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""Stupid Is, As Stupid Does" or "Run Brian, Run""
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johnwww 17 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Got Milk? Spokesperson"

03-02-04, 02:13 AM (EST)
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""Stupid Is, As Stupid Does" or "Run Brian, Run""
You are courageous for saying something about our poor sweet Brian.
O.K. he looks like a chronic masturbator, but so did other skinny gangly young men before they filled out. What I saw in Brian, and for the rest of the guys on AJ, is what the face of America really is. If it wasn't a beauty contest, any one of those guys could be the fireman that carries a child from a burning building, a soldier that goes back for his buddy, a millionaire, a bartender that listens to your sorrows, the guy that fixes your car, roof, or plumbing. Or how about the guys that clear the snow off the roads for us, or the graveyard shift cops that live coffee stained nights for our safety. The guys on the boats catching our delicious fish, shrimp & lobster. The farmers that feed us, the drivers that drive us. The people that wait on us, when we are not waiting on them. A future father at a little league game, a future actor, writer, or president. I hope when we are done with our popcorn, we can all see what another skinny gangly young man did for us when Jimmy Stewart, in "It's a wonderful life" said, "I wish I was never born" .We learned then, that we are all much more alike then different. We all know a Fredo, a Brian and a Gil. And you know what? They will all grow up to become fathers, uncles, grandfathers, and part of our rich history. There is a shallow period for us humans, when looks mean more than feelings. When your 60 to 80, good looking doesn't keep you from wetting your bed.

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