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"Fame Latest episode 7/8/03-Crazy but try it!"
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Shurtz01 4 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "American Cancer Society Spokesperson"

07-11-03, 02:10 AM (EST)
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"Fame Latest episode 7/8/03-Crazy but try it!"
Serena-If you really want this, forget about Vegas show lounges.
In fact, don't ever mention it again. Pull the reverse, tell your mind that going back, doing that, is not even an option.

Find what passion looks like, maybe even do some video research. Like an actress may do, while researching a role.
And communicate the passion not just to those who you physically see in the audience right before you; that is your peop's, Debbie, and the panel of industry persons, but stay focused and perform for those in TV land.

In fact, role play, act honey, find that deeper character in you.

Try this, act as if you are in a movie or at an audition for a role, playing this really sexy late-teenaged runaway girl.

Act that all the men, and woman too can't deny that you are just this incredible super sexy vixen. Your character in the scene is trying out for a role as an adult dancer, and if she doesn't get the job, then she'll have to go back and work for the fuussy of a pimp again, who takes too much of her money, and calls it theirs.

And though you're a little skinnier than the girls already working in the adult club, you're prettier, but you're still a bit skinny.
So you're going to have to perform.
You're going to give the performance of a lifetime.
You know, as if your life depends on it.

Moy-If you want this, baby you must do a similar type performance as when you performed the Beyoncé, Work it, I think it's titled.
Think about...what about a tune or melody? Makes that particular part ring in your ears days and even weeks after having it performed.

Think of the Beyoncé cut, "Now go h something something something."
I don't even remember the words but it's something about that, how you performed it, that I can still weeks later, hear that melody you sang in my head.


You must have more range.

This past week you didn't compete. Your compassion because you know how much the others could use the recognition from remaining on the show, probaly got the best of you.


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