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"BB & D Finale Summary "Throw them in Jail""
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Conferences Beg, Borrow, & Deal (Protected)
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11-11-02, 12:46 PM (EST)
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"BB & D Finale Summary "Throw them in Jail""
Sorry it's a week delayed, but with a couple trips, business and pleasure mixed in it took a while to review the tape, and watch the brutal end of the show.

We pick up the show with Team Cobi leading 9-6. They are stranded in Wyoming (isn't that the only reason to be in Wyoming? if your stranded), and need one more task to reach the magic 10.

Team Contact is in the Dallas area, and since there are 1,000 miles behind and need to complete 4 tasks, we could just assume the show is over, and have an hour of our lives back, but ESPN wants to ad suspense (I guess they sold some ads), and want to make us believe that team COntact can get their act together, and actually pull out the W.

SO while team Cobi is stranded, we focus on Team COntact. They are in Oklohoma, and decide to do a sports show. The contact "The Animal".. The Animal is the funniest part of the whole show. Most sports radio guys are about 5'6, 300 pounds and can't tuck a shirt in. Well this animal could be renamed the "rhodent", he is no more than about 5'2, and might weigh 100 pounds. I think Horse Jockeys are jealous of him.

If that image wasn't funny enough, he lets the team have 4 hours of is show- if only so he can blast them, make fun of them, and tell them how badly they played the game. If they all wanted this, they could have just asked Aubrey her opinion.

Meanwhile, miracle of miracles, team Cobi gets going, and ends up in Sacremento. Since Josh doesn't want to have to tell his Boyfriend he got a tatoo- he tries to think of every other task possible for them to complete. Even Twister with the state Gov. Josh probably wanted to twist up with BUBBA.

ALl of this is lost, and they go for the tatoo. Some parlor owner agress to do it for the publicity, but ESPN declines to let you see his banner, as they are conveintly always glared out. So task 10 is complete.

At this time, I could talk about how Stupid Team COntact got drunk at a bar, and lost their place to stay for the night, as well as Tony's booty call, but this team is so far behind, even ESPN isn't pretending they will win anymore.

SO it's all over- oh wait they need to charter a ferry to Jail the next morning. That's it, I quit, too much, you won't give us the ferry, well this game isn't worth it.

That's right, this team almost quit because they couldn't get a free ride. forget the fact they are mere miles from the end.

Well as they are about to give up one of Juliet's "Friends" arrives. He agrees to pay the $200 fee, Juliet and Kelly wipe something white and creamy off their chins, and the game is over.

We then get the requisite retrospect from each member of the winning team. It was great, I grew a lot, I love my teammates, Yada, yada, yada- the boat is there.

Rich Eisen is waiting in Alcatraz to tell them they won. He gets to make the Cell Phone o Smack call to team Loser. They seem relieved that they don't have to continue all the way to Cali with each other.

Game Over. Team Cobi Wins, Contact Loses, but we all knew this since episode 3.

Someone start the Countdown to Beg Borrow and Deal 2!!!

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