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"Who's Going Up? Who's Heading Down?"
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tinkerer 90 desperate attention whore postings
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04-27-06, 11:00 PM (EST)
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"Who's Going Up? Who's Heading Down?"
Well, we're down to the final eight, so things get tight from here on in. No more coasting-everyone has to produce on each task.

It would seem like a fun thing to assess who seems to be going up and who seems to be fading. Every episode can change the rankings of course, but we are beginning to get an idea how this plays out.

Lee: Going up with a bullet. Project Manager second task, was treated like a kid by Lenny, who openly ordered him around. By the time the B&G Club task came around, Lee was largely giving Lenny orders on how to save himself, albeit unsuccessfully. the next task, Lee played the part of helpful underling, trying to save the task of a slow-on-the-uptake Leslie, but allowing himself to be hamstrung by not seizing the initiative from her. On the very next task, Lee shows confidence and assurance by letting Tarek actually direct the shape of the brochure, (hey, Tarek WAS the photographer, he must have had a plan behind those pictures). Lee smartly gets his team to the best strategic spot early, then enjoys the fruits of letting Tarek shine by watching his brochure drive the other brochure across the water. Lee is growing with every task.

Roxanne: Definitely on the way up. Allie might talk about "blood on the walls" out of necessity, but one sees Roxanne's hand in this. She saw through Andrea early, and took this opportunity to get rid of her. It is telling that when Andrea yelled over the divider that she could hear everyone conspiring, without flinching Roxanne calmly shouted out "Good!". Trump complimented Roxanne on her calm delivery in the boardroom. Allie might have been the immediate beneficiary, but Roxanne had Andrea in her sights all along. Now Andrea's gone. Watch out for Rox.

Tarek Mensa member that everyone liked to see get his comeuppance, Tarek has adopted a blue collar work ethic and while he may not always guess right, he's always there trying. His last contribution was excellent. His record might be 0-1, but you sense he's just one good win from real contention.

Charmaine Not really slipping, but standing still while her teammates move up. Her contribution to Lenny's taks was disappointingly CYA-if she saw a disaster with the executives meeting, why didn't she prepare a bunch of questions herself? And she's wary of Lee's progress-but not enough to fail to give her wholehearted support to the task. For someone who isn't crazy about Lee, I notice she adopted his business philosophy about one thing. When you have a fact to face selling task, such as 711 sandwiches or Ellis Island brochures, and you get a chance to make a bulk sale, don't quibble on price. Make the deal at almost any price. Charmaine adopted this, and sold 100 brouchures, (retail $2.50) for $85. No back and forth to the Project Manager, followed by the deal falling through. Possibly has the hots for Tarek, which would fuel resentment against Lee's progress.

Sean A Project Manager victor with two babes hanging on him just a couple of weeks ago, Sean is beginning to look like a hanger-on while others call the tune. Obviously Allie hates him, his relationship to Roxanne is uncertain. If I were him, I would run like hell from any invitations to do a presentation. It would be like an invitation to drink hemlock.

Michael Slipping. Quiet and reticent, he had his moment of attention as Project Manager and it's weird aftermath, and is now slowly fading into the woodwork.

Allie Okay, she got her big break. By all rights, she should have been sent home for the brochure failure, but it was time to get rid of Andrea, so she was spared. She won the first task by three Sam's Club mamberships, then contributed lots of losing ideas to Tammy's task. After that she disappeared until this mess. Needs to turn it around quickly-but the capability doesn't appear to be there.

Tammy She still around? Good Heavens, how did that happen?

Commentary welcome.

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miss_ganda 457 desperate attention whore postings
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04-30-06, 02:58 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Who's Going Up? Who's Heading Down?"
That you Lenny?
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