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"Still thinking about the former guests"
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evian 13 desperate attention whore postings
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09-14-03, 10:58 PM (EST)
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"Still thinking about the former guests"
Okay. I can't help it. Will someone please explain to me what show the former hotel guests were watching? Why was Andon so angry with Charla and Tara? Why did he think the "Originals" were so upstanding. Why did Beau come back best friends with those who each week wanted him gone. I am beginning to really believe that he is not malicious, just really, really stupid. What show was he watching that enlightened him to still be on the "Originals" side?
Melanie should be more mature in nature due to her age, if nothing else, however she must have been watching a different show in order to approve of Amy's antics. Zack and Toni are obvious sociopaths so they will never understand why their behavior is unacceptable. They will always justify their actions with lies they have convinced themselves are truths.
What did anyone do to Tom? He sticks with the "Originals" but rolls his eyes at anything most of them say. Scott will not commit himself to anything or anyone and this allows him to breeze on by. Holly...go figure where she gets her attitude from. Perhaps she looks at this show as a giant stepping stone for her career in Men's Magazines.As for the girl with the braids. She is getting close to taking over Amy's roll as the most annoying and self-serving.
Certainly Charla is no angel, Tara too attached to her love of sexuality, Dave got too power hungry and made the mistake of taking tainted money to take out the wrong guy. Keith, well Keith is still my hero. He is mature and way over the whole thing. They keep trying to hook him with their taunts and he keeps throwing the hook back to them.
I agree with Charla about watching the tapes with Amy, but even if she did Amy and all the others would still not see what we see. Either that or they will be watching the same show Andon, Melanie, Zack and his "best friend" Beau are.
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