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REALREALITYTVPRODUCER 1 desperate attention whore postings
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04-08-11, 03:33 PM (EST)
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“Idol” is in trouble. For real. I will not be watching any more. The show has forgotten its main mission… to find an “American IDOL.” Simon Cowell, may not have been loved by everyone. But he fully understood that the show was about finding a SUPERSTAR.

These judges are no longer spearheading the search for an Idol. They have thrown in the towel. Producers have put a lock on their jaws – no longer allowed to share HONEST opinion as to who has the “it” factor. Instead, the judges have become boring cheerleaders… no longer offering vocal, musical critiques. EVERYONE is great. EVERYONE is… yawn… amazing. EVERYONE is “Goose pimple” inducing. Yawn.

Judges… here is my judging of YOU. Take note before you kill this show.

1. BE A JUDGE! JUST SAYING “GREAT JOB,” HELPS NO ONE. Judges, you are “EXPERTS!” Tell the contestants what is WORKING or NOT WORKING with each performance. With all your experience. Say SOMETHING! ANYTHING. “Yo, (fill in the blank) is in it to win it” is NOT a vocal critique, FYI. You all suffer from EDS… “Ellen DeGeneres Syndrome.” It’s boring as hell. AND you are not helping America find an Idol.

2. Remember your mission… You are helping American find an “American IDOL.” Um, you think country boy is REALLY going to be an “Idol?” Elvis, Elton, Springsteen = idols. That kid is obviously green and FAR from being “Idol” potential. His corny eyebrow wiggling, mugging to the camera… it’s hokey, amateurish. JUST SAY IT! You all have ZERO credibility with your utter lack of honesty.

3. STEVEN TYLER: This week you said after “Country Boy’s” performance that you liked his performance and that you had been wondering before if he was “all hat and no cattle” (or something like that). WHY DIDN’T YOU ACTUALLY SAY THAT WHEN YOU REALLY THOUGHT IT? KEEPING THOSE THOUGHTS IN YOUR HEAD WHEN YOU HAVE THEM AND NOT SHARING THEM IS TOTALLY USELESS… HELLO?!?!? Also, you haven’t given one actual VOCAL or PERFORMANCE critique in WEEKS. Remember, you’re on the show in that seat… not just to WATCH THE SHOW!
You are a rock legend. Give these kids some help. Give America guidance about who you think could be an AMERICAN SUPERSTAR!

A million guys at a million bars are having a million drinks – your (paraphrased) critique of Pia’s last performance. WHHHAAAT?!?! Earth to Steven… WHAT IN YOUR OPINION IS NEEDED TO MAKE A “ROCK STAR?” TELL US. Who do you think has “Idol” potential? Who doesn’t? See… it’s called “American Idol” because on this show we are trying to find next American Superstar. America needs your help in finding that person. Your cute and clever and sometimes odd little quips do NOTHING to further the search for an IDOL! AND LOVING EVERYONE DOESN’T CUT IT. It’s dishonest. No one LOVES everyone. For just a second, please let us in your rock genius head and hear what you are REALLY THINKING!!!

4. RANDY: By CONSTANTLY telling Pia to sing something else other than ballads… you made viewers think she may be short on talent. Let’s be honest… country boy is NOT an American Idol. The kid can hit one deep note. One trick pony. Big deal. My Uncle can hit that same note. Randy, you’ve worked with the hottest singers/rockers in the WORLD. You can’t for a second believe this country bumpkin has “Idol” potential. SPEAK RANDY! SPEAK RANDY! SPEAK RANDY! Be honest. If that kid wins… you can largely thank yourself. You don’t offer critiques… you cheerlead. “I have three words… I loved It.” Um. Not a critique Randy. Not helpful to the contestant or to America in trying to find a SUPERSTAR. Were you actually AT all of the last seasons of of “Idol?” Watch old reruns. You seem to have forgotten what this show is about.

5. JLO: Um… it is so obvious you have a crush on Stefano. The kid is so average. We all know this (”WE” meaning anyone over 14 years old and male). You REALLY think he could be an American IDOL? You think he will sell albums? He has no charisma. He does NOT connect with the songs he is singing. He is musically/vocally average at best. YET, you keep praising him? Are things at home getting boring with you and the hubby. REMEMBER, we are looking for an AMERICAN IDOL… NOT a guy who makes you hot.

This week you told Pia to “STUDY THE GREATS,” giving the impression to viewers there was something wrong with Pia and her performance. Almost NONE of the other singers got any kind of critique close to this. Thanks to you, JLO… Pia will have PLENTY of time to study up on the greats AT HOME. If you want to critique Pia, great! Then also tell the truth about Stefano and how he belongs on a cruise ship.

I could continue on… but I think you judges get the point. Please don’t kill an otherwise great show. Watching you three judges is like watching THREE REALLY NICE, SWEET Ellen DeGeneres’. And she is a comic. She knows nothing about music. I can’t remember. Do you three know anything about music? Oh, you do! Great! Perhaps it’s time you share what you know with America and help judge this show again.

Take the muzzle off these judges. Let them actually be JUDGES. America needs their guidance. The judges are now BORING. You’re paying each of these judges between $250,000 – $500,000 AN EPISODE for a reason. And that’s to share their educated opinions about the performances and who really is “Idol” worthy. It’s time for us to REALLY hear them.

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 simon JoJo B 04-12-11 2

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JessicaRN 1070 desperate attention whore postings
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04-08-11, 04:20 PM (EST)
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LAST EDITED ON 04-08-11 AT 04:21 PM (EST)

Those are all interesting points and a good take on things that I hadn't really thought of. Those subtle things, said and unsaid, do stick in people's heads. Since I don't vote and am not in the demographic that does, I just know what I like and what I don't.

I don't like Stefano and think he is that nice-looking, generic cruise ship entertainer that Simon was always talking about.

Scotty is interesting but definitely the same. The only interest I have in him is to see how he can make each theme fit his style, which I must say he is good at.

Pia has a beautiful voice, but her performances were always a bit boring, especially with some of the "out there" performances we've seen. She is definitely better than Lauren, but Steven annoited her long ago.

I think that one of the main factors is that teenage girls are the ones voting, over and over again, which is why Scotty and Stefano are still there. It has been a long time since there was a female winner.

Having said that this decision was not the right one at this time, I always resent when they lecture the audience about not getting it right. This is the show that they created. If you don't like the voting, change it. Otherwise, you have to live with what "AMERICA" did.

(Welcome to the boards, btw!)

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JoJo B 14 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Got Milk? Spokesperson"

04-12-11, 10:27 AM (EST)
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2. "simon"
As I was watching a couple weeks ago, Hayley was singing Bennie and the Jets. My nine year old son came running into the room and asked "What is that?", I thought it was funny, because he said what and not who. He thought she was awful! and when the judges said they liked it, he said "Don't you miss Simon Mom?" See he gets it, nine years old and he realized that the judges were being to kind, and he knew if Simon where still judging, it wouldn't have been as nice.

My answer to his question is Yes and No. Yes, because I do miss a truthful response. and No because there were many, many times that Simon's truthful answer, was just right out mean. But with that, it just made me want to vote for my favorite even more, when his critique was less than favorable.

Jennifer can't say anything bad about a contestant to save her life, and the only time I know she didn't really like a performance is when she starts the sentence with "you know I love you" and continues with a bunch blah blah blah, that doesn't amount to anything.

Steven is just taking up a space at the end of the judging table.
Every so often he will blurt out a cute little blib of silliness, everyone laughs, but it just doesn't make any sense, nor does it help the contestants in any way shape or form.

Randy I thought would be the voice reason this season, take Simon's place, but that just doesn't seem to be happening. The last couple of weeks he has fallen into the same Mr. Nice guy mentality as his fellow judges.

So, I guess my final answer is ... Yes, yes I do miss Simon, I just don't miss the way he said things. It is one thing to give advice, quite another to insult someone.

Let's hope the next few weeks get better with the judges, and they realize that always saying you "love" the performance isn't helping them.

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