you in. Now, for those that don’t remember, I had been told I was on the list for BB6 but something went horribly wrong and I wasn’t on the list (but managed to talk my way into standby). I was worried that even with an official email something bad would happen. When the woman checking everyone in got to me, I kinda gritted my teeth and gave her my last name. – she knew who I was without even looking at the list! I was pretty shocked, and should’ve asked how she knew who I was. I got a purple wristband and she went on her way. There were light blue and orange wristbands (Apparently houseguest-guests) and purple (crew guest), and the standby people with numbers.

While we were waiting in line, Marvin (BB5) showed up, followed by (in no particular order) Monica, Bunky (both BB2, not together), Lisa (BB3 a few of us in line THOUGHT, it was slightly hard to tell), Diane (BB5 -- or maybe her twin sister), and then the HUGE BB6 contingent of April, Maggie, Rachel, Sarah with Ivette and Beau showing up a bit later. Gretchen (Housecalls) and someone who looked like her (like a sister maybe?) showed up. Kaysar’s family also showed up, and I think Janelle’s mom did as well but I didn’t know it at the time. (I think a few others showed up but I am blanking, it was the most previous HGs I remember seeing at a finale!). This is my first hint the crowd wasn’t a real “fan crowd” – in BB5 when the previous HGs showed up, everyone in line clapped, tried to talk to the HGs, etc. Now maybe it’s a function of who I saw but no one in line even approached any of the HGs. Granted, neither did I, but I am not the most extroverted person. In fact, there was a lot of debate, one person thought Beau was Marcellas (apparently not remembering the whole ‘jury’ deal!). It was a bit frustrating. It did appear they MIGHT have had stuff out to make signs, and possibly some pre-made signs, but they weren’t actively pushing it like they did at BB5.

Around 3:50 they took in the orange/light blue wristbanded people to the house, and pulled the purple wristbands into our own line. The annoying aspect of this is the line DID NOT stay in order and people were racing around cutting in line and such. But it wasn’t a big deal as it turned out, as I’ll get to in a bit.

Just after 4, they took the purple wristbands in to the show. They took us through the CBS lot (past the Passions soundstage, among others!) and we had to wait outside of the house for a bit as they seated people. It was REALLY hot and pretty miserable at this time. Whereas in the original location we were shaded by the parking structure, we were out in direct 100+ degree heat. Luckily they got us in in about 5 minutes (maybe only like 2 but it felt like 20).

When I first got in the seats were pretty empty, but they did have assigned seats for some former HGs—Bunky, Ashleah, Ivette, Beau, Maggie, and the F2’s families. The HGs seats had signs on them with pictures; family were just plain text.

Seating was ENTIRELY arbitrary, based on how attractive you were. My proof? Walking near me was a couple—the girl was absolutely gorgeous. The guy wasn’t too bad looking, maybe sorta like Michael Vartan from Alias. As you walked in, the handlers assigned where you would be sitting. I got about 4th row on the left side (As you walked in, and the left side as it appears on TV) I was near the aisle, since I was alone. Now, as the couple behind me walked in, I heard the guy directing me to say “Hey, uhm , do we want them for the runway?” pointing to the couple behind me. Eventually, they were NOT given runway seats and seated behind me. (definitely the guy’s fault for not being handsome enough!) This sorta happened last year when I was on standby and waiting in the green room, they were definitely judging who got to sit where (most “attractive” = closest to Julie = most camera time). It’s a bit annoying, it’s TV, what can you do.

So eventually Bunky and Gretchen (housecalls) come up and sit pretty much right in front of me. Some guy sits next to me and seems a bit upset he’s got such a bad seat, I just write it off as a weird personality. Ivette and Beau end up in the row in front of me, all the way at the other end by the catwalk. Only Ivette was supposed to sit there but Beau went with her. Maggie and April (and Rachel?) sat together in the front row of my section and I think only Maggie was supposed to sit there. The production staff got REALLY flummoxed by all this and started telling Beau and April they HAD to move where they were TOLD to sit. Beau refused, and April said someone TOLD her to sit there. Neither ended up not moving.

A guy next to me was trying to hold seats for friends (Not sure the deal, they didn’t have wristbands). He had the “HOW WOULD HOWIE VOTE” sign. I don’t quite know what to make of him; I don’t want to say too much and possibly offend him or a friend who may be reading this, but I didn’t “get” him. He claimed to be a huge fan of the show from as far back as S2, but didn’t know who Bunky was. (or Krista, when I pointed her out walking in) He didn’t seem to know much about the show but claimed to have been one of the pre-show standins (They run a week of semi-rehersals before the show starts – they hire people to live in the house, do comps, etc. They’re not allowed to stay overnight, so the hours are like 8am-11pm, but all meals are catered, etc). Not sure if he was telling the truth but it’s not something the average BB fan knows exists, so who knows.

Like I said, Krista (BB2) did show up and it was pretty shocking when she walked in. She was wearing a home made t-shirt with “Louisiana” and a bunch of Katrina-stats (About houses destroyed, people needing help) – it was very hard to understand the shirt. She looked like she had lost a lot of weight since BB2 and looked nice. (even if the t-shirt seemed a bit .. out of place?) She did sit at the very end of the runway, I have no idea if they were planning on doing something with her but they never did.

As Bunky was sitting down he asked around and said “Well, who is everyone?” It seemed a bit rhetorical, but I always liked Bunky, so I reached out to shake his hand and introduce myself. I think he saw the sign the guy next to me had, as he asked if I was Howie’s brother. I have no idea where that came from otherwise…..!? But it was said in jest but I didn’t quite know how to respond. I did ask if after seeing the season he was happy he wasn’t in it, and he said he was VERY relieved he didn’t make it into the house, that it wouldn’t have been worth it. He was pretty openly talking to anyone who asked him questions. I wish I had thought to tell him how much I enjoyed the Kent and Bunky shows from BB2.

About then, the guy next to me on the other side, who had been complaining about his seat, asked if he could switch with the guy next to me and swap us down a bit. We kinda didn’t know what was up but we agreed to slide down. Then, I overheard him introducing himself to Gretchen and Bunky as Nate and it hit me—it’s Janie’s best friend! He finally did say that that was who he was; he didn’t seem very comfortable talking about Janelle but I did tell him how amazing all of the fans thought Janie was and he was really lucky to have her as a friend. He seemed like a nice guy, a bit unsure of how to handle the attention (I don’t blame him, I wouldn’t know what to say if total strangers talked about my best friends as if they knew them!). I guess Janie’s mom was in the row in front of me, or maybe the row in front of that.

At one point, the production staff asked us a bit later how many of us had to go to the bathroom. When half of the audience raised their hands, they decided to take small groups. Problem was, they only took ONE small group before pretty much ignoring the rest of us. They kept telling us to wait, they’d come back, but we finally revolted and just left of our own volition. Of course, we didn’t realize the stage door would be locked behind us when we came back. I led a small group of 3-4 people back to the other door (there are 2 entrances; one is used to get into Julie’s studio/finale studio, the other goes more into the production areas) into the studio where a very freaked out crew member stopped us and asked why we were coming in. I told her we got locked out going to the bathroom. For some reason she agreed to ONLY take ME back to the stage (I think she only saw my wristband but everyone else had one) but I told the rest of the group to follow me in. We wandered around unsupervised for a few seconds, but it was about 7 minutes to showtime. I ended up wandering right between Julie and her teleprompter to get back to my seat. She was getting last minute hair/makeup done and reading the teleprompter.

After they finished depleting the ozone layer getting Julie’s hair ready, the hair and makeup people got a pretty decent crowd reaction. ;) The stage coordinator told us about acting exciting, cheering, standing up/sitting down on cue, etc, etc. The normal TV show stuff. Then Julie did a brief rehearsal of the first intro to the show. There were a few dead minutes waiting, and then we went live….

The Show

This part won’t be as long since everyone actually SAW the show. I’ll just write the things that stick out in my head that maybe wasn’t obvious on TV. It might be easiest to try to answer questions people have about what was shown…. I am re-watching the show again (doing a very fast scan of it) to try to remember anything that popped up.

The crowd was definitely pro-Janelle. I was disappointed to see on the TV how much of the crowd noise they cut out. It’s weird to watch on TV—they had Julie mic’d VERY low in the studio (to avoid feedback). We could NOT hear Julie at all when there was any applause. I did notice the crowd got louder during Janelle’s introduction. There were LOTS of crowd reaction to many of the taped segments, like the jury stuff, but they kept that all off of the broadcast-- laughing when re-showing the flower/bee veto, shocked noises when Janelle said she prayed to God that Erika wouldn’t win, etc.

It was weird being behind Julie and getting to read her TelePrompTer. She stuck to the script about 95% of the time, and actually did do some minor (VERY minor) ad-libbing. The plasma TV that kept appearing and disappearing behind her was carried in between each section. It was kind of funny seeing 3-4 crew members dragging the TV back and forth just to set up one shot. When Julie switches cameras that she’s looking into, there is a guy standing directly underneath the cameras that swings out to show her where to look. It’s pretty funny to watch. (the TelePrompTer says stuff like “to 60” or “to 40” where each camera is numbered)

During a break, they raced in the furniture for the jury area – just a wood platform and 7 chairs. They were scrambling to get them in and set up in time. But they obviously did. They did the same for the 5 evicted HGs; they had to move cameras and race in the platforms.

They didn’t allow us to hear the end of the jury questioning—they were lining up the jury outside the studio and didn’t want our groans or applause or the like to taint the jury, so the production people came out and explained they were cutting the audio for the last 2-3 questions and the final statements. So that was a bit of a bummer. (They need a better way to handle that, last year when I was in the green room they told us to be quiet talking since the jury might’ve been influenced by us) And again, when they jury DID come out we could NOT hear who was being introduced, so the crowd reaction for the person didn’t start until we actually SAW them (Which took a while to due to how high the seats were, they had to fully get on stage until we saw them). Janelle immediately saw Nate and started waving and smiling at him (you can see it on the show-- and I’d like to think we made eye-contact as well ;) ).

Bunky is who held up the Bunky sign. That was his sign from his seat (holding his place). He got in trouble for holding it up!!! The production assistant ran over and told him to STOP that, they were like “What the f---“ in the production room… I don’t know what the big deal was, and Bunky seemed a bit mad that they told him to stop..!

We couldn’t see the keys or anything as they were voting. It looks MUCH darker on the show than I remember it in the studio—I didn’t even notice they dimmed the lights!! George couldn’t figure out how to turn the key, Danielle seemed to have trouble finding the correct key. Howie got a BIG reaction for both his comment about America hating Erika (like a “oooooooooh boy here we go”) and the comment—VERY loud applause. It doesn’t sound as loud on TV.

They did bring out the first 5 evicted HGs during a break and told us to wait to applaud til they were all named. Jase immediately became Jase and started into a routine kinda mocking Marvin – I can’t repeat it without sounding a bit racist but it was basically that he (Jase) was sitting between 2 white women, but what Marvin would be saying if he was there. (figure Marvin’s tendencies plus Jase’s sense of humour and I am sure you can imagine where it went—it was clean but just barely) I didn’t notice Nakomis’ face very much (Bad angle) but I don’t think there was anything going on with her eyes like some have asked.

Alison looked very striking to me—I’ve never been a fan of her nose job but she looked really pretty in person and a great outfit. (She looked the most “different” than what I expected, although I thought she looked pretty when she was on this season, better than BB4) Diane looked MUCH better in person than I thought she looked on TV.

The Mr/Mrs Smith thing went over BIG with the audience… as did any mention of Will being the best player for BB. The clips of the DR phone calls had the audience in stiches—I don’t think the HGs heard the majority of them as it was SO loud with the crowd laughing. They got the point, though—they were being mocked in the DR.

I think the audience was FLOORED when they showed Boogie’s segment to Erika—absolutely stunned. No one could believe they actually did that. You could totally see that Erika was emotionally devastated. It was pretty sad…

The crowd reaction sounded better on TV that I thought it did in person for Boogie’s win—it was applause but wasn’t really enthusiastic. I think there was some real-time audience volume control going on (making us louder). You can kind of hear it taper off before Boogie even gets to the end of the runway. There was some sliiiight booing at one point (I can’t remember now if it was when he was walking out, or when he mentioned the restaurants)

During commercials (Before and after Boogie came out), there was lots of Will and Boogie being Will and Boogie (well, once Boogie got out)— they’d “introduce” staff members they knew. Stuff like “Ladies and Gentlemen, Jonah , taking care of all of our families, give him a hand!”. So we did applaud, but it seems SO forced/fake on everyone’s part. “Everyone, it’s Arnold Shapiro!” (groan)

Once Erika came out she DID seem VERY upset by what happened with playing the DRs and the comments from Alison. She didn’t really talk to anyone. I did see her mom (?) come up to her after the game and you could tell Erika just wanted to run away and hide with her. They whispered for a long time (can’t lip-read, sorry!) but you could tell Erika was NOT happy at ANY point in the taping. I felt horrible for her. I met her before the BB5 finale and she seemed like a VERY sweet and genuine person. I know there’s been some controversy about her during the run of BB:AS but I hate seeing ANYONE hurting unless they really truly deserve it, and I don’t know if being on a reality show quite hits that threshold. I’m not sure if she pissed off the producers or what, but her face was NOT taking it as much in stride as her words were. And she is very, very thin. I remember her being thin during the BB5 finale but not like this. Her arms are TINY.

I quite honestly didn’t pick up on any major chemistry between Will and Janelle. ALL of the sequestered HGs seemed to be looking more in the audience for friends/family. They definitely weren’t spending more than occasional seconds whispering. It didn’t seem like they couldn’t wait to talk or something.

Julie had SERIOUS trouble opening the envelope for America’s Choice, it was NOT a ploy to drag it on (The show was running VERY late). The crowd ERUPTED when Janelle won AC – louder than anything Boogie got.

And then, the show was basically over. Julie raced through the last few lines, we went off the air, and the audience was told to hold on for a few minutes…. Little did we know there was (A little bit) more to come.

After The Show

As anyone’s who been to a BB finale knows, the last part is sitting there, trapped, while they take ENDLESS pictures with ENDLESS variations of people. This year was no different. As soon as the show was over they were trying to get everyone back together, posing, standing together, acting friendly, etc. The HGs were (As usual) fairly hard to get under control – Will ran over to someone about 2-3 rows in front of me (maybe his brother? Not sure), and Boogie came over to the same person a while later. Much time was spent trying to get Boogie to stay on the stage and take pictures. You know the drill—Boogie with Julie. Then Boogie with Erika. Then Erika with Julie. Then Julie by herself. Then Boogie with a key. I’m sure if you check the news wires tomorrow there will be dozens of pictures of EVERY possible combination. And it was the same older guy who was kind of the lead photographer who set up the shots everyone else had to take pictures from.

THEN they tried the big group photo, which is always amusing to watch photographers who kinda, sorta know the contestants try to give them vague directions on where to stand. They kept calling Jase “Jason” and he finally, harshly, corrected one of them.. (I don’t blame him necessarily but I was wondering if he ever would correct them) They kept telling Diane that she was “getting lost” in the photograph. SHE finally snapped that she didn’t know what they were talking about and how to fix it. Since they had their backs to us, we couldn’t quite see the pictures, but in some of them we could see pretty funny posturing—like Alison almost propping herself up on Kaysar and Jase to get into the picture (She was looking like she was trying to lay forward over them while holding on to keep her balance).

Normally, this is the end of BB and they ask us all to leave; but today they told us we had to wait to do the Early Show setup—apparently, we got to see the recording of tomorrow morning’s Early Show with the winner/runner-up! They spent 5-10 minutes resetting the stage, AGAIN, for this. First with the key box. Then they decided to take it out. Then they decided to put it back in. The audience was getting kinda grumpy (and yelling it looked better without the key box, but we were overruled as this apparently wasn’t an America’s Choice) as they kept telling us we could leave in a couple minutes then they added stuff for us to watch. They had Boogie and Erika sitting there in their positions and the main production guy was being pseudo-Julie for positioning. They spent way too long inching chairs here and there. I’m not sure where Julie was at this time, but she finally came out and said something about doing a “Straight Q&A like all of the other segments”.

So she came out and asked them questions—about the future, the current events quiz (True or False; they got almost all of them wrong and Julie jokingly accused them multiple times of “throwing the final HoH”) Stuff like Kevin Federline guest starring on CSI (Boogie said false, cause it’d be a crime if K-Fed got on before him—so Julie said it was true and someone needed to get arrested); gas prices hitting an all-time high of $4.07 a gallon, and something else I can’t remember. She asked if they’d be friends or not, you could tell Erika was being a trooper and really trying to pretend that the game meant nothing, but as I said, you could tell she was really hurting. Being as I’ve just come through kind of a similar sort of situation, my heart really went out to her, having to pretend like everything was absolutely fine when your heart was shattering inside. I wish I could remember the exact phrasing of some of the questions and answers—I have a feeling it will be quite edited. There were some questions that got audience response but again, I can’t quite remember them. (sorry! It’s a combination of it being a long day anyway, and it’s very late for me writing this!) I remember a few times thinking answers by Boogie about Erika were coming out very, very wrong. You could tell they had no idea what to say to each other and were trying to keep up the “it’s just a game” line but Boogie knew he was in trouble and Erika was emotionally wiped out.

I don’t remember being shocked by any of the questions OR answers—it was pretty run of the mill. Maybe they had to do it do allow time to get to the View tomorrow? (where is that taped? I thought it was in NY; so I’d assume they’re already on a plane out right now) Overall, the Early Show segment was maaaybe 5-7 minutes. It will be interesting if they try to pass it off as live as everyone was in the same clothes as the finale (including the audience ;) ).

So after that wrapped up they FINALLY allowed us to leave. The HGs were mostly already herded out but a few were lingering. Former HGs in the audience were sticking back to go to the party afterwards. Some walked outside to look for the party with us. I walked right past Sarah and was struck by how tall she is—I know it’s always said but it’s amazing to see her right there. I think she had heels on, but was about my height (or maybe even taller, I am 6’1). She is very pretty, she’s like the very beautiful girl next door type—she’s not quite a supermodel look but she’s beautiful. Mostly it was the S6 women hanging around outside the door as we left; I saw April, Maggie, Rachel, and Sarah. Not sure where anyone else was. I was tempted to try to talk to them but it hits me—I have NOTHING to talk to these people about. Yeah, I “know” them but only in the most tangential, ridiculous of ways. So I decided to just head out, since I didn’t have a camera (Weren’t allowed) and had nothing really to say.

There was no real supervision getting us out of the studio and back to parking. So there were just groups of stragglers walking back to the lot. There wasn’t too much chatter amongst the audience after the show. I think the combination of only a few REAL fans along with a kind of unenthusiastic response to the final 2 made people just kind of show up, enjoy the taping, but not really get INTO it. In a lot of ways, this was the most mellow finale I’ve been to. BB5 was crazy; BB6 a little less so (Granted, I wasn’t in the studio for most of it). Janelle had the crowd going wild; the rest of the applause seemed like “polite enthusiasm” more for the TV show than the person themselves.

So that was about my evening. I came home, had dinner, watched myself on “live” TV (Always a scary thing) and wrote this. I will try to answer any questions about the show but keep in mind it’s a bit of a blur! And I am sure there will be some follow up stuff I remember after the fact….

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5. "RE: FInale Coverage from TV Clubhouse"
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share commercial interactions. Specifically, how did Janelle and Will act around each other? And can you confirm that Erin was no where in sight?
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3. "Finale Pics"

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4. "RE: Finale Pics"
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bdemoney 745 desperate attention whore postings
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09-15-06, 10:07 PM (EST)
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6. "RE: Wrap party pics"
For those of you who would like to view wrap party pics, here ya go......

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bdemoney 745 desperate attention whore postings
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09-15-06, 10:26 PM (EST)
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7. "RE: Wrap party information"
Here's an account of what actually went on at the wrap party. Thought some of the skits....especially the one of Will and Boogie's "showmance" and the NPH one sounded hilarious. Thought I'd share with you guys.

That is if anyone is still around this neck of the woods anymore...

Here's a link:
or you can just read below:

OK - so I got there and I was by myself since my dude was traveling on the "party bus" that got sent around LA to pick people up. The party bus was late, so I found myself in the awkward position of having to "mingle" in a crowd of about 500 (and I'm a little socially anxious, so it was hard.) I got a drink and started walking through the crowd. I immediately see Jase and his really pretty fiance, and I just have no interest or nothing to say to him - he freaks me out a little bit. He's kind of weird looking in person.

I see Kayser, and when I realize that I don't have anything intelligent to say I chicken out and keep walking.

And then there was Howie. I knew that I would have no problem going up to Howie so I do - at which point he kisses me three times, is super sweet and then ruins it by telling me that it would be better if I was in bikini. But it's Howie, so I still gotta love him. I told him that I needed to hang out with someone until my friend gets there and he's cool with that. But he's bombarded by so many people that I slip away.

I see James and Sarah. She is BEAUTIFUL in person. I realize that I don't have anything to say to him either, so I slink away.

Right into Boogie.
All of the hateful, vile things I wanted to say just fade into cowardice. And all I can say is "Congratulations". We shook hands. I'm sorry. I suck. I just couldn't say anything deserving. It was his night. I wasn't anywhere near drunk enough to pull a rosie.

I try to mingle more (yeah, right. it was awkward) and find a girl who had never seen the show, so I spend 10 minutes filling her in on the characters and plot. At that point, I see Dr. Delicious. He has a tiny teacup dog in his jacket and one miss erin brodie on his arm. He gets mobbed. We wait. A spot opens and I rush in.

He shakes my hand and kisses me on the cheek. I thank him for a summer of entertainment and he makes some polite cheesy comment in return, we exchange a few more pleasantries (he really is kind of plastic) and I move on. I was pretty unimpressed with him in opinion of him was larger than life on the screen, but me being 5'10 in 3 inch heels bringing me to 6'1 - he just seemed kind of small and pasty and sweaty and ...plastic. Eh.

I see Erika. A part of me wants to say something, but I'm not sure what to say. I stay away. She was there with her brother. I still haven't seen Janelle, and to be honest, she is the only one to whom I actually have something important to say.

Finally my friend comes. I tell him that I'm pretty much here just to see the gag reel and then I'm splitting. Arnold Shapiro gets on stage and calls the cast up. They come up and THERE'S JANIE. Finally. She looks good, and happy, and a little tipsy.

Janie, Howie, Kayser, Boogie are all standing there in the center. James, Dani and Allison are next to them. Georgie was there in between (oh, yeah, I said hi to George too, he was sweet. He said he's just glad to be out of there) Diane is by Will far off to the side, and Erika is so close to the edge of the stage that you can barely see her standing in the shadows. Jase was next to her. NO interaction between Will and Janie. Nada. Will look REALLY uncomfortable. Erin was in the audience. Arnold gives a speech about the crew and how hard everyone worked. Finally, he asks the cast "How did the 12 of you KNOW Will's game and not evict him and Boogie in the first and second week?" No one wants to answer and Boogie finally takes the mike and says "cause we told each one of them that we were taking them to the final three." There was not an enthusiastic response to this.

At this point, Erika and Jase leave the stage. It was odd. Will is inching closer to the edge, away from the Sov's and booger. As the cast starts to leave, Arnold calls Janie and Howie back, gives them the mike, so they can do one last "OH JANIE. OH HOWIE. YOU'RE SUCH A BEEFCAKE. OH JANIE." blah blah blah.

Finally. The gag reel.
Fricken hilarious. I saw several people filming the screen with their mini-cams, so I REALLY hope someone will post it so you guys can see it.

They did a lot of phone calls. Phone calls from the producers, making fun of the houseguests. Throughout the reel were phonecall intermissions. Pretty funny stuff.

They do a bird/bee segments where they show George humping everyone. They intercut Shapiro in a bee suit and splice it together making it look like George is humping him.

They do a Brokeback Spoof - called "Chilltown Mountain" showing Will and Boogie looking longingly at each other with the brokeback music, both of them wearing cowboy hats, cutting in clips of will's voice saying romantic things (which were originally at Janie) but making it look like he's talking to boogie. They do a slow mo shower scene with them, them hugging, they cuts some of will's soulful looks into Will riding the bull in slow-mo. Hilarious.

They do a farting clip. Mostly Howie and George.

They do a funny lock-down clip with the houseguests all stuck inside the house, complaining about the lockdown and wondering what the heck they are doing out there. They show outside, and the crew is having a HUGE PARTY. That part was pretty funny too.

They do a Marcelles talking about how hot Kayser is clip - the stuff we saw on the show was pretty edited - Marci went on and on about Kayser and what he wanted to do to him.

They did the falls and spills which you would have to see to be funny. Drunken dani fell down once - there were actually a lot of falls in the house.

My two favorite parts of the reel were two phone calls.
They show Boogie doing the solo phone call to will - but they cut in Arnold Shapiro answering the phone.
Boogie - "brrring"
Arnold - "Boogie? Is that you? I told you not to call me ever again after season two."
Shot of Boogie looking VERY forlorn.

Neil Patrick Harris on the phone. (I will try to paraphrase)
NPH - "Hello?"
Producer - "Hey, Neil, I heard you got to go into the BB house.."
NPH - "yeah, it was really cool."
Prod. - "I heard that Will has kind of a crush on you."
NPH - "yeah. I saw that. It was kind of awkward - when he got out of bed to greet me, I guess he had a morning erection."
Prod. - "interesting."
NPH - "the other houseguests were really cool though."
Prod. - "So, did you meet Boogie too?"

Gag reel ends (I really hope that someone posts it, I don't do it justice.)

I tell my friend that I want to leave, he agrees. Walking through the people, I see Dani and Allison doing some drunken-looking dancing. They were probably just having a good time. Um....Monica, April, Rachel were there. Probably more, that's just who I remember.

Janelle has been mobbed this entire time and I just can't get up the courage.

As we are getting closer to leaving, I see her. It appears that she might be approachable. I look at my friend, and I'm like "OK, I'm going to do it. I'm going to go talk to Janelle."

I walk up to her. She gets mobbed by two guys who are taking pictures. I start to say something, and she gets acosted again. He finally leaves and she turns back to her friends, I tap her on the shoulder, she turns, and I ask "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

She says sure and I proceed to tell her that I was up with her the night that Howie left, and I was worried, and that America loved her and was staying up with her, and that the board I was on (that's you guys) was probably like 30to1 in favor of her, and that anytime someone said something bad, they usually had a bunch of people jumping down their throats defending her. And that people were sending her love and strength throughout that night. I told her about how I came to like her (it being very unnatural for me to be appreciative of a bleached blond fake-boobied girl) but that I just couldn't help it. I told her that people were worried for her after she would find out the things that Marci and James said to her, and that everyone just wanted her to know that she was loved. (sorry for you janie haters...I said everyone.)

She was really REALLY nice. She hugged me and continued to talk to me for about 5 minutes while a huge crowd gathered, she was in high demand - but she really talked to me - about how she felt when howie left, how she was a bit of a drama queen, how some of it was play but a lot of it was real. I really appreciated the time she spent with me - it was WAY better than the canned cheese I got from the Doctor. It was SURREAL. I was talking Big Brother with janelle.

She was beautiful and sweet and I'm happy that I had the chance to say what I wanted to say to her.

and then we left.

there you go!
it's been a blast being here with you guys.

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09-17-06, 06:24 AM (EST)
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8. "RE: Wrap party information"
Very cool bd. Sounds like I'll have to track down a clip of the gag reel. And thanks for putting my two cents in with Janelle
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09-17-06, 12:54 PM (EST)
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9. "Thanks, bd"
Thanks for taking the time to write up your finale experience. Your detail is interesting, and I enjoyed your posts a lot.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

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bdemoney 745 desperate attention whore postings
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09-19-06, 02:26 PM (EST)
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10. "Blooper Reel from Wrap Party"
Found a link to a blooper reel from the wrap party that I thought you guys might enjoy. Pretty funny...

Go here to view it:

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09-19-06, 03:39 PM (EST)
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11. "RE: Blooper Reel from Wrap Party"
Thanks for that link!!
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bdemoney 745 desperate attention whore postings
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09-25-06, 12:54 PM (EST)
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12. "RE: Video link to Will and Boogie's chat"
If anyone is still interested you can check out Will and Boogie's chat here...

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15. "RE: Video link to Will and Boogie's chat"
"At the end of the day" has to be the most overused phrase in the history of the world. How many times did they say it?


Fembots by Tribe: L.O.J., One for all, all for Janelle!

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13. "RE: Post Game Interviews & Appearances"
Found this James music montage through Jokers.

It has Loser Lodge and finale night pics. Some of which are screaming out for a "Caption this" thread in Bashers.

And if anyone knows the song and/or the band, please tell me. Apparently, I am way out of the loop musically.

Especially the one with Ivette and her tongue (maybe THAT will get someone interested! )

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14. "Song..."
The song is "Here's To the night" by Eve 6

Fembots by Tribe: L.O.J., One for all, all for Janelle!

I'm out of the loop too, I just googled the lyrics. Long live Google!

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16. "RE: Post Game Interviews & Appearances"
In a recent interview Janelle said she spent last weekend in Detroit with boyfriend and went to his football game. She is also going to meet with producers in LA but was vague on what about.

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17. "RE: Post Game Interviews & Appearances"
Did you see Will Kirby on Young & the Restless? In Canada they air the show one day in advance. He was so cute...lines with Jack Abbot. Looked like they were both going to bust out laughting!
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