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"Tood needs a sidekick"
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eronica 1 desperate attention whore postings
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02-28-04, 02:50 PM (EST)
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"Tood needs a sidekick"
Hey Todd...the reason you got on this show, and had it named after you was because you had no direction in life and if it wasnt for this show, you would be on that same downward spiral. You've improved, but there is still room for more improvement. The way I think you could improve more is if Todd TV paired you up with ANOTHER low-life and had YOU motivate this person to do something with their life. You would still be going through your training, but you would have a sidekick on a lower level than you. Seeing this other person might actually motivate you even more to go in the direction you want to go in life. I have the PERFECT person as your "sidekick". My 22 year old brother who still lives at home and has no intentions of ever leaving. He doesnt have a license, doesnt even have a permit to get his license. He failed out of artschool, he goes to a community college. He has a part time (when I use the term "parttime" i mean 4 hours a week, if hes lucky) job working at the Electronics Boutique. His room is waaaaaaaaaay worse than yours was Todd...he has fry containers from McDonalds all over the place, he has cups in his room that have sat there so long that the soda inside is syrapy and has DUST on it!! He doesnt exercise, he doesnt have a social life, his friends are even sick of having to take him everywhere. You need to teach this boy that the world is not going to cater to him and that he actually has to do something with his life. Just having him stand next to you on your show will make you look good.
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