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"Randall's lack of vision..."
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joeshmoe 5 desperate attention whore postings
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12-16-05, 03:31 PM (EST)
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"Randall's lack of vision..."
Randall is as good as they come, in some things. But he failed at his very first task as an employee of the Trump organization.

Fact is, he let the side down big-time.

Randall could have turned this first task, giving an opinion on the hiring of an employee, into a multi-million dollar positive media blitz for Donald and his organization..... If he had only placed his new employer's best interest first, and not what he thought was his own.

Randall was already hired, he should have conducted himself in the manner fitting the reality of his "win"; this reality being that he, and not Rebecca was the hired Apprentice.

I don't believe that Donald ever said anything about having two apprentices, thus Randall had the opportunity to position first himself in a positive light with regards to the desire of his new boss,... the giver of a job to a loser,.... while at the same time repositioning Rebecca as a secondary hire (read, I'm first you're second, be clear about that Rebecca) below his new position,... and as a bonus, snag a PR moment for his new employer by endearing himself and the Trump organization to the public (instead of alienating sections of his viewing public).

What Randall did though was the opposite, immediately positioning Rebecca as a competitor and threat to his claimed position, rejecting his boss's desire (and wisdom), bringing negativity into the picture and effectively hindering the flow of good PR.

Wrong marketing move; bad business that cost the Donald face and dollars.

Something Donald does not appreciate.

What would have been interesting is if Donald had summed up what Randall had done, and then fired him on the spot.

Easy come, easy go.

Now that would have made good reality television.

But Donald is better than that, and thus he did what a good business man does, he seemingly gave in to Randall's view; but we know, Donald is not one to wash his laundry in public. Randal will hear the real story, when the time is right.

And Randall,....

Perhaps something as simple as, "Mr. Trump, although I would have liked to spend more time enjoying this moment I know from recent experience that you are all about business. So as the newest member of your executive staff, and knowing that you are a man who applauds loyalty and hard work, and furthermore, one who seeks to surround himself with the best and the brightest team, I most definite think that you should hire Rebecca,... with one stipulation,.... that she work with me as my assistant on the Atlantic City project, where she can come to gain the hands-on experience she needs."

(Okay, so its a lot easier to think of what to say when you are not in the middle of a pressure situation. But hey,... 5 companies, Rhode Scholar, degrees out the whaazoo, and a people person reputation.)

Unfortunately Randall will now forever be known as the one who crashed on take-off.

Time will tell if he will ever be able to rebrand himself in the eyes of the public.


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