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"Fame-What Drama!"
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Shurtz01 4 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "American Cancer Society Spokesperson"

07-17-03, 04:07 AM (EST)
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"Fame-What Drama!"
Hi Serena
You did great! Congratulations. Very proud of you and happy for your growth that’s taking place.
I’ve seen you dance for a little while now.
And you were off tonight honnie. I believe that the hair and being in costume representing someone you weren’t, overwhelmingly contributed to that.
Please know and understand that life, is a “growth” process. For if we were already perfected then we’d be not, living life.
Right. Right.

Your real hair is fabulous. And you can tell me better than I can, how wonderful and true it really is.
When I was communicating to you last week to go inward. I was meaning to bring that that is special in you, out and on to the stage.
And role playing. Researching. Etc. Could bring such out.
What I mean is you’re still going to be you, that’s true to who you are.
But you are to present something specially unique to the stage.
For example, I look at you and out of all the current contenders, you truly indeed have the prettiest skin.
But the competition is about more than external beauty. So, on that basis alone, you could not win the competition.
Because, besides your God-poured beautiful skin, you need to present to the stage other graces about you.
And that’s why I suggested role playing.
At times when we role play, what is genuinely inside us, because our inhibition(s) somehow escape, “that special part in your soul”, is able to find ground for life.
That’s what I meant sweetie.
Never did I mean to compromise your integrity.
Be someone you’re not. Please Don’t.

That’s why your dancing was off.
But don’t trip—you got talent friend.
Wherever you want to be—is where you’ll continue to journey forth.
Remember to perform you must be you. Comfortable and at ease. You were uncomfortable in the mega short skirt, and the false hair.

Debbie was in the false hair ‘cause as she said she desires Diana Ross to reach out as she is in dire pain.
She and you all were vehicles for telling her, the old way is out dated and out of style. It may have even looked ridiculous then, but today as we are…we can see that it really doesn’t work.

That’s why Moy was in such a costume.
She inherently wanted to and was called to support Diana and anyone else in progression.

You all were in all that craziness in honor of Diana to show her that (we’ll I’m not going to give it all away, that’s for Diana to grow into)
But you were all in those costumes to inspire, encourage, and support.

Note: If you would have took that ensemble and pretended like you were putting on an act, then your performance would have been whole, as you would have been “on stage”.

Not to give too much of yours away either but something deep in you that didn’t want to act, or stopped you from taking that perspective, weaned as it was perhaps devastating—to wear that mega skirt and false hair. Because it was so contrary to the true you. Your authentic self. Your authentic being.

(That’s) The you, your audience is soon getting ready to love!

No one is out to get you or anything like that. All this was love-Life preparing you. Preparing you to embark on this new path. Reminding you, now, ahead of the time, to remain true to you, and remain steadfast to what is valuable to you.
I’m not saying you don’t change through growth.
But you must always remain true and never compromise what’s really most important to you.

You finish the rest.

Allyson—girl you’re great.
Imagine how far you could have gone if you would have remained true to you.

True to your “Broadway” style.
The adversary is at times whispering lies. Remember, No weapon formed against you shall prosper.
Don’t listen to the lies and surely never believe them, because they are just that. Learn how to give them no air to breath.
You must know something as you did come along ways. Or perhaps it is something protecting you, making sure the evil influence, has no power over you. You tell me.

Think, if you would have truly believed you could have made it—you may have won!
But don’t fret! We haven’t seen the last of you.
You are amazing!
Specifically, when you are in your element. No matter what the “style” it is labeled.

Read Iyanla Vanzant, Acts of Faith.
A reason A season A lifetime.

When you can really look at people who you once judged as being mean to you, in a new light with gratitude and as great teachers. When you can really look at these people as beautiful children of God who loved you so much they’ve come into your life to bless you. You’ve good it real good! When you can look at them with a sincere heart and say thank you—then you are on the golden road.

Remember not some things, but the scriptures read: All things work for the good for those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose and will.

Even though that is in part a fancy way of expressing everything happens for a reason, and it’s always for your higher good.
Believe it because it is true.

I love you all in the Lord—Continue to keep growing.

Thanks for your presentations!

Kímara A. Blackman

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