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"BB&D: Episode #5 Summary- Without "Courage" I'm gonna Quit"
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Conferences Beg, Borrow, & Deal (Protected)
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ELCinOhio 215 desperate attention whore postings
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10-16-02, 04:42 PM (EST)
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"BB&D: Episode #5 Summary- Without "Courage" I'm gonna Quit"
The great thing about shows on Cable TV is that they almost never get cancelled mid season- The reason being unlike networks, they rarely have something better to put on. That makes it possible for these 8 people to continue to con their way across country, and for people like me to keep watching.

Previously on Beg Borrow and Deal:
Team Cobi had built a 5-3 lead as they had made their way to Chicago. They even had time to party, and for the women to "get them some". Luckily Josh was not a part of this, and kept his clothes on. Also, because this is not MTV they didn't either A. get it on with each other, or B. Share a bed. And finally they decided NOT to film it. I guess ESPN is above that.

Team Contact is still stranded in Richmond at a Neckcar race. They realize no one has more teeth than Gangsta-T, and they are stuck sleeping outside next to the exhaust of a Winnebego (Road Rules perhaps)?

Princess Katie missed where in the rules it said they would not be given 5 star hotel accomidations, and complains about how disgusting this is. I guess she didn't realize that no money, no clothes, no food, no transportation also included NO 5 STAR HOTELS???

Anyways, it's the next day, Team Cobi complete a task without much problem and throw out the first pitch at the White Sox games, I guess since no one goes, anyone can walk on the field with ease?

In richmond, Team Contact decides to give up on Southern Hicks, and move on to Minor League ball. But they are Rejected- AGAIN. Oh wait, this is minor league ball, and any publicitiy is good publicity. Someone must have forgot to tell the peons in the office, but I'm sure they were relieved of the $8 an hour jobs after the bad PR they got from ESPN.

(side note, when Minor League teams have Arthur Anderson night, and James Traficant Night, nothing is offlimits. If the rules said one member had to play in a game, I'm sure most teams would oblige- talk about media whores)

I flip channels, argue with my wife, and come back to find that team contact is in Raliegh sleeping at some friends house. They wake up at the crack of dawn-somewhere AFTER 8am. Thank god this is a race, or else the teams might not get up before NOON. The team figures out that the Carolina Courage play in Raliegh. Since WUSA soccer gets less coverage than Minor League ball (its On PAX TV, how many know your local PAX station) the team not only helps them with a task, and closes the gap to 6-5, but they also invite them to a B-day party and get a fund together to send them to Knoxville. I think they got the last $50 dollars saying if you pay us money, they will go away.

Back to team Cobi- They decide to drive to Milwakee (I guess this is the only GOOD reason to go to Wisonsin), and sing the national anthem at the Brewers game. They get a car, but being the geniuses they are take the TOLL ROAD. REMEMBER, they have no money.

Luckily Josh is brillant and gets IOU's for all the $.50 tolls, I hope someone pays them off, or else he got a "Lot of 'splainin to do" to his friend when the car gets impounded.

They make it to Milwakee, but 15 guys from Northwestern are already set to sing. Kelli manages to keep her clothes on, but does get on her knees.

After a few minutes of pleading, Kelli wipes her mouth clean, and the team is told they can sing, well as long as the don't sing cause they have the same singing voice as me- MonoTone.

As the episode ends- the score is Cobi 7, Contact 5. And oh yeah, Princess Katie is upset she is stuck with mere commoners on a Greyhound Bus.

Next week- Does Team Cobi make the Train to KC? Juliet would take off her top, but they get kicked out of a hotel, Julian threatens to Quit (can't they all), and Princess Katie complains..... Oh the suspense

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