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"Lvoe List 26.6"
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Original message

dabo 25344 desperate attention whore postings
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03-26-13, 03:00 PM (EST)
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"Lvoe List 26.6"
LAST EDITED ON 03-26-13 AT 03:18 PM (EST)

Since Michel didn't start one for week 6, alright, I'll give it another shot. Lot of movement this week again as the game actually picks up again. The swap was good for some (Favorites) and bad for others (Fans).

01. Cochran (06). Despite the Specialist's efforts to try to control everything, John is the one actually in subtle control of things in Bikal2 and called the shot. Matt was the best player of the Favorites who went to Bikal, and preserving strength in this tribe is kind of pointless.

02. Andrea (10). Hit the Gota beach and got her game on.

03. Malcolm (03). Hit the Gota beach and got his game on.

04. Dawn (01). Cochran's right hand and Corinne goes to her with everything, despite the problems she has had she is in a very good position right now.

05. Corinne (12). She seems fully aware that there really are only six members in Phillip's alliance, and she was right that promising Julia 7th was not a move worth making. She was on fire this week with great zingers, and the inj.. moment was priceless.

06. Michael (04). Though his game took a big hit this week, he integrated best into Bikal2, taking him out was never even discussed this time.

07. Sherri (05). If she realizes she really ought to try to unify with Reynold and Eddie somehow, maybe it is their fault that she can't, because they won't. She thinks Reynold is the problem, so there might be some hope she and Eddie can work together later in the game. Spilling everything to Andrea and Brenda was her only option to counter Reynold and Eddie spilling everything to Malcolm and Erik, at least she doesn't appear to her new tribemates as clueless.

08. Erik (02). Hey, he was funny. And at least he picked up on Reynold's used car salesman vibe.

09. Phillip (09). Doesn't realize his whole Stealth thing isn't working very well, and his need to always take center stage is starting to paint him as someone who should be voted out. Looks like he will make it to the jury stage, though people really ought to be thinking they would not want this guy with his kooky way of thinking making it even one more round. Whoever he thinks his six are, though, it doesn't include Corinne, as she probably thinks it still does. So he has managed to accomplish some bit of game.

10. Brenda (07). Seen but not heard.

11. Julia (13). I'll give her props for remaining loyal to her original tribe and having nerves of steel, but she doesn't seem to have any head for this game. Too young for Survivor, really.

12. Reynold (11). Still doesn't really understand this game, it seems. Being an obvious pair with Eddie just makes the both of them bigger targets, though come the merge they would both be high targets anyway. Probably thinks he has it made to at least the merge, but with the merge probably coming up next week it has become a good time to start taking out individual challenge threats.

13. Eddie (14). See previous.

Good-bye, Matt (08). I'm really sorry to see him go, he gave it a good shot in this game but just couldn't catch an break.

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 RE: Lvoe List 26.6 michel 03-26-13 1

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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

03-26-13, 10:06 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Lvoe List 26.6"
I could say I was waiting to see if you wanted to have a list but I was busy with my Fantasy baseball draft! Thanks for getting this started and don't hesitate next week.

1- Cochran: He's started to play so watch out. Todd v2.0

2- Andrea: She got all the info from Sherri but was fooled by Malcolm.

3- Malcolm: He got close to Reynold and Eddie but he needs to eliminate them, not play with them since he does have an alliance. His big move should be with Erik and Brenda.

4- Brenda: Serenity got her in a nice spot. But how frustrating it must be to realize that she is this season's Purple Kelly. The editors are criminals.

5- Dawn: Corinne confides in her and Phil trusts her so she can't fail.

6- Sherri: She'll need Andrea and Brenda's help but this swap hurt her, already costing her a close ally.

7- Michael: Phil and Corinne like him but Cochran has his eyes on him. He needs to use the rift between the Specialist and the Dominatrix.

8- Erik: He knows that Reynold can't be trusted so he should go to Sherri and build something.

9- Phillip: The superior man! What a fall we should witness!

10- Corinne: The snarky confessionals are returning but she missed an occasion to boot Phillip.

11- Eddie: A superficial dumbass.

12- Reynold: A smart player would have made up with Sherri before the swap and would have used his idol to get the votes and eliminate a Favorite. He needs numbers and the Favorites will never be HIS numbers.

13- Julia: It's not only editing; she is boring.

Booted - Matt: I'm glad that most viewers consider him as a smart player. It shows that even smart players can make stupid decisions. He should have seen the crack in the Favorites' alliance and used it to get the advantage instead of being too honest.

Ils sont fous, ces Romains!

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