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"Top 13 Rankings"
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Original message

csnumber23 153 desperate attention whore postings
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03-10-11, 10:29 AM (EST)
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"Top 13 Rankings"
Top 13 Rankings 1st to last

1st - Casey - Really liked the performance. Still the favorite!
2nd - James - Wow, a little more versatile than I thought.
3rd - Scotty - I'm not big on Country but you can't ignore his talent. Another excellent performance.
4th - Jacob - Reminds me so much of Seal
5th - Haley - I love her voice, it's different and unique. Liked her performance.
6th - Lauren - Not her best performance but I still liked it.
7th - Pia - Like her voice, wasn't crazy about this song.
8th - Stefano - Not crazy about but like the others even less
9th - Naima - Didn't care for the song choice at all
10th - Karen - Not very impressive!
11th - Paul - Have never heard of R. Adams or that song and it wasn't good!
12th - Ashton - Not good and my pick to be gone!
13th - Thia - I don't think she's ready yet!

Overall - I think the top 7 are extremely strong and the winner will come from them for sure. I actually think that will be the top 7. I'm not crazy about the other 6 at least not yet.

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 RE: Top 13 Rankings emydi 03-10-11 1
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emydi 13669 desperate attention whore postings
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03-10-11, 11:04 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: Top 13 Rankings"
1, Scotty-good....and that gets the top spot this week

2. James-better than expected

3. Casey-meh okay I guess

4. Naima-she gets one free pass

5. Jacob-better than the rest

the 6 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz girls

6. Karen-I like her more than the other 5

7. Thia-what was that at the end of the song?

8. Pia-too much praise for this one

9. Lauren-can't wait for the eruption

10. Haley-who knew the yodeling would be that boring

11. Ashthon--zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

12. Paul-he was drunk, he needs his guitar

13. Stefano-just awful

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Estee 55194 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

03-10-11, 11:05 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: Top 13 Rankings"
1. Scotty. He's the chicken man. He does one thing right. And so far in this Season Of Heck, that's one more thing than anyone else has managed.

2. Casey. 'I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm going to have a lot of fun trying to figure it out! Is it possible he's just trying to force his cutie mark to appear? (Yes, I'm watching the thing. Deal with it.)

3. Pia. Losing control of half the notes while suffering power outages and not being sure what the stage was for makes her Top Three. Imagine what this makes everyone else.

(Multiple evilgasms begin.)

4. Jacob. He had a degree of control. He had gospel singers. He had a song no one should ever work with almost within his grasp. And then he hit the bridge, and all I can do is quote Moonbaby's perfect summary: "I thought my car alarm went off."

5. Lauren. Oh, look, the little princess has never been told she'll have to work for the throne. Poor sad little princess. Go off and pray for the rebels to be smote as they so richly deserve! -- oh, look, the palace guards let your worst nightmare in. Well, you can go pray under the bed.

6. Thia. On the good ship IdolShop, it's a short trip to the remainder bins...

7. James. And maybe one day we'll find a song you can handle. And maybe on that day, your hair will shoot off rainbows, you'll grow a real tail, and Steven will have a coherent thought. Gee, 'maybe' covers a lot of ground, doesn't it?

8. Haley. 'Ride like the wind, Bullseye! Ride to the incinerator and never look back!'

9. Karen. Bilingual Sominex.

10. Ashton. Has prescripted her entire life to the point where the upcoming nervous breakdown can be predicted to the exact hour. Has spent eight days of her life in planning which colors of M&Ms will be allowed in her dressing room and which will not. Could not have an original performance if you yanked her upside-down during the middle bridge.

11. Stefano. Is it dead yet?

12. Naima. Went from jazz throwback dark horse to 'rella-hey-hey-hey thumbscrew set that somehow covers the entire body and never stops twisting. Did moves on stage that would be illegal in Peoria: for the rest of the planet, they're just ill-advised. Allowed the show to tell her what to be, and that's 'out next'. Zero judgment = zero votes -- see 'ya and don't wanna be 'ya. Don't wanna hear 'ya either.

13. Paul. Skynet has a new weapon. It is steam-driven. It is coin-activated. It is the White Guy With Gears. It cannot sing.

There will be no survivors.

(It killed MC's sex drive. No one thought that was possible.)

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Tummy 3542 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Thong Contest Judge"

03-10-11, 11:14 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: Top 13 Rankings"
1. Naima - while I didn't like the song choice I'm happy she did it. She just made herself more relevant to the age group that actually does the voting. Not a stellar performance but fun enough and different enough that I actually enjoyed it. Good for her.

2. James Durbin - liked the softer side of James.

3. Paul - I get it, I get him. I like him. He's quirky, I'm all for quirky, even contrived quirky.

4. Casey - I love Casey but this performance was just ok.

5. Pia - strongest girl, maybe strongest period. I'm just waiting to be awed. Not awed so far.

6. Lauren - least favorite performance so far.

7. Scotty - he's got his rut and he's sticking to it.

8. Karen - I hope she stays

9. Thia Megia - she'd better toughen up or nail it every week

10. Stephano

11. Haley - she irritates me and isn't as sexy as she thinks she is

12. Jacob - this was not good

13. Ashthon - Rachel would have done so much more with the WC spot

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cahaya 18904 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

03-10-11, 11:56 AM (EST)
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4. "RE: Top 13 Rankings"

1. James - Good performance, and although tame compared to last week's Judas Priest song with a mellower Paul McCartney piece this week, he still displays a lot of energy and emotion. And just look at those expressive eyebrows worth at least a few hundred thousand votes. I'm giving him the top spot this week because of his vote-getting power even if his performance wasn't such a wowzer.

2. Pia - Move aside, Generidivas (thanks, Estee). Now, this isn't the kind of song I'd want to go out and buy an album of. Having said that, she did a very good performance of this song, very confident on stage, a bit daring but quite within her limits on the sustaining high notes, and technically sound. But I hope she doesn't do this week in, week out, or she'll become way too predictable.

3. Casey - Tyler didn't quite go for the moon and settled for the rainbow this week in his praise of Casey. Indeed, Casey's performance was fun to watch and listen to, starting smooth, going raspy, and on note and key. He can surprise and that's what this season needs.

4. Scotty - Close your eyes and if you've never seen this guy, you'd think he was an already a well-established singer in his 40's or 50's recording his umpteenth country album. He's that good. At the same time we know we won't hear anything different.

5. Jacob - Hah! Complete with gospel ladies on both sides of him, he sings to the heavens! And, man, what a heavenly voice this dude has. He's amazing to watch and listen to. But - but! This is American Idol, not American Gospel, and its only a matter of time before his niche votes become a smaller and smaller pool of the total. He's got to switch it up if he's going to win - he has the talent for it.

6. Haley - I wrote off this gal after last week's awful, slinky performance. The wardrobe department got its act together for this week and Haley picked a song that she could try something different with. While I liked the bluesy sound, I wasn't enamored of her performance and I can only take one song like this in a long while. Her improvements this week might keep her off the chopping block.

7. Lauren - Pretty good, maybe more pretty than good this week. I'm not a great fan of hers (there are a couple of other gals I like better), but I enjoyed watching and listening to this. She played up to the camera a bit and looked thoroughly comfortable up there on stage. Vocally? Nothing extraordinary, which is what the judges were harping on. For once, we actually saw her frown a little bit, with just the slightest hint of fear that she's not such a sure bet after all. Thumbs up, no worries for this week, but she'll want to follow the judges' advice and spread her wings a bit more in future weeks in order to stand out.

8. Thia - A very sweet version of a classic song that did it justice, as she indeed has a wonderful smile and voice. Almost so sweet, though, that one could fall into diabetic shock. As pleasing as she is to listen to and watch, one thing is becoming more and more evident. As much as I like this gal, she'll never excite.

9. Stefano - He comes out swinging hard and hits a pop fly. It sure wasn't a base hit. I give the guy credit for trying, though. He'll still be at bat in next week's inning because there was worse, a lot worse, from the bottom dwellers.

10. Naima - Kind of off beat and off key there, but what do you expect the way she danced around in those high-top black Converse canvases? Maybe reggae is her niche, but she needs to work on both the vocals and performance. I like this gal, but I wasn't impressed or that enthused by her pimp-spot performance tonight.

11. Karen - Despite the song title, there was no way I could fall in love with that performance. She was all over the place, completely uncomfortable with what appeared to be too much of a challenge for her. Another week like this, it's adios! if it isn't already after the scathing judges' comments.

12. Ashthon - Hmmm... zzz... a rather snoozy performance. It's like she's a diva-wannabe (read: Generidiva, coined by Estee), waving her hands around like she does, with that long, high note here and there. But for the life of me, I couldn't pick out the lyrics in all that.

13. Paul - You know... it looks like he's a string puppet out there with the way he randomly moves completely out of synch with the beat. I'd swear there's a ventriloquist doing the vocals. Sorry, but I didn't find this performance interesting, much less entertaining. Bleh. Get it? No. Get outa here!

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frodis 4442 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Jerry Springer Show Guest"

03-10-11, 12:26 PM (EST)
Click to EMail frodis Click to send private message to frodis Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
5. "RE: Top 13 Rankings"
1. Scotty - I'm still a little taken aback at that voice coming out of Howdy Doody. But the voice is undeniably strong and smooth and he did well. He could stand to work on his performance a bit. I find myself mesmerized - not in a good way - with his eyebrows moving around his face. He really doesn't need to work on the voice, so he is free to work on the performance (and I see that MC already has him under her, um, wing, on that.)

2. James Durbin - Aother good voice, and a good job with this song. I'd like to see him take it down a notch to see if he needs his gimmick to be good, or if he's actually just good.

3. Naima - I was not looking forward to this based on the song choice, and the whole performance got away from her, but what I like about her is that she took a huge risk and showed some versatility. I get the impression that she's genuinely open to criticism and not so far up her own azz (ahem, Lauren) that she can't change things up a bit. Yes, this performance had a few cringe moments, but I like her. I just do.

4. Casey - I can't help being slightly cynical about his schtick. I understand that I'm supposed to like him but I can't shake the feeling that eventually, I'll see through it (even though right now I can't put my finger on what it is that is to be seen through.) The performance? Very good. A little frenetic in an effort to "feel" the music that fell slightly outside the genuine.

5. Pia - Can't deny the strong voice. She tackled Celine and didn't get steamrolled. Not my personal listening preference, but she's not making my ears bleed, which I appreciate.

6. Thia - That arrangement did her no favors. She was completely disconnected from the song. The beginning was pretty, the jazz-bop part was insincere and silly. Just because the song's title is "Smile" doesn't make it a song you can bop to. Her voice is beautiful, but to me, this song showed her to be a sweet, naive, little girl. I'd say that she needed to connect to the song more, but I'm not sure she can.

7. Paul - I get him. I really like him. I'm disappointed that this performance really sucked. I like that song, but he made it sound like he was making it up as he went along. His movements are bizarrely charming, but also slightly distracting. Paul, honey, please. WTF. Sing.

8. Haley - I don't like that song. I did think that while the vocal gymnastics were a little odd, she DID control them and the notes were there for her. I don't think I know what her true style is, though. Blues singer? Jazz? Balladeer? I'm not sure if she knows who she is yet either.

9. Stephano - Another victim of a bad arrangement. Look, I love Stevie, and I don't mind people messing with Stevie, because I think that even Stevie is okay with that, but the high-school DJ mmm-chhh mmm-chhh mmm-chhh behind that song was horrid. And Stefano, sincere as I believe that he is, got lost in all of that.

10. Lauren - Vocals were fine. Didn't blow me away, and I thought she was overreaching a bit. I'm sorry, that face she made as she was being criticized was just scary. Someone is going to have to coach her not to make that face. There was no hiding the little flaming daggers flying out of her eyes.

11. Karen - I feel sorry for her because she's not Pia, and any time she sings after Pia, she's just not going to fare well. That said, she really flailed around with the Selena song, which really should have been right in her wheelhouse.

12. Jacob - Two weeks now, and I have still not heard this amazing beautiful voice that this guy is supposed to have. Why? Because he's been taking it and torturing it into weird, unnatural and frankly, obscene positions rather than just singing. I believe that he HAS the voice, but I want to hear it. I will say, though, that I like him and his personality and I want him to stick around, I just want him to control himself a bit and not spaz out.

13. Ashthon - There's a difference between being inspired by Diana Ross and trying to actually BE Diana Ross. You're not Diana, Ashthon. I think I saw this performance in a drag bar, only it was slightly better there.

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mrc 10020 desperate attention whore postings
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03-10-11, 12:48 PM (EST)
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6. "RE: Top 13 Rankings"
1a. Casey: Great job!
1b. Pia: Outstanding!
3. James: Very good. I might have let my Glambert hatred prejudice me too much.
4. Scotty: Boring and safe.
5. Paul: Like his quirkiness.
6. Haley: She looked good.
7. Lauren: Needed to pick a different song.
8. Jacob: If R. Kelly is your hero, then you need serious help.
9. Karen: Weak.
10. Thia: Good voice, but she's not ready for this competition.
11. Stefano: Bleh.
12. Ashton: Horrible.
13. Naima: Train-wreck worthy.
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zazzy 4390 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Jerry Springer Show Guest"

03-10-11, 02:26 PM (EST)
Click to EMail zazzy Click to send private message to zazzy Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
7. "RE: Top 13 Rankings"
I'm finally caught up on the season, know who they all are and I even have a favorite now!

1. James -- Loved it. The best of the night. Superb. I look forward to his future performances. He’s what I will tune in to see. Range, fluidity, flexibility, didn’t have to scream. I've listened to this a handful of times already. Would AI let him win?

1..2 Pia--excellent vocal. Liked it slightly less than James’s performance because it was a big old ballad that we’ve had too much of over the years on AI. But she delivered!

3. Lauren -- she is not my cup of tea for many reasons, but listening back to this song, she did a good job.

3. Haley -- tied with Lauren. I like her delivery of Blue. She’s not going to get the respect she needs from the judges, but I’ll enjoy her while she’s on the show. I thought her “yodel” was good. She was as capable as Lauren last night.

5. Jacob-- Heh. Pimp treatment with 10 back ups singing gospel for him. There are parts of his singing I really love and parts that I wish someone would tell him to The dial it back parts got him ranked lower last night.

6. Casey -- parts were good, but he talked the words in part of the song and having ten back up singers join you on stage at top 13 has got to be a huge pump! I don’t see him as the winner but I do see him as getting pimping after pimping! The show wants to make sure he goes really, really far.

6. Scotty. Tied with Casey. Scotty oozes natural talent. There were parts that need work, country's not my favorite, but his performance reminded me of the performances of his I do like. And the crowd for him was OOT! I tried to determine whether he or Scotty got a bigger reaction from the crowd. Seemed to be similar. Will country fans vote him the winner? Thoughts?

8. Naima --she was entertaining. There were parts I didn’t like but I give her credit for going out there and giving us something like a music video performance. She won't win and the pimp spot last night should help her escape a boot. Where does she get placed next week, though? Do they want her on the tour or not? Will she pick up Ashton's votes (if Ashton goes).

-- Everyone else--

9. Stefano --I don’t know if it was the sound, but he did not seem to have a lot of power in his singing, the band was overpowering him. Good effort, though.

10. Thia --liked the first part. Second part did not work and I got bored. Can she take the pressure of this show? Her fan base should save her and at least get her on the tour.

11. Karen--it did not work. Why would someone let her go out and sing that song when she can not do the low notes? She may not make the tour if this is all the better she can do next week.

12. Paul -- what was that? What is his appeal? OK, he can do a passable Rod Stewart but what else? This was bad, like a little leprechan leaping around the stage. I say his fan base saves him.

13. Ashton -- Generidiva ….love that term. She should not have picked a lesser known Diana Ross song and then, still, did not deliver what that song needed.. I kept thinking of Melinda Doolittle and how much better she would do. Wildcard pick + not enough fan base to make top ten + that performance = boot imo.

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zazzy 4390 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Jerry Springer Show Guest"

03-10-11, 02:35 PM (EST)
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8. "RE: Top 13 Rankings"
LAST EDITED ON 03-10-11 AT 02:36 PM (EST)

(replying to OP, csnumber23):

I like your top 7 ( in a different order, though) and wish now I had placed Haley higher on my PTTE list.

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csnumber23 153 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Blistex Spokesperson"

03-11-11, 02:22 AM (EST)
Click to EMail csnumber23 Click to send private message to csnumber23 Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
12. "RE: Top 13 Rankings"
Thanks! After seeing Haley in the bottom two, now I'm not sure she'll have the fan base to make it that far. No way she should have been that low!
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Max Headroom 10028 desperate attention whore postings
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03-10-11, 04:46 PM (EST)
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9. "RE: Top 13 Rankings"
01. Casey - stage presence + strong singing = very good.
02. James - good song choice and he's enjoying the experience.
03. Pia - the best of a mediocre group of women.
04. Scotty - won't win but has a great country singer voice.
05. Haley - unusual voice, but at least she's interesting.
06. Lauren - an off night, hopefully she'll improve.
07. Jacob - much more talented than he showed last night.
08. Karen - meh.
09. Thia - not her best song/night, she can do better.
10. Ashton - lousy song choice, don't think she's a top talent.
11. Stefano - not as talented as most of the others.
12. Naima - strange song choice and she didn't sing it well.
13. Paul - an awful performance.

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Belle Book 3556 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Thong Contest Judge"

03-10-11, 08:27 PM (EST)
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10. "RE: Top 13 Rankings"
Here are my rankings:

1. James -- what a surprising performance! Great job!
2. Pia -- another fine job, but next time don't do a "diva" song. Do something more up-tempo.
3. Scotty -- another fine job, but how will you do when you have a hard time finding country songs?
4. Thia -- I actually liked her performance, but I agree that the jazzy arrangement wasn't the best choice.
5. Casey -- a nice job, just not my cup of tea.
6. Lauren -- it's time to stop coasting and start kicking butt!
7. Stefano -- well, at least you didn't foul up Stevie Wonder.
8. Naima -- a good performance but not really great.
9. Jacob -- a little too over-the-top for me.
10. Haley -- okay. Just okay for me.
11. Ashthon -- I like the song, but you weren't too good.
12. Karen -- too bad you fouled up, because I like the song.
13. Paul -- what were you THINKING with that song choice?

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Corvis 3116 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

03-10-11, 08:48 PM (EST)
Click to EMail Corvis Click to send private message to Corvis Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
11. "RE: Top 13 Rankings"
1. James -- really enjoying him.
2. Pia -- didn't like her as much as last week.
3. Scotty -- I don't even like country music, but I like him.
4. Naima -- She's someone that could really break out if she sticks for a couple of weeks.
5. Thia -- I still like her, but she needs an injection of confidence stat.
6. Casey -- Still liking him
7. Paul -- Didn't really dig his song, but I still just like the guy.
8-11. Lauren,Stefano, Jacob, Haley -- Just okay for me.
12. Karen -- Really not liking her.
13. Ashthon -- Never should have been a wild card.
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