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"Lvoe List"
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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

03-03-13, 04:31 PM (EST)
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"Lvoe List"
If anyone wants to do this earlier each week, be my guest. I want to keep the tradition alive but I can't do it before Sundays.

1- Sherri: Since the million wasn't reason to stay, she figured that Loyalty would be the right button to press with a soldier.

2- Cochran: He is the Observer, the one that has been constantly shown observing the othersí strategy. In this episode, he became Andreaís sounding board and he observed that Corinne and Malcolm were too close.

3- Andrea: Phillip isn't the only one using the BR rules. Andrea is thinking of applying BR rule number 3 to go after Corinne, someone in her alliance that could go after her. Risky but smart.

4- Laura: I doubt she ever wanted to vote against Shamar. I think she only wanted to make sure she wouldnít received votes so she lied to Reynold, giving him, Eddie and Hope false hope. She is quite the resourceful tactician.

5- Malcolm: Finding the idol gave him new powers so heís made an alliance inside the alliance by hitching his wagon to Corinne. He realizes that itís risky, that Corinneís temper could cost him but he is the go-to-guy in the challenges so heís not in immediate danger.

6- Phillip: He is showing calm confidence and he isnít worried of making big moves.Heís interested in getting rid of Corinne if she is threatening his position. He isnít afraid of a confrontation with Brandon. Right now, Survivor is fun and he can relax, talk about his prowess on the basketball court, comparing himself to Bird and Magic! On Survivor though, Phillip can only throw air balls!

7- Matt: He's constantly following Sherri which isn't dumb but she must know he was a fence sitter so how much does she trust him? Matt should be taking his distance.

8- Corinne: First, she got into the alliance quite easily and now she finds herself in a strong pair. Itís interesting that she was put on the chopping block as soon as her story started. Will she need that idol sooner than she thinks? Will she be able to use it?

9- Dawn: It must be winter over there because Dawn isn't seen very much.

10- Michael: For someone that was supposed to be a strategist, we havenít heard Michaelís thoughts about his own game for two episodes now. We only heard him as the voice of reason after the challenge, something that Gota needs but it makes him really boring.

11- Eddie: Guilty by association, Eddie shows respect to Shamu so maybe he has a chance to be taken off the no-talk list.

12- Shamu: A heroic non-quitter! Who else had a no-talk list on Survivor? Like Sherri, I have seen a few Shamars before but none as loud as this one!

13- Reynold: You have to be incredibly dumb to continue using the same strategy and expect a different result.

14- Brenda: A cute sleeper

15- Erik: Another sleeper.

16- Julia: Even the invisible woman is on Shamu's hit list!

17- Brandon:

Booted - Hope: Was there ever any hope for Hope.

Ils sont fous, ces Romains!

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 RE: Lvoe List dabo 03-05-13 1
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dabo 25344 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

03-05-13, 03:07 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Lvoe List"
Spooky time again.

01. Sherri (01). In it to win it, and showing great skill at handling unruly youngsters and wackos.

02. Malcolm (02). Though we've not heard enough from him, he found the HII, enough for now to retain this spot.

03. Andrea (05). Showing herself to be sharp, she is trying to retain a top spot in the alliance while fending off inter-alliance dangers. Came to play. Including Brandon in her plans was taking on some danger, great move if it keeps him under control, not so great if he goes off the reservation.

04. Cochran (06). Savvy player waiting and watching, the flow of information keeps coming his way, patiently taking it all in.

05. Laura (08). Great play to keep her head off the chopping block, at least for now. Her awareness of her situation and her game play has affected the course of the game, she's one to keep an eye on.

06. Phillip (04). Having built what appeared to be a solid alliance with himself in control, he takes a drop this week for not only allowing but approving a crack in solidarity much too soon. While it was sharp of Andrea to position Corinne further down the roster, Phillip should know he will need a solid alliance come the merge. Fortunately for him he has time to mend things and rebuild.

07. Matt (03).

08. Michael (07).

09. Corinne (11). Finally popped her head in the game, smart to pair with Malcolm.

10. Dawn (09). Would be higher but received too little attention this last episode for someone who had an emotional crisis early in the game.

11. Brenda (10).

12. Erik (12).

13. Julia (14).

14. Shamar (17). Bumping Shamar up for showing signs of life. Having taken himself right out the gate into goat status, the whole unquitting scene was (potentially) brilliant game if he continues to play from the comeback kid position.

15. Eddie (15). Things just don't go his way, the Kewl Kids keep getting suckered. Still has time to get a better game going.

16. Reynold (16). See above.

17. Brandon (18). Malignancy of Bikal, they need to perform a Brandonectomy.

Good-bye, Practically Purple Hope (13). But she didn't quit, so thanks for playing.

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SpotTheDifference 906 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Fitness Correspondent"

03-06-13, 11:05 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Lvoe List"
I'd do it, but I'd have to regain my interest in watching the show first. Also, being an adult and actually needing to go to work sucks.
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