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"S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4"
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Aruba 1945 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

03-22-14, 12:05 PM (EST)
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"S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4"
I got a kick out of Spencer's narrative of going from "moms" to "hot girls," yet things didn't seem to change. Yet another example of when it comes to Production, the faces (and bodies) may change, but the idiots they cast don't.

1) LJ - Fortunately for him, Cliff was on Tony and Trish's radar before the tribal switch, but it was still a MAJOR risk for him not to play his HII. This dude has bigger b-lls than the horses he trains. As they say, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. And now he's in excellent position.

2) SPENCER - Great assessment of situations. Easily my favorite narrator of this season. He should be able to coast to the merge. Can't imagine him low in my rankings for as long as he stays in the game.

3) SARAH - Clearly got screwed the worst after the tribal switch, but liked how she brought up the extra bag of rice Trish chose for the tribe moving the target on Morgan. HMMMM, didn't a poster predict this in week one? LOL. With the Beauty tribemates implosion she goes from "odd one out" to favorable position.

4) TASHA - Way to hang on in the RC. Our "bean-counter" is one tough cookie. Like Spencer, smart to initially sit back and wait for the cracks to appear.

5) TONY - Although Trish orchestrated the flip, it was Tony's deciding vote that made it happen. I guess some may criticize him for breaking up a strong Brawn tribe, but Tony wanted Cliff out early for obvious reason. And should he reunite with Sarah, LJ would make a much more solid ally than either Cliff, Lindsey, or Woo.

6) TRISH - I suspect most will have fun with Trish's "cougar" depiction in Ep. 4. But the truth be told, she wanted Lindsey out from Day One and Cliff out shorty thereafter. The tribal switch allowed her to make that happen and she took full advantage of that. But her cackle is as annoying as Cirie's agitating nervous giggle/laugh.

7) ALEXIS - Did her best to put the biggest target on Morgan. Had Appari not pulled out the IC victory, I'm certain she would have waved bye-bye to Morgan. Now with three more days in the game, should Appari lose the next IC, it will be interesting to see which Beauty walks to TC with the knife in their back.

8) JEREMIAH - As I said a couple weeks ago, he tries hard to be likable to as many people as possible. Not that that's a bad thing, but will have to come up with a definitive strategy to move up my rankings.

9) WOO - As surprised as he was with the blindside, he seemed just as excited with, "Hey, at least it's not me." As an individual I think he's cool; as a game player, I think he's clueless.

10) KASS - Along for the ride. We get an occasional narrative to tell us she was casted on the "Brains" tribe, but other than that, nothing more.

11) JEFRA - Another one along for the ride. Should be able to coattail to the merge.

12) MORGAN - I knew this day would come...having to answer for her selfish decision to look for the HII. But apparently our blowup doll did not. She's VERY fortunate her tribe wins the IC (no help from her) and now is the front runner for the Dumb A$$ Luck (DAL) Award this season

13) LINDSEY - I'm still not laughing at her immature "buck teeth" imitation; but it would be hysterical if Trish stoops to her level and puts a rats nest on her head to imitate Lindsey. ROFLMFAO!!! In addition to my dislike, you can now add jealousy for rolling on the beach with Morgan and being able to feel the full benefit of her "spectacular" plastic boobies. I'm hoping for another Solana IC loss so this annoying dirty-looking castaway could take a much needed bath before she gets on a plane to leave Survivor.

BOOTED) CLIFF - OK, we heard one account of how lazy he was...but MORE accounts of how physically dominant he is, a challenge threat, being able to "wrap people around his finger," etc., etc. But OHHHH NOOOOOO...the ADS had nothing to do with his boot. LMAO. Whatever; people will spin what they spin.

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 RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4 michel2 03-22-14 1
   RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4 Aruba 03-22-14 2
       RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4 michel2 03-22-14 3
           RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4 Aruba 03-23-14 4
               RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4 michel2 03-23-14 5
                   RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4 Aruba 03-23-14 6
                       RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4 michel2 03-23-14 7
 RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4 dabo 03-26-14 8

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michel2 58 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Hollywood Squares Square"

03-22-14, 04:49 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4"
LAST EDITED ON 03-22-14 AT 05:01 PM (EST)

From my perspective, productions thinks its fans are the idiots because they keep doing it: Calling a "random" twist what was in reality completely scripted. The real conflict in Survivor has always been Brains versus Muscles so Beauty was only there for the nice bikini shots. Before Brains self-destructed, production laid down the law: Brawn on one side, Brains on the other and divide the Beauties to make sure they get eliminated. And, while they were at it, they put Sarah on the other tribe to punish her for throwing the challenge. If I am right then it was incredibly funny to see that Cliff got the boot anyway!

1- Spencer: This guy seems set to win it all considering he's won the swap lottery. If there is a thing as the dumb a$$ luck award it has to go to the former members of Luzer. Not only did they get to stick together but they wound up in the only camp that had 2 bags of rice. Random swap? Suuuuure...

2- Morgan: She keeps saying the right thing to stay out of danger. Despite being outed by Sarah, she didn't panic and she certainly didn't sell her vote as quickly and cheaply as Alexis and Jeremiah. The idol lie was to survive the first vote and she did that. Now, she's alreay thinking of saving herself for the next vote and considering that Spencer has his eyes on her, she may just do it.
(Aruba, you need glasses if you think those are plastic. Doctors aren't that good. )

3- Tasha: She was very good in both challenges and, like the other former Luzers, she understood that it was better to listen than to talk. Now, they can choose their next ally.

4- Tony: It had been his plan all along to get rid of Cliff, to take over the pride and the game at the same time. It's incredible that the seed he planted in Sarah's brain three episodes ago led to Cliff's elimination this week. He didn't even have to do anything but cast the deciding vote. He really is playing with morons. I liked his expression after Jeff read the final vote. I imagine that would be the look of the scorpion after the frog realized it couldn't be trusted. Of course, it didn't help the scorpion in the long run either.

5- LJ: He certainly took a risk but I'm sure he had more information than what we saw. He probably had a talk with Tony before TC that was simply left on the editing room floor to create the drama. If he didn't then we know that he will take one too many risk. It's like playing Russian Roulette: It doesn't matter how many times you didn't blow your brains out, if you keep trying, you will get killed.

6- Sarah: Production wanted to make sure she wouldn't throw another challenge but they didn't want to punish her too much because she is a good character. How could they proceed? Easy: Put her away from Cliff but place her in the swing vote position. The only danger would have been if Brains and Beauty had been smart enough to come together and start immediately to cut down the Brawn members. Fortunately for her, everyone now knows that Brawn is ready and willing to kill itself.

7- Kass: Speaking of Dumb a$$ luck award, she did nothing in either challenge yet she finds herself in a great position to make it to the end. Fortunately, I don't see how she could make a case for the title because she's riding coat tails of players that aren't disliked. Riding coat tails is an art and Kass doesn't get it.

8- Jefra: For the first time, we saw that there is more to her than decoration. She was smart when she found a way to align with Trish, both women bonding over the miserable conditions they faced during the previous storm. Misery loves company and, contrary to Alexis, she knew it was better to listen than to talk.

9- Jeremiah: We saw that, despite the three days that had elapsed since his previous Council, he still hadn't repaired any of the damage caused by Morgan's revelation. He had to consider that Alexis would have a hard time trusting him and that Morgan, despite her anger, was still alone. A good social player would have gone to each individually to fix things. Instead, like Alexis, he negotiated with Luzon from a position of weakness. His challenge abilities are the only thing that could save him if they go to the next TC. Luzon chose strength once before, they could do the same again.

10- Lindsey: She was right to say that it wasn't only about the present, that they had to worry about beating the other tribe after the merge. Trish's stupidity ruined it for all of them except maybe Sarah.

11- Alexis: The scene at the well told us all we needed to know about Alexis. She talked too much and was much too eager to flip. She sold herself faster than a crack ho in need of a fix. A player should know that you never negotiate from a position of weakness so going against 3 opponents at once was a bad idea. She should have approached one of the former Luzon players and started a discussion about their respective positions. She could have found some useful information to use later on instead of giving away all of her tribe's secrets for free.

12- Woo: He had worked his way into the majority alliance of his tribe but he simply threw it away. Woo knew that Lindsey and Cliff were outsiders within Aparri but he seemed to think that Tony and Trish would forget about their previous plan to eliminate Cliff. He could have easily joined Trish and Tony in their schemes but his blind admiration for Cliff made him lose first his focus and soon the game.

13- Trish: Since I enjoyed Cirie tremendously, I'd compare Trish more to Jane from Nicaragua who really got on my nerves. Trish knew that Cliff could have been eliminated at any time after the merge while keeping LJ will only help LJ and HIS allies. I mean his original allies. She threw away her shot at the million for a school girl crush.

Booted - Cliff: I think you have to redefine your Anti-Darwin Syndrome because Cliff's ability to "wrap people around his finger" denotes a good SOCIAL player, not a good physical player. That's what got him voted out. I thought that, by ADS, you meant forming an alliance of weaklings to vote out the strong players but Tony and LJ can hardly be called weaklings. If now you simply mean eliminating threats then we are not talking the same language.

If you think this boot went some how, some way against the laws of evolution, I have to remind you of Tony's words when he first targeted him: Cliff was the lion at the head of the pride but Tony wanted to take over. Two big guys fighting for control is not ADS but exactly how it works in nature. Tony adapted to the new conditions. Cliff, the dinosaur, did not.

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Aruba 1945 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

03-22-14, 06:39 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4"
It was nothing "said" that kept Morgan out of danger...the reason she's still in the game is because Aparri was able to pull out an IC victory. And since she did not even participate, essentially it was nothing she DID either that kept her out of danger. Now THAT'S Dumb A$$ Luck pure and simple. And if you believe Morgan would not have been voted out if Appari went to TC, then I must say (with all due respect) you need a reality check a WHOLE lot more than I need a pair of glasses.

As for Tony...when it comes to a proven liar and a man by his OWN admission will lie like a rug to play this game, you need not remind me of any of his "words." Words mean very little to me from the mouth of a liar. With Tony you have a man SOOOOO full of himself, he would never, never, never be able to admit even to HIMSELF (never mind to millions I viewers) that he fears a player in Cliff who might be more physical, athletic, and challenge dominant than his Almighty Self. So make no mistake about it...that is the reason he wanted Cliff gone; your scorpion/frog and head of pride examples notwithstanding.

I said Morgan is the "front runner" for the DAL award. But by no means the only candidate. I agree that Kass is running neck and neck with her.

Let's face it--Production LOOOOVES showmances and I think it's safe to say we'll have none this season. So what does Prodcution do??? They force feed arguable the lamest and most comical attempt of one between Trish and LJ. Trish's motives were not driven by a so-called "school girl crush" but more by her distain for Lindsey and her closest ally Cliff--the most physically dominant player this season. Whether you see the obvious hatred for Lindsey or want to believe the "school girl crush" theory, either way her motives are driven more by emotion than solid gameplay. And for that reason, I wholeheartedly agree that she threw away the million because of her emotions.

From the beginning of the game I honestly lost count of the amount of times I heard ANY player reference Cliff's physical dominance, potential challenge stud ability, etc. etc. Hence the ADS does NOT need to be redefined.

I watched very closely when the castaways were picking their new buffs from the basket. Some took theirs from the top; others reached deeper in the basket to select their buffs. Given that observation, how do you believe the new tribal switches were "completely scripted????"

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michel2 58 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Hollywood Squares Square"

03-22-14, 07:25 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4"
LAST EDITED ON 03-22-14 AT 07:27 PM (EST)

I don't know how it was fixed but I don't know how a magician can cut someone in half and then put them back in one piece either. I am pretty sure however that I shouldn't believe every thing I see. Filming can always be stopped, the scene taken a second time and, as viewers, we are left to believe the BS served.

We will see what happens with Morgan but I would be ready to bet you that she isn't the next to go whenever her group goes to TC. I really believe that, had Aparri gone to TC, then Alexis was toast. Why would the Brains keep someone that is close to two players on the other side when they only need 1 vote to take control? It would be much better for them to choose Morgan as their 4th. Like them, she has no one else and she wasn't as quick to flip. She has made herself look more reliable.

I see that you didn't answer my question about ADS: Isn't it suppose to apply when weaklings align to vote out the strong. If so, do you think Tony and LJ are weaklings?

Also, about Tony's lies. Sure he's lied to everyone out there but why would he lie in his confessionals?

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Aruba 1945 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

03-23-14, 10:11 AM (EST)
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4. "RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4"
LAST EDITED ON 03-23-14 AT 10:14 AM (EST)

Magician/magic is a misnomer. As you probably know, "magicians" do not perform magic; they create illusions. A magician/illusionist does not actually cut someone in half and put them back together in one piece no more than David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty (only 18 miles from my house) disappear and "miraculously" reappear.

Yes, these illusions are created for the enjoyment of the viewing audience. But there are many hands that go into the "BS" that is served. Any "stopped filming," "retaking of scenes," or other so-called conspiracy theory ploys created for us viewers would need to involve the actual players in the game.

You REALLY believe Production would gather the castaways together and say something to the effect of, "Hey players...we're going the script the season so we can serve a bunch of BS to the viewers...oh, BTW, in doing so it will mean most of you will now have NO chance of winning the million dollars!" Sorry Michel, you'll have no chance of selling this to me.

I cannot foresee the future nor do I venture into the Spoilers Forum so I do not know what will happen next episode on the Solana tribe. If you read my comments for Alexis on my ranking, I stated anything can happen in the next three days to change the game. I'm not going to waste my time now predicting the future, but would rather focus on what did occur last episode. And given the events that occurred Morgan definitely would have been voted out; but you'll believe what you want NOT based on previous accounts but rather on "proposed" editing or your preconceived possible "illusions" we'll never see.

The ADS is targeting the strongest where everyone else who is not the strongest can use the numbers to eliminate that person. I never said EVERYONE less in caliber to the strongest has to be weak. Yes, some are but not all.

Do I think Tony and LJ are weaklings? Of course not. But even if Supercop can leap tall vehicles in a single bound and I suspect training horses involves some physical strength...neither are any match for a seasoned former professional athlete of over 15 seasons . Hey, by no means would I regard myself as a "weakling" but put me in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson and I wouldn't even make the first bell. Once again, another example of how you apply your PhD in Spinology. Whereas I did provide an appropriate answer, because you are unable to apply my answer to your spin, you will deem it as having no merit.

You ask, "Why would Tony lie in confessionals?"
That's the easiest question you can ask...and it's an answer you've heard countless times, but let me repeat:


We're not machines/robots with an off/on switch. Human beings are not made that way. Is it conceivable to put on a false mask and fake it for a very short while? Sure, but at the end of the day it comes down to...


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michel2 58 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Hollywood Squares Square"

03-23-14, 02:11 PM (EST)
Click to EMail michel2 Click to send private message to michel2 Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
5. "RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4"
The players don't have a choice. They signed their life away when they signed that contract, a contract that says directly: "We have to right to make you look stupid." I am not kidding; that is in there.

This is how I saw the illusion: Jeff tells them to drop their buffs and tells them immediately where production has decided to place them. Then he adds, "for the show, we will make it look like it was done randomly but it's already decided". What choice do they have? Obey or get thrown out.

You talked about Spoilers but did you ever wonder why SEG is more secretive about the production aspect of the show than its outcome? SEG doesn't care if there are spoilers out there because they know that it amuses only a minority, at most a thousand out of the 10 million viewers. It's so evident that they don't care about spoiling that they do it themselves. The swap had been totally spoiled by the numerous promos shown during NCAA basketball games. Hantz personally spoiled two seasons yet he got invited for a third. But, as soon as a contestant is asked about things not shown on TV, they get a gag order.

Since Aparri didn't go to TC, we will never know what would have happened if they had lost IC. The best estimate we can have is to see what they will do in their next TC. They had to consider they could lose so they most certainly had already made their decision. Sure things could happen in the next three days including another challenge win but once a majority is formed it rarely flips on itself. If Morgan survives a TC next week, the best bet would be to say that she would have survived the previous week also.

As for the ADS, I like to see you confirm that you think everyone should bow down and simply let the best challenge competitor win the game, that anything else is an abomination that goes against nature. To me, Cliff and others like Terry were dinosaurs not worthy of winning this game because they couldn't adapt.

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Aruba 1945 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

03-23-14, 05:02 PM (EST)
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6. "RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4"
The best estimate of what would have occurred if Appari went to TC is to see what would of happened 3-4 days from then at the NEXT TC????

I have never heard of anything so ludicrous.
No, Michel...the best estimate is to evaluate what actually occurred in the events leading up to the hypothetical TC. In the three days that follow some idiot could shot themselves in the foot and the target could change. Or by your "illusion" the game could be rewritten and "scripted" to purposely eliminate another castaway. LOL

I would NEVER confirm to think anyone should just give up or "bow down" to a strong player. Quite the opposite...You should ALWAYS give 100% and give optimum effort. I do not believe in taking the easy be the best you beat the best. But given the structure of the Survivor game it allows the scaredy-cat competition to eliminate the stronger player without truly meeting the challenge head-on, hence the ADS. It's not cheating because it's well within the rules; but just a chickensh!t approach. Not surprisingly, we can blame Production/Casting for that.

If you truly believe your illusion with the tribal switch I honestly don't know why the heck you even watch the show anymore???? If I believed that rubbish, I sure wouldn't. But this is exactly what you present this so over the top delusional illusion and conveniently insert an absence of evidence so anyone who even wants to take the time to discuss with you is now forced to have to disprove a negative.

Spin all you want and continue to use your evidence-absent conspiracy theories to try to prove your points. I will continue to justify MY points on what happened and/or what has a reasonable chance of occurring in the future.

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michel2 58 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Hollywood Squares Square"

03-23-14, 11:05 PM (EST)
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7. "RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4"
We can't use what we saw in this episode because no one else but Alexis and Jeremiah have said they were targeting Morgan. Sarah, Spencer, Tasha and Kass haven't let us know which way they were leaning. If, next week, they vote against Alexis instead of Morgan then it isn't far fetched to think they had already agreed to do so this week.

Finally, thank you for explaining your ADS once more. I really don't think Tony, a jersey cop, fits in the scaredy-cat mold though so that's why I maintain that this boot went according to nature's law. The player that adapted best to the new conditions survived. For me, meeting the challenge head-on happens more at Tribal Council than during Immunity challenges. The vote is always crucial while immunity is often only accessory, a nice bobble to have around your neck.

This site was called "Survivor Blows" and there is the other called "Survivor Sucks" yet every poster is a fan of the show. Did you ever question why? For you, Survivor blows because you feel that the casting department stinks. Yet you keep watching because you know the show can still be good.

I think casting is very lazy but for me, what really blows is production with all its ridiculous twists and interferences. Yet I still enjoy the stories that have been told. I accept the fact that production felt it was better to keep it Brawn vs Brains by doing the swap that way. I wish they hadn't but so be it.

PS. I'm not 100% sure it was fixed but there have been so many things that worked out so bizarrely that they have long lost the benefit of the doubt. (If you ask, I'll run down the list of weird events during the off season but it started all the way back in Borneo.) Unless Survivor removes the gag order on the players, I will not believe that they are honest. I know you can't prove a negative but tell me how do you think a player could react if he is told that this is the way we are doing things. They simply have no recourse. Zero.

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dabo 25955 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

03-26-14, 01:13 PM (EST)
Click to EMail dabo Click to send private message to dabo Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
8. "RE: S28 Love/Like/Loathe Ep. 4"
01. L.J. (02). Still don't know what being an ex-jock and horse trainer has to do with being a Beaut, but you have to give it to the guy, he managed to exploit a Brawn crack and keep his idol while sporting a big target.

02. Spencer (01). Stick with your moms!

03. Tasha (04).

04. Woo (03). Bad sign that he wasn't included in the Cliff blindside, but he has time to recover.

05. Kass (06). Her prospects of going long keep improving.

06. Morgan (07). This kitten does keep managing to land on her feet.

07. Sarah (09). Wise to go UTR under the circumstances.

08. Jefra (10).

09. Jeremiah (08). Beauty School drop-out...

10. Alexis (11). ditto

11. Tony (13). Still way too quick into his individual game.

12. Trish (05). Way to ruin a good thing.

13. Lindsey (14). Extremely disappointed in this one.

Good-bye Cliff (12). Understood the dangers but tried to keep it a team game, his loss begins the fall of the Brawn.

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