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"Trumps Secret Plan To Fire Randall!!"
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APInsiderLives 1 desperate attention whore postings
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12-16-05, 06:18 PM (EST)
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"Trumps Secret Plan To Fire Randall!!"
Trumps Secret Plan To Fire Randall!!

Trump planned to fire Randal from the beginning but Randal was just too smart for him and beat him at his own game! Before I explain what happened I want to just take a moment for some sweet vindication and to bring those of you that do not know my screen name up to date.

You see I posted on this board long ago and told everyone that the show was scripted, trump preselected the winners, and then pointed out how the show was not only racist but merely reflected the current views and practice of a racist American society. I correctly predicted that Tana would make it to the finals only to be set up to fail. I even warned everyone that the producers would hide the flag to sabotage her and coach her to be aggressive like Trump and that Trump would use that as a reason to fire her.

Well making these predictions and exposing the secrets of the show made the moderators on this board very upset and they not only banned my account but took the extraordinary steps of deleting all my post and predictions!

But they have failed because now from reading the present posts I can see it has become common knowledge the show is scripted, and people have expressed their opinion on race without reprisals or being banned. And all but the most naive or willfully ignorant at least suspect it's possible the winner could be preselected.

So moderators, or whoever the powers that be are, looks like your attempt to suppress the truth has failed! Now on to Trumps Secret Plan To Fire Randall!!

Trump had preselected Rebecca to win because he wanted two nice non-threatening white women to join his average white males. And as usual he planned to bring a well-qualified African American to the finals and set them up to fail. Randel was a perfect target or so it seemed.

What Trump had planned to do was have the corporate sponsors sabotaged Randall and then Trump would interview them live at the finals and they would be luke warm if not out right hostile to Rankled. For example the outback steak house guy was sent it to really set Randel up and prepared to talk trash about him. The Autism speaks sponsored was like wise ready to say he did not meet her expectations. Meanwhile the yahoo people were all prepared to cheer and praise Rebecca!

The producers did their parts and encouraged Randell to have an outdoor event and talked down the possibility of rain. They knew it would rain at some point during the day and were banking on it to ruin Randel. Randell did suggest that if it rained he would take it inside. Yes he DID have a plan B. But it didn't make on camera. And he did not have time to have a formal meeting and discuss plan B because all his time was spent on the final task.

Carolyns Job was to heavily criticize Randell for NOT have written and organized plan B and to say she always has them for her Golf events. Trump was going to agree and then say Randal I am disappointed you did not think of this since you are a Rhode Scholar!

Then George was going to even take some shots at Randals perfect win loss record and come up with some lame logic about how it does not make that much of a difference!

Remember George started to do this as scripted but a commercial break stop him from speaking and besides at that point the Donald realized his sabotage plans were unraveling. Only Randal was too smart for them and just like the rest of us he had seen the shows prior seasons and had no intention of being Kwamefied! Randel performed so brilliantly and so outshined Rebecca that he could not possibly be fired on national TV without Trump being called a racist. But the Donald is smart too and had one more trick up his sleeve. He would get Randell to recommend he hire Rebecca and that way Trump hires them both and still wins. But Randal superior intelligence was evident. He had thought ahead and was prepared. And made it clear before America in a forceful but still diplomatic way that if he did not get picked as the sole winner he would not accept the job. Trump got this not too subtle message loud and clear and backed off of the idea of hiring them both.

Randell demonstrated what everyone in America knows but doe not want to say out loud. For an African America to get the same opportunity as a white person they need to be at least three times as good. In Randells case he was 10 as good as anyone that has ever been on the show. So congratulations Randell. While Trump does not deserve you, you certainly deserve the national recognition and platform this show has provided for you. May you use it well succeed and prosper!


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DooWahDitty 1615 desperate attention whore postings
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12-16-05, 06:25 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Trumps Secret Plan To Fire Randall!!"
Thank you ever so kindly for this "Enquiring Minds Want to Know" headline!


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