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"Lvoe List"
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Original message

michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

03-10-13, 01:25 PM (EST)
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"Lvoe List"
1- Andrea: She was the only one to realize that Phillip's strategy could backfire. Sure, it could contain outsiders in case of a swap but it could also make it easier for someone inside the alliance to switch allegiance and go with the Silent one and Serenity.

2- Cochran: How frustrating must it be to see a 4 ft Filipino Gollom getting more action with the cute girls then he ever could?! Still, if he does have a good rapport with everyone then he could be the one using Erik and Brenda.

3- Sherri: She went a little too far in serving Shamar and she lost her closest ally. It's going to be tough to recover. She'll have to drag Matt away from Reynold and Eddie...or boot him.

4- Brenda: Miss Serenity had fun with Tata and her strategy of staying quiet seems to work. She has passed the time where she could be voted out for being the weakest outsider so this should serve her more than Erik and Brandon.

5- Michael: Since Matt was the one to flip, Michael finds himself in a great position: Sherri and Julia will trust him more than Matt but Reynold and Eddie won't target him.

6- Malcolm: I would have liked to hear his thoughts on Erik entering the alliance. The two guys could serve the same function so Malcolm could be under fire.

7- Phillip: Nice job trying to contain the outsider but talk to your alliance first. And Napoleon lost at Waterloo so I wouldn't follow what he did before that battle!

8- Matt: He has been playing between the two alliances from the beginning. Either he is a high-wire specialist or he is due for a big fall. NEVER neglect the importance of trust.

9- Eddie: Not only did Matt crack but so did Reynold and now Eddie has a shield, maybe even two.

10- Corinne: Back in the shadows.

11- Dawn: Still no light from Dawn.

12- Erik: Staying quiet means you don't put your foot in your mouth but you don't put it in the door either. A social game needs...socializing. Erik sure knows how to go splat!

13- Reynold: This was the time to hold on to the idol. Dumbass can't do anything right.

14- Julia: Still nothing.

15- Brandon: Still too much

Booted - Laura: The Victim of her tribe's ineptitude. Too bad, we lost a bright player.

Blinded - Shamu: I said it before the season started that he was on the wrong show.

Ils sont fous, ces Romains!

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 RE: Lvoe List dabo 03-11-13 1

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dabo 25344 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

03-11-13, 09:41 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Lvoe List"
LAST EDITED ON 03-11-13 AT 10:33 PM (EST)

Some movement again this week.

01. Andrea (03). It's good to see this kid has a good head for the game, her biggest threat really is her closest ally, Phillip. She understands they need to work as a partnership. If he can't understand that she may have to have a plan in place to overthrow the emperor.

02. Cochran (04). Good observations from him again.

03. Sherri (01). Her game took a some hits this week. She lost her goat (who may have not had much more use anyway), her alliance fractured, she lost her closest ally and one sharp cookie. Still, she was wise enough to see what was happening, not get rattled, took it all in stride. Her people skills are serving her well.

04. Matt (07). Matt stepped up to exercise control this time, worked the game to his own benefit by knocking down Sherri's control a bit and eliminating her sharpest ally. His ability to play both sides in Gota could make him anyone's most valuable ally after a tribal switch or post-merge.

05. Michael (08). Smart piviotal player this episode, has Matt's back but could throw buddy Matt under the bus if need be. No one seems to have anything against Michael.

06. Phillip (06). Actually, solidifying Bikal is the best thing he could do, and at least he's trying. His need to be the authority figure, though, is his Achille's heel. He's gotten into his own head more than anyone else's.

07. Malcolm (02). Malcolm is getting a slow and steady edit, which is a good sign for his potential in this game of nutjobs, but it just isn't very interesting right now.

08. Brenda (11). Brenda had some good scenes this time showing she can take things in stride. And Phillip's code name for her, "Serenity," may be key to her survival. More than even Phillip himself, she has patience and situational awareness.


09. Corinne (09).

10. Dawn (10).

11. Erik (12).

12. Julia (13).


13. Eddie (15). I considered moving Eddie up the ranks this time, but then I forgot. It was kind of silly of him to make waves after TC. Still, he is showing some signs of intelligence.

14. Reynold (16). Yeah, sure, when things don't go your way tell your entire tribe (except Eddie of course) that you don't want anything to do with them and don't respect them, whatever it was he said. Sure, yeah, that always works out well. <eyeroll>

15. Brandon (17). He actually seemed to have some game this time for someone who is full of beans, so I'll give him a break this time.

Good-bye, Shamar (14). Unfortuantely, Survivor is a social game, not a contest of who can best imitate a piece of furniture.

Good-bye, Laura (05). Hated to lose this one, had a good head for the game.

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