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"What if...what could have been..."
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dgcoronado 1 desperate attention whore postings
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09-18-03, 05:29 PM (EST)
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"What if...what could have been..."
Watching the show last night, it occurred to me that things could've gone very differently if the "originals" hadn't been so greedy, and would've thought things through.

First off, I'm going under the assumption that the producers are not changing the rules as they go along. I trust that the "twists" were scripted before the cast was assembled and the show began.

Anyway, when the entire cast was reunited, the originals were very upset by the new "power" of the barbie group. I don't know how anyone could have assumed the barbies had any real power, I mean, up until now, they have never held a majority. The originals did what they could to draft Desiree and Tom, and keep Scott and Holly on their side. (Just one quick question, why exactly does Zack hate Scott?) Either way, Scott and Holly, even though they seem to be friendly with the Barbies, will always support the originals.

Back to the subject; Now, when everyone heard that two former guests would be voted back on, the originals went nuts. They finally had a chance to rule again. So, what do they do? They vote on Beau and Melanie. Interestingly enough, with Holly giving the final vote to bring in her rival.

Now think about this. IF Holly would've voted with her brain (Is Holly not the most boring and stupid person on reality television? And that says a lot), she would've voted for Kavita. Not only because Melanie obviously likes Scott, but you must realize that the twists have always been introduced to try and shake things up.

If Kavita was voted on, she would likely be the one who was left by herself at the end of the last elimination (Monday). She seemed to be on the Barbie side, so she would've had to choose between her "allies," Charla and Tara, as to who was leaving with her. The originals would be in major control now. THEN, going into last night, Dave and Keith would be stuck with only one girl, and guy left would be taken out.

With last night's twist, Dave or Keith would've likely said that they think Beau should leave. Since the twist gave the named person vote-off power, Beau would've taken out the final male Barbie.

IF the originals would've sat down and thought for a second, they would've figured out that there are many twists that are aimed at the majority control, and if Holly wasn't such a dunderheaded sheep, she would've voted correctly.

The ones left could've been:

Charla or Tara

At least watching the originals go after each other would've probably been fun though too. Charla, by herself, would self destruct, and Tara, by herself, wouldn't have a guy to flirt with, her power would be eliminated.

Wow, how one simple vote changed everything...


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 RE: What if...what could have been.... Bebo 09-18-03 1

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Bebo 20880 desperate attention whore postings
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09-18-03, 09:35 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: What if...what could have been..."
Welcome to the forums. There's already a good discussion going on about the 9/17 episode, and I'm sure your comments would add to that discussion. I'm going to lock this thread so that discussion can stay focused.

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