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Original message

beau_30 943 desperate attention whore postings
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12-10-07, 02:00 PM (EST)
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LAST EDITED ON 12-10-07 AT 02:02 PM (EST)

Alright I don't know if this has been done before. But I've been looking through the races and come to a decision that I wanted to post this. IF it was posted its probably buried somewhere deep in the attic of this forum.
ALL STARS DO NOT COUNT. Except for Eric & Danielle since they were the only team not to previous race before.From Season 1 to Season 12. So here is the question.

Who are your top 5 favorite teams of all time?

Also Who are your least 5 favorite teams?

I'm going let this run for two weeks until the next show then if Max wouldn't mind doing a stats for me

Alright I'll start
Season 1
Rob & Brennan
Frank & Margratti
Bill & Joe
Kevin & Drew
Nancy & Emily
Lenny & Karyn
Paul & Amie
David & Margaretta
Pat & Brenda
Kim & Lesile
Matt & Anna

Season 2
Chris & Alex
Tara & Will
Blake & Paige
Danny & Oswald
Gary & Dave
Mary & Peach
Cyndi & Russel
Shola & Doyin
Peggy & Claire
Hope & Norm
Deidre & Hillary

Season 3
Flo & Zack
Terri & Ian
Ken & Gerad
Derek & Drew
John Vito & Jill
Andre & Damon
Aarron & Arianne
Michael & Kathy
Heather & Eve
Dennis & Andrew
Tramel & Talicia
Gina & Sylvia

Season 4
Richen & Chip
Kelly & Jon
David & Jeff
Jon & AL
Millie & Chuck
Tian & Jaree
Monica & Sheree
Steve & Dave
Steve & Josh
Russell & Cindy
Amanda & Chris
Debra & Steve

Season 5
Chip & Kim
Colin & Christie
Brandon & Nicole
Linda & Karen
Karli & Kami
Charla & Mirna
Marshall & Lance
Bob & Joyce
Jim & Marsha
Allison & Donny
Dennis & Erika

Season 6
Freddy & Kendra
Kris & Jon
Adam & Rebecca
Hayden & Aarron
Lori & Bolo
Jonthan & Victoria
Gus & Hera
Don & Mary Jean
Lena & Kristy
Meredith & Maria
Avi & Joe

Season 7
Uchenna & Joyce
Rob & Amber
Ron & Kelly
Merdith & Gretchen
Lynn & Alex
Brian & Greg
Ray & Deanna
Susan & Patrick
Debbie & Bianca
Megan & Hiedi
Ryan & Chuck

Season 8
The Linz
The Bransens
The Weavers
The Goldlewskis
The Poalo's
The Gaghans
The Schroeders
The Aiello
The Rogers
The Blacks

Season 9
BJ & Tyler
Eric & James
Ray & Yolanda
Joseph & Monica
Fran & Barry
Lake & Michelle
Dave & Lori
Danielle & Dana
Wanda & Desiree
Lisa & Joni
John & Steve

Season 10
James & Tyler
Rob & Kimberly
Lynn & Karyln
Dustin & Kandice
Mary & David
Erwin & Goodwin
Peter & Sarah
Tom & Terry
Duke & Lauren
Kellie & Jamie
Vipul & Arti
Baleel & Saeed

Season 12
Ronald & Christina
Kynt & Vysxin
Nathan & Jennifer
Nicolas & Donald
Azaria & Hendekea
Shana & Jennifer
Lorena & Jason
Marianna & Julia
Pat & Kate
Ari & Stellla

My Favorite
#5 - The Gaghans: This was a tough decision from all the race, but I would say to put them here is an honor.

#4 - Dustin & Kandice: They are the most competitive females I have meet. I would move them up but three others beat them.

#3- Ken & Gerald: Brothers got along great. If only they could ran a little faster.

#2- BJ & Tyler: Awesome, loved the team. They were my favorite of all through out the season.

#1- Jon & Al:The Clowns should of made into the final three, if only the flight didn't cause their elimination

#5 - Lynn & Karyln - Bama was rude and outrages. They shouldn't of been the first female team to reach the finish line third. It should of been Dustin & Kandice

#4 - Lynn & Alex - They were way to obessed with Rob & Amber, and thats all they could talk about. Was it because they were jealous of Amber.

#3 - Flo & Zack - The only reason they are here is because of Flo, if it wasn't flo, they wouldn't be here.

#2 - Jennifer & Nathan - My god was she a selfish little twit.

#1 - Jonthan & Victoria - He shouldn't have treated women like that. He was an a$$ towards Victoria.

I would like to see your picks.

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 RE: TOP 5/ TOP 5 LEAST FAVORITES Max Headroom 12-10-07 1
 RE: TOP 5/ TOP 5 LEAST FAVORITES Starshine 12-12-07 2
 RE: TOP 5/ TOP 5 LEAST FAVORITES MaryKat 12-12-07 3

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Max Headroom 10028 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

12-10-07, 02:38 PM (EST)
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Let's see, five favorites and five non-favorites...

5. BJ and Tyler - Personally, I liked the hippie schtick.
4. Jon and Al - Comic relief is always a good thing.
3. Brian and Greg - Crazy and funny. Too bad they couldn't race.
2. Danny and Oswald - The masters of the one-liners. Hilarious.
1. Dustin and Kandice - This team rocked. Great attitude and great teamwork.

Honorable mention to Ken and Gerard, Kami and Karli, and Kris and Jon.

Least favorites
5. Tara and Wil - Forget the Guidos, these were the first TAR villains.
4. Jonathan and Victoria - How awful could he be?
3. Freddy and Kendra - America, meet Mr. and Mrs. Bigot.
2. The Weavers - By far the worst team of a terrible season.
1. Charla and Mirna - Words cannot express my revulsion for these two.

Dishonorable mention to Ron and Kelly, Lyn and Karlyn, Flo and Zach, and Jennifer and Nathan.

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Starshine 4934 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Stuff Magazine Centerfold"

12-12-07, 09:38 AM (EST)
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Sounds like fun. Sorry though, I have a few couples from the All Stars, and none from the current series, although I think that K&V might have made the list.

And I seem to have got a little overexcited! Top 10s from American TAR only from me.


10/ Andre & Damon - Couldn't be bothered to race. In racing terms one of the worst ever.

9/ Tara & Will - Both unpleasant, Seriously bad "tactics" at the end there.

8/ Brandon & Nicole - Just to let you know - God has better things to worry about.

7/ Jonathan & Victoria - He was a little full of himself (although not a patch on Colin, or Rob). She was a doormat.

6/ Colin & Christie - Just run those people over. Possibly over focussed, amongst the best racers ever, just not amongst the nicest people.

5/ Bill & Joe - The original, they have been surpassed in unpleasantness, but the shoving match at the airport was really unpleasant. And the joy and disappointment at the end of the episode when they were, then were not, eliminated.

4/ Lynn & Karyln - The world owes you something does it?

3/ The Weavers - See Brandon and Nicole

2/ Chris & Alex - Can you spell Arrogance? Actually with these two probably not

And my worst couple ever on TAR is....

1/ Freddy & Kendra - Just get a Croissant at one of those Starbucks. Ugly human beings.


10/ Dave & Lori - Just really liked them.

9/ The Bransens - A family that got on well, and raced well, my pick of the teams from TARFE

8/ Adam & Rebecca - Controversial maybe, but I really liked her, he was a bit of a waste of space, although him in the diving suit always cheers me up!

7/ Nancy & Emily - Ah Momily, what can I say that hasn't been said already. A caring Mother/Daughter team, just let us down by not counting coins well enough, and then not finishing a task to get rid of the Guidos.

6/ Lena & Kristy - One impossible searching task, and gone. I was disconsolate that night. Seemed like really nice people, although their propensity for kidnapping young men may have got them in trouble if they had remained in the race!

5/ Dustin & Kandace - Great racers, almost no arguing.

4/ Ken & Gerard - Final 3! This is the team that amused me the most, funny guys having a fun time.

3/ Kris & Jon - Caring, considerate, and the hottest team ever. Just nice people.

2/ Gus & Hera - OK from a racing point of view they should have gone week 1. But then we would have missed the gate of no return, the Berlin wall, and the Berlin pub! This is what a family team should be like! The most insightful team ever.

1/ Danny & Oswald - Team roles changed for TARASS, still the people that I would most like to spend time with out of anyone.

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MaryKat 221 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Network TV Show Guest Star"

12-12-07, 06:37 PM (EST)
Click to EMail MaryKat Click to send private message to MaryKat Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
I haven't seen al of the races, but here are mine on the ones I have seen.

Least favorites
1. Hayden & Aarron
2. Rob & Amber
3. Lynn & Karyln
4. Peter & Sarah
5. Nathan & Jennifer

Favorite Favorites
1. Lori & Bolo
2. Brian & Greg
3. BJ & Tyler
4. Dustin & Kandice
5. Kynt & Vysxin

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