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"Frank is a creep for dumping Ali"
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Jackie40s 25 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Beauty Pageant Celebrity Judge"

07-26-10, 10:49 AM (EST)
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"Frank is a creep for dumping Ali"
LAST EDITED ON 07-29-10 AT 05:43 PM (EST)

What Frank did to Ali was unforgivable, I'm totally disgusted with Frank! Not because he got back together with his ex, but he kept something from Ali that should have been told in the first place. He leads her on, then goes back to Chicago behind her back to see his ex to find out if he still have feelings for her and the next thing they get back together. What a F jerk!! What bothers me the most is that people judge Ali for her mistakes, it's just not fair. People like to critisize about Ali that "she's a whiner", "She's a spoiled brat", "karma's a btch", "she got what she deserved", or sometimes they say things like "serves her right for what she did to Jake" and on top of it they support Frank. Things like that just gets me so angry.. First of all Ali is not a cheat, liar or a game player like Justin & Frank are. Second she only left Jake b/c she didn't want to lose her job, not for another man. And Ali did call Jake back and told him she made a mistake and wants to come back to him, but he dumped her like a hot potatoe which is exactly what Frank did. Frank added salt to her wound. Jake is also a creep the way he treated Vienna(Not that Vienna's any better..)But jake got what he deserved. A few days ago I found something out about Jake which makes him more of a jerk! So Ali was lucky when she left that other season b/c she dodged the bullet from Jake. As for Frank's girlfriend, she's a complete selfish btch who I'm sure will break up with him again which is exactly what he deserves.. It will be a karma for him!

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