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"***TAR 15.10 Official Summary: This is a Test***"
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dajaki 1453 desperate attention whore postings
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12-02-09, 06:00 PM (EST)
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"***TAR 15.10 Official Summary: This is a Test***"
LAST EDITED ON 12-02-09 AT 06:04 PM (EST)

***TAR 15.10 Official Summary: This is a Test***

Warning: Not every aspect of the show is reported accurately. Poetic license is a terrible thing to waste.

Welcome to Dajaki’s first ever Fully Interactive Summary! You do not need to have seen the episode or to have read every other summary to complete this test, but I do recommend Seana’s coverage from last week. Please print and complete at your leisure.

1. Phil reintroduces the viewers to Prague, Czech Republic. He especially highlights the city’s centerpiece, Prague Castle. Which type of people has never been allowed to spend the night on the grounds of Prague Castle?
a. Kings
b. Emperors
c. Presidents
d. TAR contestants
e. Rowdy soccer hooligans

2. Megan and Cheyne leave the Pit Stop at 9:46 p.m. and are directed to the Spanish Synagogue. Megan is afraid that a task at that location will require her to speak . . .
a. Spanish.
b. Hebrew.
c. in tongues.
d. disparagingly of other teams.

3. True or False: Every team will be able to accurately pronounce Ekotechnicke Museum, the next clue stop on this leg of the race. (And if you say “True”, you’re obviously here out of curiosity and have never actually watched The Amazing Race.)

4. Please fill in the blanks with words or phrases from the Word Bank. You will not use all of the words.

Word Bank: Kryocentrum, muscular, doofus, hotties, hotel, concerned, nefarious, intelligent, Olympics, Dan, Folies Bergere, villains, Pit Stop, other, charitable, Final Three

Sam and _____________ leave the __________ at 10:13 p.m. Sam thinks that all the __________ teams have cast them as this season’s __________. Dan is not ___________ and begins to plot more ___________ deeds. Sam is focused on being in the ___________.

5. Franz Kafka, an existential author, inspired the Roadblock. Kafka rejected technology and questioned the meaning of life. According to this limited definition of existentialism, in which of the following examples does Dajaki exemplify Kafkaesque philosophy?
a. Dajaki turns her cell phone onto “vibrate only” mode so that it doesn’t disrupt her attention to Sunday morning church services.
b. Dajaki isn’t on Facebook because she believes in maintaining personal boundaries that Facebook participation usually oversteps.
c. Dajaki will not allow her DDs to carry MP3 players and other socially insulating devices because she wants to encourage meaningful family interaction wherever she is.
d. Dajaki, frustrated over her inability to program her DH’s iPod, smashes it and every other electronic device in her home with a Louisville Slugger and rages, “Why does this always happen to me, God?!! Why?!!

6. The Roadblock requires participants to enter a room full of ringing telephones and answer them. Only 5 phones have a caller whose job was to tell the participants 5 letters of an anagram. Megan associates an animal with each letter in order to remember all 5 letters. This is an example of . . .
a. word association.
b. mnemonic device.
c. onomatopoeia.
d. using one’s brain to accomplish a task, a concept that is far beyond Big Easy.

7. Please fill out the following information.
Name (last, first, MI):
Shoe size:
Partner’s name:
Arrange the 5 letters into the name of the person whose statue is in FRont of the neAt museum iN which your laZy self is standing: Z A R N F

Dajaki’s answers: Ki,Daj,A; 4’11”, 515 lbs., 5 narrow (I fall over a lot); summary writer; at 4’11” and 515 lbs., do you really think I have a partner?; NFARZ (I think there’s a vowel missing)

8. FlightTime and BigEasy leave Prague Castle at 10:17 and spend their taxi time telling us that throughout the whole race, they’ve been who they really are. Who are FlightTime and BigEasy? On the back of this test, write an editorial piece for The TAR Times, a fictional journal, expressing your view. Cite examples.

9. After Megan successfully completes the Roadblock, she and Cheyne are directed to the Kryocentrum. Using your etymological skills, what would you expect to find at a place named Kryocentrum?
a. a weepy support group in the middle of a gymnasium
b. a frozen pond with an ice-fishing hut in the center
c. the headquarters of Prague’s Superman fan club
d. Ted Williams’ head

10. Dan freaks out when Megan and Cheyne want to take their cab from the Roadblock. Dan freaks out when he enters the Roadblock. Dan freaks out when he can’t finish the Roadblock in a timely manner. Sam worries because Dan freaks out. Finish the analogy “Dan:freaks out:ajaki:_________”
a. swims the English Channel
b. climbs the Great Pyramid
c. rafts the Colorado River
d. breathes

11. Brian and Ericka leave the Pit Stop at 11:40 p.m. They are optimistic and Brian says, “We are the only team in the Final Four who has been at the bottom, and because of that, we know how to make a comeback.” In 50 words or less, describe how illogical this statement is.

12. Fill in the blanks (and get creative): At the Kryocentrum, Megan and Cheyne have to strip down to little bits of black, don gloves, masks and shoes, and descend into the pits of hell (if hell was a frozen coat closet). The team must stay in this icebox, which is set at -180 C, for 2 minutes. That’s colder than a witch’s __________. That’s colder than __________ in January. That’s colder than yo’ mama’s __________. That’s colder than __________ in __________. That’s colder than __________ _________’s heart.

13. Brian and Ericka must complete a Speedbump by making and drinking a shot of absinthe at a bar. The combination of absinthe and dancing girls causes Brian to lose his sense of . . .
a. humor – Drunken coeds are definitely not funny.
b. rhythm – And as a tall, goofy white guy, you know he’s got moooves.
c. self-preservation – Brian checks out the Czechs! Check out Ericka body-check Brian.
d. sight – A wise husband knows when it’s best to feign blindness.

14. Symbiosis or Parasitism? Dan and BigEasy work together on the Roadblock.

15. Cooperation or Competition? Dan knows the correct answer and chooses not to tell BigEasy despite their earlier agreement to work together.

16. Profit or Loss? BigEasy is quickly surpassed at the Roadblock by a slightly tipsy Brian.

17. Fight or Flight? A dispirited BigEasy chooses to take a four hour penalty instead of working out all the possible permutations of a 5 letter word.

18. Megan and Cheyne arrive at the Detour after having retrieved a clue on the Charles Bridge. They choose “Legend”, covering a wooden golem with clay and transporting it to a set of rabbis for inspection. Usually, Phil describes this type of activity as . . .
a. physically taxing.
b. mildly amusing.
c. network sponsored abuse.
d. immersion in the local culture.

19. Dan and Sam also choose the Legend detour. The golem is tall, wide and very heavy once covered with clay. Dan, as you may expect, complains and freaks out. Sam tries to keep him focused on the task. Their golem nearly loses his left arm during the task. Write a limerick about this part of the detour. Example:

There once was a golem from Prague
That was treated worse than a dog.
It was prodded and kicked
By a bro who was ticked.
Will they find the synagogue?

20. Brian and Ericka, having survived the cryo chamber, are now confident that they have a good lead over the Globetrotters. They choose the Lager detour because . . .
a. Brian has been a waiter.
b. Brian’s absinthe shot dulled Ericka’s strident tones, so he figured a little more alcohol might actually make her pleasant.
c. Ericka was freaked out by Gollum in LOTR.
d. they were hoping for an opportunity to call themselves “Team Black and Tan”.

21. As Megan and Cheyne deliver their golem to the rabbi, Sam and Dan argue over strategy for transporting their golem. Dan wants to leave the statue in the middle of the road and scout ahead. Sam wants to . . .
a. adopt it and call it Bud.
b. hire a taxi to guide them to the synagogue.
c. stuff Dan inside and toss it off the Charles Bridge.

22. Brian and Ericka face a few obstacles during their Roadblock. Which is the most damaging?
a. Rowdy soccer hooligans keep grabbing the lagers from them.
b. Brian’s waiting skills are rusty – really rusty.
c. Ericka’s “American attitude” causes a few fights.
d. They keep tripping over the golem Sam and Dan left in the middle of the road.

22. The top three teams in order are Megan and Cheyne, Sam and Dan and Brian and Ericka. Match each team with their prediction for the final leg of the race.

“We will win because – Shut up! Gosh!”
“We will win because we are physically and mentally strong.”
“We will win or I will never hear the end of it.”

23. FlightTime and BigEasy get the kiss of death: instructions to get to the Pit Stop before finding the Detour. Choose a song which you feel would be most appropriate to accompany their exit montage. If the title is not self-explanatory, defend your choice.

Next time on The Amazing Race: What happens in Vegas . . . gets broadcast on CBS primetime.

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Seana 5044 desperate attention whore postings
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12-03-09, 09:24 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: ***TAR 15.10 Official Summary: This is a Test***"
That was so creative!

I liked questions 14-17 as a series, but 17 in particular:
17. Fight or Flight? A dispirited BigEasy chooses to take a four hour penalty instead of working out all the possible permutations of a 5 letter word.

And this:
“We will win because – Shut up! Gosh!”


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