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"Beg Borrow and Deal Episode 2 Summary"
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Conferences Beg, Borrow, & Deal (Protected)
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ELCinOhio 215 desperate attention whore postings
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09-27-02, 09:41 AM (EST)
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"Beg Borrow and Deal Episode 2 Summary"
Previsouly on Beg Borrow and Deal....

8 strangers arrive at Times Square in NYC at 8am with nothing but the clothes on their back. They are devided into 2 teams of 4, and given a list of 40 tasks. They have 30 days to complete 10 tasks and make their was to Alcatraz.

Also previously on BB&D....

Juliet of team Cobi says she knows Summer Sanders and they can accomplish a task. Summer being the great olympian she is handly has her Bronze medal available for pictures. Team cobi become Team Cobi ( it was harder than you'd think), and they bum a ride over to the Medowlands. There they get kicked out of the basketball arena. Bubba the Love Sponge uses his souther charm to weasel someone out of a hotel room. The next day they Meet Jason Seahorn (Reference #1) , catch a football and complete a second task. Jason Seahorn (#2) agrees to take them back to NYC.

Also previously on BB&D...

The Red team goes to Elmira, NY to play in a prison hoop game. Gangsta T agrees to do this task, but alas, Katiewhora doesn't have the connection. The team figths Aubrey isn't her rah rah self and ALAS THE RECAP IS OVER

Commercial Break (yes all of that happened in the episode #1 recap, as if the 5 replays of the episode wasn't enough. This makes MTV look cutting edge on filling an hour with "new material"

As we get to the new stuff Kelli and Juliet are fawning over Jason Seahorn (#3) being able to take them back to the city. Like Jason doesn't realize these are ESPN cameras and he gets good pub.

Finnaly Jason shows up and drives them all back to NYC. Josh, references how cool Jason was (#5) and how great the car ride was. Thank god there is a one favor per person limit, because I would be sick of Jason Seahorn otherwise.

Meanwhile, up in Elmira, or BFE the red team finds a local college, and decides to do the easiest task on the list. The bathe the Elmira Eagle. Katie, being the sexual person she is, makes sure to rub the tush of the eagle.

Excited over finnaly finishing a task, they have an epiphany and rename themselves "Team Contact", but I don't get why.

Back to Team Cobi.... they realize that without a drivers liscence you can't rent a car, even for free. Does it take that much to really figure it out? Anyways, the find some guy to take pity on them and give them $280 to get 4 bus tickets to DC?

I think I need to meet strangers that are willing to give $280.

Back to Team Contact.. having finished their task, they get a ride from Katwhora's brother down to Aubrey's "Good Friend" Barry Gardner. Don't we all have good friends who play for the NFL?

Anyways, turns out this good friend is out drinking, and partying as we'd expect from any NFL player. So Team contact is stuck on the lawn, in the rain, getting close to some 24 hour penalty.

Gangsta T gets in Katwhora's face, Aubrey cries, and Julian does nothing.

About 10 minutes before they would have to sleep on the lawn, Barry comes home. Thankfully Barry shows up (he even seems sober). Gangsta T apolgizes, Aubrey cries, this time of Joy, and Katie just wants to go to sleep. Julian, well once again he just stands there.

Back to Team Cobi.. they arrive in DC at the bus station, to meet a friend of a friend, who Josh figures is either Drunk, sleeping, or shacked up with some boy. After about 5 minutes of wondering aruond the bus station, and thinking they will have to be homeless (aren't they anyways) this stranger comes and picks them up, and drives them to Josh's friends house, where they get to enjoy "Run of the House". 12 Hours of sleep, food, shower, phones, internet, and going out for a run??????? That's right Kelli and Juliet decide that in the middle of a race across america, they need to take time to start their day with a little jog???? Go figure.

Meanwhile.. back at the ranch (or Barry's house)... Aubrey uses Barry. No, not that way, just calls up pro athletes, and between using Barry's name, and ESPN's (which they cut out, go figure) she sets up 2 tasks.

So team Contact, goes to catch a pass in Philly from AJ Feely. WHO????????????????????

HE claims to be in the NFL, so Gangsta-T catches the first one, and then does a dance that makes me want to bring back the Icky Shuffle.

Aubrey and Katwhora both catch their passes, after some heart wrenching, greatly edited drops. Then it's Julians turn.. he runs a route, and breaks his tailbone. Actually after a long commercial break we found out he is okay. But I think his true strength for the team is when he does nothing. He catches a pass, and Aubery decided to use ole Cell-Phone-O-Smack to rub it in Team Cobi's Face.

Meanwhile Team Cobi is up lobbying the congress on capital hill. Turns out Bubba the love sponge used to work up there, and no he didn't give Bill Clinton any special favors.

They are trying to arrange a 4-4 football game, but because the congressmen actually have to work (HUH?) they work?? they are told they can do it tommorrow. I guess they only work every other day.

Josh, dissapointed that they can't get something done looks at other options. Kelli calls Georgetown, and finds out they too can bathe a mascot.

For her 5 minute phone call, in order to set up the EASIEST task there is, she wants all the teammates to get on their knees, kiss her feet and worship her.

Finnaly, the show ends.. but wait.. scenes from next week....

Team contact loses in a game of horse to some NBA stiff. Well, maybe Gangsta-T rescues them.

The Georgetown Hoya limps down the stairs (wonder what kelli did when he didn't kiss her feet)...

Teams argue, fights, Aubery cries, and we are told to tune in next week at 8pm

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 Woo hoo! AyaK 09-27-02 1
 RE: Beg Borrow and Deal Episode 2 S... dabo 09-28-02 2

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AyaK 10083 desperate attention whore postings
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09-27-02, 08:37 PM (EST)
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1. "Woo hoo!"
OK, ElCinOhio -- way to bring back the memories! No, not of this lame show (hey, if you want strangers to give you $280, get a friend to rent a TV camera, put the "ESPN" logo prominently on its side, and then walk up to strangers and ask for money while your friend sticks the camera in their faces. Oh, and be sure to use a third friend who has them sign quasi-official-looking "releases" to allow their picture to be shown on TV. You'll raise a lot more than $280!) ... BUT of the "Ickey Shuffle"! Boy, it's hard to remember that the Bengals used to be good just over a decade ago (before Paul Brown died) -- Boomer Esiason, James Brooks, Anthony Munoz, Ickey Woods, Cris Collinsworth...

Loved the summary, too!

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dabo 25344 desperate attention whore postings
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09-28-02, 05:21 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Beg Borrow and Deal Episode 2 Summary"
Yay, great summ, ELCinOhio! I still haven't managed to catch this show, it sure sounds wicked.


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