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summer4rains 2 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "American Cancer Society Spokesperson"

09-02-05, 08:58 PM (EST)
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ok, at first my favorite was Amy, she seemed like the one who who got the "shaft" but then when I watched the episode where Amy was soooo Nasty to Tara, that was so mean of Amy, but however I hated Tara from day one, but that changed my thought of who should be the winner. Tara, was to me the biggest sleze, then as I watched and listend to her interviews I realized that she "played the game" the best. she realized the whole time that it was just a game, yes, friendship is important, but when its all said and done, they all go home to thier lives, and maybe, or maybe not they will see these people again, so knowing that, which is more important? I say, the important thing is to play the game, that is why they are all there in the first place. isn't it? so I am happy to say that I am glad that Tara got to the end, and Keith gave her half the money, she did earn it. Charla on the other hand, did Dave wrong, even though I could not stand him, she should have gave him half the money, he got her to where she was. as far as the rest of them go, Holly, you need to grow a brain and stop letting scott think for you, scott, your a Pig, Amy, your rude, Zack, your childish, Toni your phycho, Kristin, your fake, Desire, your cool, Tom, your wierd, Dave your mouth lost it for you, Keith, you a schemer, Beau, your a puppet, Matt, your ok, melanie, you were the sweetheart, I hated to love this show, but I want to say, I am now happy that Tara won, she showed that she knew how to play the game, and to charla, I hope that you enjoied spending all that money that Dave earned for you.............. hope that there is another paradise Hotel, I will be watching!!!!!!!!!
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