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"S21 Love/Loathe List Ep6"
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Original message

Aruba 1891 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

10-22-10, 06:02 AM (EST)
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"S21 Love/Loathe List Ep6"
If you're going to have a double TC, that's the way to do it. With individual immunities and a format that does not allow most of the tribe to throw the competition to vote someone off.
I dunno, I guess a girl with a prosthetic leg is more of a game threat than a savvy player with a HII?

JILL - One of the better TCs we've had was made possible by Jill's IC win. And then winning a feast for her tribe was gravy on the mashed potatoes. I still think Holly and Jane's flips made it virtually impossible for any original Espada to win this season, but if Jill makes it past the merge that will be quite an accomplishment.

MARTY - Holy Smokes! I can't believe he didn't play the HII!!! Even the most stellar performers the game ever had needed to take risks at some point. He took a big risk and it worked out. Brenda has drawn a line in the sand for Marty. And as long as Brenda keeps drawing a line, Marty will step over it. Could make for an interesting (and lively) storyline.

FABIO - It took me five episodes to warm up to Alina; and after ep. 6 now I'll jump on the Fabio bandwagon. But trying to impress Jud by saying you're a Grandmaster chessplayer is like trying to impress Parvati by telling her you're a virgin saving yourself for marriage. Hey, at least it added entertainment value to the episode. If Marty can somehow finagle his way to the merge, I like Fabio's chances to advance.

BRENDA - Admire her spunk but you need to know when enough is enough. I don't see the necessity of her final dig toward Marty at the end of TC. If you wanted to continue to stir the pot, at least cook Marty's goose in it and flush out the idol at the same time. Creating a one-on-one confrontation with Marty cannot help her game, but she's thrown the guantlet at his feet so we shall see.

CHASE - Dan seemed to be the odds on favorite to go, but Chase had a part in changing Naonka's mind and convincing Benry. It's smart gameplay to interact with as many players as possible, but "trusting NaOnka?" Have to drop you for that one, Dude.

ALINA - Had to be a blow to learn Kelly B. was voted out. Other than Kelly B. I still don't see who she is solidly aligned with. If she's not, she better be otherwise she may follow the same fate as her former partner.

HOLLY - Nice IC win and good effort trying to win a feast for her tribe. It's one thing to offer support and compassion to Dan when he talked about packing it in. But for HER to question/criticize him in a confessional was pretty comical. The two castaways who have no place doing that are Holly and NaOnka.

MATT - You wanted to flush out the HII? Well why didn't you do it when you had the chance at TC? I'm thinking the preview of talking Marty into giving Matt his HII is another MB misdirection which has been a Survivor trademark. But hey, if Matt could somehow swindle the HII ino his possession, I'll have no choice but to move him up.

BENRY - After an episode with some confessional time, the tortoise slipped back into his shell. Yeah, he's the "Brett" of Nicaragua.

NAONKA - So Chase tells you to change your vote from Dan to Ive, then you give us a wink to say your vote to boot Ive out of the game is NaOnka "outwitting" Ive? This character belongs in a comic book. But hey, you may as well toot your own horn, because other than Michel, no one else will.

JANE - It's annoying to observe Jane's cockiness about being Marty's adversary. It's kinda like someone winning the Megamillion Jackpot, but then walking around as if it's their "hard-earned" money as opposed to a "found fortune." Her storyline is real easy...without the switch Jane doesn't make the merge, but now she enjoys a new lease on life.

DAN - His ineptness in challenges is a perfect reason for any advancement. And a self-advertised inventory of his material possessions makes him a perfect player to sit next to in the Finals. Think he's going anywhere soon? I don't.

PURPLE KELLY - There's no question in my mind her continued invisibility is Production's way of saying, "Whoops...we goofed with this one." Actually if Production did that with every casting blunder, we'd only be watching three or four castaways each season.


KELLY B. - My comment from last week's list is worth repeating that she needs to step it up and be more proactive; especially in light of the following statement, "I'll just lay low and do what everyone else does." Well she layed low alright, but she didn't do what everyone else did because Survivor rules forbids a player from writing down their own name at TC. Still, it's too bad she went out this early.

IVE - She not only tells us how she came to play the game hard and win, she says this to her tribemates she knows she's on the outs with. Then in her parting words she doesn't quite understand how she was voted out over a non-threatening shell of a player??? Could someone please give this woman some smelling salt? Whereas Holly and Jane are holding the "winning ticket," Ive certainly held the short end of the stick after tribal switch. Sometimes that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

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 RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep6 iltarion 10-22-10 1
 RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep6 dabo 10-22-10 2
   RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep6 michel 10-23-10 4
 RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep6 michel 10-23-10 3
 RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep6 funkyfitfreak 10-24-10 5

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iltarion 1791 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

10-22-10, 11:16 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep6"
LAST EDITED ON 10-22-10 AT 06:27 PM (EST)

Good list, Aruba, and I'm glad you got it out this morning because I was chomping at the bit. Very suspenseful and surprising TC. Best of the season by far.

1. Marty - Wow, this is tough. I almost wanted to knock Marty and Brenda down a peg because of stupidity by both, but I can't because the season still revolves around them. Marty let a HUGE opportunity to change the game slip by. He should have known a 3-3 split vote was coming, and knowing that, he should have recruited the other target into his own alliance. Instead, both he and Kelly B kept their heads in the sand and voted the way they were told. Pathetic. HOWEVER, the results worked out wonderfully for him. He skated through a TC without losing his HII or Jill and La Flor lost a member who was voting against him. And he knows now to not trust Brenda or Matt again. So, in that sense, he is the big winner here. Also, loved the line about beating chess grandmaster Guillermo Vilas.... HAHAHAHAHA!!! That is hilarious! "I can pull anything out of the 70's on these guys." TRU DAT.

2. Brenda - Ah, my asian infatuation. There are so many things to love about her. BUT, I don't know, it just seems to me like her arrogance grows with every episode. I imagine she is extremely catty in real life. First of all, a 3-3 split, Matt's idea, not hers, is an extremely risky maneuver. You tell Kelly B and Marty you are voting for Jane. You tell Jane and Fabio you are voting for Marty and Kelly B. If ANY of these people speak to each other, the whole thing can blow up in your face. Then, Marty doesn't play his HII and you let him skate. If you were going to vote out Kelly B anyway, why not just dispense with the 3-3 split and vote her out unanimously? That way, Marty, Jill and Jane all think that maybe they can actually believe what you say. Instead, they all know the game you play now, and Marty and his HII are still there. Lastly, a plus and a negative, loved the poker face during TC. Of course, I always said it is easy to show no emotions when you have none. But big thumbs down for targeting the handicapped BECAUSE they are handicapped. Sympathy votes? From who? Not from anyone in your alliance.

3. Jill - Gets 3rd for winning the IC and providing food for her tribe. Her IC win made the entire episode interesting. Otherwise, its as non-dramatic as Espada's TC.

4. Chase - Moving up my list. He revealed that Alina and Benry are still on the outs within old La Flor. Nay wanted Dan gone. Chase wanted Yve gone. Chase is calling the shots.

5. Fabio - Too hilarious, dude. Of course, for all the flack this guy will take, Marty could have told "masterminds" (?) Brenda and Matt the same story, and they would have been clueless as well.

6. Benry - Quiet but solid. Also wanted Yve gone, so got his way.

7. Alina - Falls back for losing Kelly B and having Chase say she isn't trusted. Maybe she should have tried to keep Yve around. Maybe seeing Kelly B gone will make her realize she can't just ride out La Flor and hope to make the end.

8. Matt - The voting was all his idea, and even if it bore the risk of blowing up, that wouldn't have ruined his game. No one besides Brenda even seemed to know it was his idea. Thanks to her mouth, he is actually hiding behind Brenda.

9. Holly - Won the IC. Congrats on that. Comments about Dan and quitting were somewhat comical. Chase didn't even mention her when breaking down his alliance-mates. That about shows where she stands.

10. Kelly P - Brett's GF? Bringing UTR to a new level.

11. Nay - May actually start moving up. Storyline with her as a villian appears to be a short one. Couldn't outwit a sugar melon.

12. Jane - She just irritates me. Editing's fault, not hers, that her vendetta against Marty and Jill hasn't really been explained. They never let you into their confidence? Sounds like an unresolved issue from childhood to me. She acts like they were abusive to her or something. She is nothing more than a tool for Brenda and Matt.

13. Dan - Yve was more of a threat. Yikes!

Made like a drum, and left...

Wendy - Whuh?
Shannon- WTF??
Jimmy J - Run to torchlight.
Jimmy T - Still flapping his gums.
Tyrone - In shocking news, tribal switch leads to strong man being voted out.
Kelly B - People in real life might treat her like any other human being, like she asks, but the people in Survivor? Never. A handicap IS a handicap in this game where the quest for a million dollars justifies everything.
Yve - Real shame. Yummy mummy.


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dabo 25344 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

10-22-10, 03:26 PM (EST)
Click to EMail dabo Click to send private message to dabo Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
2. "RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep6"
LAST EDITED ON 10-22-10 AT 03:28 PM (EST)

Woo-Hoo! Great episode this week, things are really shaking up. Took me some doing to figure out my list this time, shake shake shake!

1. Jud (5). Surfer dude managed to shift himself into a position of some power this week, and so subtle that none of the others realize what he did. Fascinating game, no idea what he'll do next, but he's actually bringing something new to Survivor.

2. Jane (1). Just love this no nonsense lady, revenge is a dog trainer!

3. Alina (4). Still playing smart, though I think she missed a big opportunity to cultivate a new ally in Yve this week.

4. Benry (7). Kudos for having pegged Chase and NaOnka, should have done something about that instead of worrying about Yve.

5. Holly (8). Not in a good position to go for the win but I totally have to respect that she talked Dan off the ledge; been there herself, knows what it's like, great story.

6. Brenda (2). Playing hard, but too many variables are making her start to play badly, make bad decisions. Honestly, even with Fabio being "clueless" and not having any control over JIll, she should have had the tie-breaker plan in place to knock Marty and the HII out of the game.

7. Marty (11). Bold moves! He's still got an uphill battle on his hands but, daggone, that was a very risky decision to keep the HII in his pocket. And it worked! Sometimes in this game you really can take advantage of the stupidity of others.

8. Chase (3). Still likeable but I'm starting to agree with Shannon, needs to grow a pair.

9. Sash (12). Things seem to be coming together for him but if he was as smart as he thinks he is he too should have had a plan to knock out Marty and the HII on the tie-breaker.

10. Jill (10). Lucky she won individual immunity or she would be history now.

11. Dan (13). Glad he didn't quit, he still isn't really playing the game though.

12. NaOnka (15). Congratulations, I moved you out of last place. Next time maybe they'll know better than to cast a wannabe Real World drama queen out to hog all the camera time, or at least get one who has passed her remedial English exams.

13. Invisible Kelly (14). Man, that has got to be one really dumb blonde.

Good-bye, Kelly B (6) and Yve (9). As good an episode as it was, I liked both of these women and wish others with less game were out of the picture.

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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

10-23-10, 06:43 PM (EST)
Click to EMail michel Click to send private message to michel Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
4. "RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep6"
"a wannabe Real World drama queen out to hog all the camera time, or at least get one who has passed her remedial English exams."

I see I'm not the only one who sees parallels between Nay and Russell!

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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

10-23-10, 06:23 PM (EST)
Click to EMail michel Click to send private message to michel Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
3. "RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep6"
LAST EDITED ON 10-23-10 AT 06:31 PM (EST)

1- Brenda: When she said: “Marty is the number 1 enemy right now” I was most interested in the last two words. Maybe I am making too much of this but it reminded me of Marty’s boast that he could see 2 or 3 tribal councils ahead and I think that’s what Brenda was doing. I do believe that, instead of Marty who is the enemy right now, Brenda sees Alina as her bigger adversary down the road. That’s why she had to go after Kelly B., getting rid of one of Alina’s allies, letting Espada take care of one more of Marty’s pawns.

If this interpretation of the vote is accurate, then the editors have shown us a tremendously powerful player. The Black widow, the King Cobra, the Black Mamba all rolled up into one player with a sweet smile. If she can set all her pieces properly and if Jud doesn’t mess it up for her, she has the edit of a great clinical player.

2- Alina: The editors could have mostly ignored the boring Espada talks for the much more volcanic LaFlor. A lot of discussions were heard for a simple decision between Yve and Dan and it was Alina who twice told us it had to be Yve. At TC, she diplomatically presented her argument in the form of a question but it left little doubt that she was going to eliminate the threat.

3-Jud: He is quickly becoming the most intriguing player out there, the complete wildcard who likes Marty but was convinced to go along with Brenda and Sash’s plan. He still continues to be pictured as the “Dumb Player” the one that his fooled by Marty’s lie, the one that talks with his mouth full and belches as he leaves TC but he is endearing. If he becomes a real player we may be in for a very funny ending.

4-Holly: Her story seems to be confined to camp life and the way she was able to rebound after a difficult start. Her input about the vote was limited to narrating the situation. It seems that Holly is simply another pawn in this big chess tournament but sometimes the pawn becomes a queen.

5-Marty: Now that he has been knocked down to size, I appreciated Marty's story a lot more. After delivering all the checks that sent King Marty in a corner, Brenda didn’t go for the checkmate. Marty has met his match. His shocked expressions and her cool attacks told me that she had him right where she wanted him, kind of like in a zugzwang position and she would pluck him when the time is right. Then again, maybe Marty can be saved by his “fou”, Fabio, who could come to his rescue. Marty didn’t play his idol so did Jud or Sash tell him what was going to happen?

6-Jane: She is solidly in the camp of the younger players so it was funny to see Marty ordering her to vote Brenda. Jane could be Brenda's most valuable pawn.

7-Sash: So, it was his plan to split the votes 3-3. Sash, when it's 6 against 2, you always put 4 votes on the target and only 2 to cover the idol. That's how you kill two birds with one stone. His last glance at Marty during TC suggests that there is more to Sash than what we have seen so far.

8- Benry: He was the first to target Yve and he defended Dan during the Council. Maybe Benry and Dan have an understanding. If Benry can get Dan and Holly to stick with him and Alina after the merge, they could be the force that takes over the game along with Marty.

9-Chase: From Brenda’s episode 1 assessment of his weakness to his inability to decide between Yve and Dan as exemplified by his segment with Na’Onka, we still see that Chase is in over his head. Survivor is too complicated for him so it could be a good lesson in life. However, he does realize that Benry could try to blindside him so maybe he'll strike first.

10- Na’Onka: Aruba, calling Nay Russell's daughter isn't my way of tooting her horn! Quite the contrary. I'm glad to see that she is climbing in your list. If she wins an immunity she could even make number 1!!
As for me, now that she has recovered from her funk and that Kelly isn’t around to bash, Na’Onka is losing all the relevance she had in the story. She does give colorful interviews so we still hear from her.

11-Jill: What a nice pawn she makes! Marty put a huge target on her back by revealing he had what was partly her idol but she doesn't complain, she sticks to his side. Stupid player who needed immunity to save herself.

12-Purple Kelly: Now that the qualifier isn’t necessary anymore, maybe Kelly will start to shine! She can only hope she was being hidden to avoid confusing the viewers but I doubt it.

13- Dan: He is Marty's tool so did Espada make a mistake voting out Yve? I laughed when the editors let us hear the chickens clucking when he was saying he wanted to quit and then putting an image of a sloth as h rested in the shelter. Nice imagery.

Booted - Kelly B: For some odd reason, I found it disrespectful when Jeff said "Kelly B, the trbe has spoken" For once, the B wasn't necessary. Anyway, she was a nice woman who never managed to be on the right side of the numbers and others realized she had friends on the opposite side. She shouldn't have been loyal to LaFlor but it's hard to flip.

Yve - She was a nice woman who never managed to be on the wrong side of the numbers before others realized she had friends on the opposite side. She wasn't loyal to Espada but no one wanted her to flip.

Thanks Tribe!

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funkyfitfreak 22 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Got Milk? Spokesperson"

10-24-10, 06:08 AM (EST)
Click to EMail funkyfitfreak Click to send private message to funkyfitfreak Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
5. "RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep6"

HOLLY - From being on the outs to winning II. She does good in my book. Does it in a good nature too.

CHASE - Like this guy. Definitely appears to be a JT sort of character.

JUD - This guy is hilarious. Love him too. Hope he gets pretty far. Now if he only realised he the alliance that he's not in.

BENRY - Not the hero this ep but definetely not as much attention this time. Same as Jud, realise the alliance he's not in.

ALINA - Got lucky with the flip and has some stand with Naonka.

MARTY - Hate his arrongance but smart player. For some reason this Brenda vs Marty battle should be interesting. Hope he wins out.

JILL - Only on this spot cos of Marty.

BRENDA - Not liking her character. Bit of a smart ##### in any case. Thats what numbers gets you. Cocky-ness

SASH - Hate the arrogance people get when they have numbers. He fits this bill.

JANE - Like her accent but a bit neutral on her at the moment.

NAONKA - She still annoys me. I don't think its right to be against someone so agressively. Not right. Probably wont get a vote if she makes F3. Maybe the right person to keep till the end.

KELLY S. - Invisible. Barely see her.

DAN - sick of the knee argument. Its still a tribal game. Your going to need strength until the merge (probably 3 more challenges). Vote him out already.


KELLY B. - Liked her but she didnt have numbers. That's the name of the game I guess.

YVE - Liked her too except her biggest mistake was to mention she had connections. Translation = she would flip immediately when the merge came.

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