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"Let's crack the ending..."
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02-17-09, 10:16 AM (EST)
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"Let's crack the ending..."
More likely than not, the ending of the Bachelor this season has been hyped to the nnnnth degree, and could be nothing more or less than we have already seen in the past. With "Reality Steve" going on and on about the ending though, since late January, it does lead to speculation.

Chris, last night, said that this is indeed the "most dramatic finale in Bachelor history". Jason admitted that he was in love with 2 women and he doesn't know how to choose, and then we have the dramatic Deanna entrance...she says that she thinks she made a mistake and that they still have time because he hasn't proposed yet, ....then nothing could have prepared us for what happened next...

Chris states: "What you are about to witness is potentially so dramatic, so emotionally difficult, we decided out of respect for the parties involved to keep the taping of tonights show as intimate as possible..."

I think perhaps Chris makes that last statement at the After the Rose show, and not before the finale...but, why, what, or as Reality Steve notes, how will the events unfold? There is the potential for lots of tears, swearing, accusing...what?

Clearly, with Deanna there, there will be drama...she wants him back, so essentially he now has to choose between all three. We see him all dressed up, and then crying on the balcony...he cried after letting Jillian go as well...

Could he possibly choose one and propose, only to break it off soon there after, then go begging back to another, and the rejected one accepts his tardy proposal? Just trying to find out why it's so dramatic and if it hasn't happened before...will he deny all three, only to come crawling back to one? What if he proposes and they turn him down, then he goes running back to Deanna or Jillian? I know, grasping at straws here...I remember at the beginning of the show, I think Ellen interviewed him on the phone and he reported to her then that he did indeed find his mate...hmmmm.

I feel like with all of this hype, there better be something dramatic...

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