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"Fame latest episode"
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Shurtz01 4 desperate attention whore postings
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07-11-03, 01:19 AM (EST)
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"Fame latest episode"
I am loving the show! I watched it the past couple of weekends on Bravo like for hours. Then when this past Wednesday hit, I was so hyped! I have what is called, "Fame Fever".

Shannon, is so awesome!
Harleem Lee, is so great!
Serena is Spectacular!
Moy, is very talented!
Allyson, is super great, and I strongly feel she should have stayed true to the "Broadway" style. It's definitely her strength.

First things first!
It was so wild that the deep brown-skinned young man got cut!
Strange, he was for sure a mega triple threat!!!
Then MacKenzie Thomas was all that and some more to me.
I so wish I could hang out with her because after her performances I would sing and find the perfect pitch.
She was that inspiring.

Then the young woman who rightfully and courageously voiced that it wasn't fair that she got cut, was so very very right. I agreed with her a million. Thank God, for other avenues and opportunities. And that she no doubt has other interests in addition that she can pursue. And probaly are just as good at!

Ok Moy! You are so talented.
I went to Spelman too, so I know what sisterhood can be.
You are talented no doubt.
Beautiful and sexy no doubt.
But I see you as talented beyond the scope of singing and dancing.
I believe that you have gifts to give to the world that go beyond Tinsle Town entertainment.
God has blessed you with the inner beauty so you can be a blessing--you know that!
But I honestly don't believe you need to win this Fame TV Show, to "make it"! Because your other God-given gifts and talents are so strong and needed by the world.

Harleem Lee.
You are tight. You are one of the strongest contenders! By far!
Keep doing it! You have it all the way around, I believe that how things are you and
Shannon! Hi Shannon, you can really use Fame to go far.
Serena! Girl you sizzle. And I think that was a great move to add the sexiness in your routine--bright idea.
You are definitely a polished entertainer, and deserve to go as far as your heart desires will take you.
You are hot!
I get the sense that you are very intelligent! You can always use this in wherever the Lord takes you!

Shannon!!!-I kept trying not to notice you, but I just could no longer front and had to use righteous judgment.
From the very beginning you stood out-although it was easy to skip over you.
Then you shone so bright, in one particular episode that I judged that out of all the entertainers, you wanted it the most.
Looking back this may have been the case all along.
Because it came across that you wanted to win more than anyone else,...
Your passion invaded my soul.
Your group dancing is where you really stand out! Girl you works it! You really do! I cain't even front!
Advice-To win this, you have to want it more than anything!
To be a success aside from Fame, that passion must speak to whoevers heart you're trying to grab, and the love from the passion must kept speaking to maintain a high-level of success.

It's on!
What great entertainment.

I tried not to like Shannon but her passion and talent rocks!
I am black, live in Arizona though I'm moving, and 28.
And though I like to see blacks make it!
I could easily be partial.

But Shannon girl, your talent and group dancing does it for you.

It transcends race, color, etc.

I'm also Mormon. And have been really conservative in my dress.
But, I must say you look fab in your stage wear.
Great choice of attire.
Very appropriate.

Though Serena's and Harleem Lee's performances may be more polished just in that they've developed their talent further.
Not more polished for any other reason. I had to vote for them. They deserved it.

I voted for them once and you twice.

In all fairness your group dancing does stand out more so, so those points actually may give you an advantage, since we are judging a triple array of talent.

So because you want to succeed bad in a good way and that shows more than any other contender. And your group dancing sails.
And ok ok. Your solo performances are top notch! have to remember that!

You really are a favorite.


And of course God Bless You all!

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